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Midwinter Until Spring Equinox creates the MUSE part of mistYmuse. The first part consists of Most Ideal Sunrise Times, and they seem a long time ago now. The sunrise times have retreated from about 08.30 to just after 6. Really, it’s just our first sight of the sun, with the northern hemisphere now tilted towards our star, as it continues its regular orbit.

This is our current position in the solar system according to theplanetstoday:

In midwinter we were at 12 o’ clock, with the northern hemisphere mostly pointed out to space. That meant the northern hemisphere had a lower share of sunlight than the southern. Now we are equal.

After this second instalment of the mistYmuse closing day ceremony is quite serious; like a band playing a slower number mid set; I can promise a rocking third post to bring the curtain down on mYm 20/21.

winter solstice light clocks

Light clocks ideas using a world to a 12 hour clock face, basically divided by the north and south hemispheres. The original one has numbers around it, but going anti-clockwise, as the Earth goes around the sun. It has a 0-6 measurement.

However, then I thought that some light even gets to the poles in mid-winter, so I thought I’d use a 12 measurement system, with 3 the lowest rating.

I couldn’t see anything like it online, so is it original… and worth thinking about? Or has it been thought about, but not been considered worthy?

orb or lens flare? DREAM WIFE: FIRE

Following on from the last post’s featureless face beauty I have a far from featureless face, which hopefully provides support and inspiration for those who don’t feel they have either.

I hear a lot about plastic surgery being done now that I consider unnecessary; but they are unlikely to listen to me, especially if they really think they need it.

Maybe this photo I took in Iceland is me showing I am over vanity; and consider the ‘light’ more important/beautiful; as the photo is not one I consider flattering to myself, and feature it here to show the light and ask if you think it is an orb or lens flare?

I honestly don’t know. While I’ve had some feelings/sightings of ‘supernaturalness’ that time wasn’t one, and I didn’t know anything about it until looking at the photo.

The sun was definitely shining brightly, which is a big factor in lens flares, but it seems much brighter and clearer than most lens flares I’ve seen.

The ‘weirdness’ factor is increased by the fact that I didn’t intend taking a ‘selfie’ originally. In the cold and brightness; I’d been on the icy fjord all day (about 10-5 in the short daylight) on my own on a freezing January day, having originally just gone out to buy food!; I accidentally turned the phone camera’s view around. I thought it was worth taking a selfie with the sun behind me, but didn’t see any ‘orbs’.

I’d previously seen Iceland ‘orbs’ in the Dream Wife ‘Fire’ video:

Please share or enquire where you want, as I’m not interested in making money from it, and just ask out of interest and public service.

Tree-Hugging Sun Photos, UFO-Shaped Light Haloes

greenYgrey fans can probably see gYg,
especially in the sky earth symbiology,
sunlight and photosynthesising tree,
original returned or baby or three,
or trick of the light photo technology?

The outer ring seems to be PinkyOrangePurple (well pinky anyway!) in the first too, for new POP age fans, fitting in with the POP following on from the greenYgrey core gYgPOP evolution!

Books of Yesteryear for the Discerning Cur; recursive?

Muse Entertainment Anagram Poem

We are now in the last month of the inaugural full mistYmuse winter light festival. brightening up the northern hemisphere’s traditionally most difficult months.

mistYmuse Special

Spring seems to have arrived early, with some warmer than average sunny weather the last fortnight, although its forecast to return to normal midweek.

Here’s a little anagrammatic poem-philosophical thought, using the letters I-a-s-s-u-m-e on three lines; something like the 121 reflections in my second poetry collection.

I assume
as I muse
I amuses

News Update with Poetry and Literary Nonsense

Hi, it’s Wolf Whistzer, with a wolf whistle stop tour of the Greenygrey News.  There was a yin zen yang new Folding Mirror poem about the balance of night and day, light and dark, by ol’ partner Marc Latham on fmpoetry yesterday. Here it is:

Changing of the Guard
duel at dawn
between night and day
light always emerges
with seed of moon
Yin zen Yang
sun leaves evening all
dark envelopes sky
in the second leg
of cosmic balance

Yin yang barnstar

New Werewolf of Oz

And more importantly for us, our other ‘alf Grey posted a new blog about its epic ramble on the Werewolf of Oz. We’ve imported it into the Greenygrey world, and without further ado, here it is:

Sky Show Leads to Swan Lake Swansong

As we were preparing to set off I thought I heard a commotion out at sea, but when I looked around the ocean was calm.  None of the others seemed to have noticed anything, so I kept it to myself.

Bending Around Bendalong to Swan Lake Mirror

The moon had risen by the time we reached the Bendalong peninsula, and the moonlight was invaluable as we bent our route around Bendalong for a long time.

We reached Cudmirrah at the entrance to Swan Lake as crepuscular rays streaked up into the bluing sky, announcing the imminent arrival of the new day’s sun.

Green Ray and Ancient Ballet

I thought I saw a green ray above the sun as it rose; was it a sign from Green, or the rare optical phenomena I’d once read about.

Entering Swan Lake via Cudmirrah, it reminded me of the classic ballet, and I thought that its epic proportions mirrored my own epic ramble.

Green Thoughts lead to Swan Song

Those two last thoughts seemed to merge into one when I next thought that it would be more like Green to compare itself to something so grandeur.

After so much thinking early in the morning I half wished I was back in human form so I could neck a few Swan lagers, instead of singing the bottlenose blues!

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Poem of Moonlight Sailing the Ocean Night

Image via Wikipedia

Marc Latham’s latest FM poem shines a moonlight over the ocean night.  Here’s the poetry:
Embracing Sea at Midnight 
moon shines bright
lights ebony night
reflecting sunshine
goldshine, silverline
passing time
over eternal ocean
surfing wave motion
Marc Latham indulges in more speculative bipolar investigatory ruminations in the factual and fantasy worlds on the greenygrey website.