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Back to the Future Shoes Return to Fashion

For a fashion midweek festival, which this week has turned into, while Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno was at London Fashion Week last week I was travelling through time back to the future… or as it can otherwise be known, flicking back a few pages in the Metro.

Back To The Future

Hi, it’s Paco Wolfsang, apprentice fashionista at the Greenygrey, inspired by Paco Rabanne.

I was hot on the heels of Aidan Radnedge’s story that Nike are planning on bringing out a pair of self-lacing power shoes to coincide with the release of a new Back To The Future movie next year. 

That’s mainly because, not only are they self-lacing, they’re greenygrey:

Marty McFly’s self-tying trainers ‘on sale from Nike in 2015′
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London Fashion Show Satirical Comedy Highlights

London fashion week has been such a whirl Naomi Mdudu beat me to the breaking story in yesterday’s Metro. Yes, it’s all over now, and it was such a wonderful whirlwind my mind feels like my House of Holland clogs hardly clattered the catwalk crowd kerfuffle, but my legs tell me something else.

Fashion Inspiration 

London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week (Photo credit: paulbence)

Good morning fashionistas, it’s Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, comedy-satire fashionista suprema @ Greenygrey central, inspired by Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Bruno and Stella beer; and Ab Fab, which featured lots of women being very funny in my kind of world.

Talking of brands, as I will be soon, I think Jo Brand is funny too.

London Fashion Week Highlights

Looking back through my notes, I’ve picked out five fantastic five-days February festival (using five words beginning with F… well, six or seven now!) greenygrey highlights. Ciao fashionistas…

Collection by Whistles (not connected to our very own Wolf Whitzer!).
Collection by Fashion East
Collection by Fashion East
Collection by Lucas Nascimento
Collection by House of Holland
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Stella McCartney London Fashion Show Spectacular

Hi, it’s Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, fashionista suprema at the Greenygrey, loved up with Stella McCartney’s new fashion range. Also still in love with Kate Moss, who looked ab fab in London with her nice man Jamie Hince.

Cover of "Gremlins"
Cover of Gremlins

First of all, apologies to you if you tried to read the Greenygrey yesterday morning and the website was down. We hoped that it was because lots of fashionistas had logged in to check out the new greenygrey fashion developments from the London Fashion Show, but it was just one of those Gremlins.

Stella McCartney Greenygrey Fashion Show Spectacular

Secondly, apologies to Stella McCartney. You know, I love Stella really (but her mother Linda’s veggie sausages more!) and our rivalry is just a greenygrey media creation.

I think Paco Wolfsang must have got carried away with it, because my apprentice fashionista totally missed Stella McCartney’s greenygrey spectacular at London Fashion Week in his LFW report.

Thankfully, more experienced fashionistas at the Metro newspaper spotted the greenygreying spectacular, and through the wonders of modern technology, I have now imported them into the Greenygrey world for your delecation:

The Board of Greenygrey Fashion Quality Control has controversially passed Stella McCartney’s outfit as greenygrey:

There was nothing controversial about Stella McCartney’s synchonised greenygreying display:

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London Fashion Week Highlights

Hi, it’s Paco Wolfsang, apprentice fashionista at the Greenygrey, and somewhat similar to Paco Rabanne in the human world. Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno wanted to keep some interstellar space between herself and her great fashion rival and parallel Stella McCartney this week, so she sent me to the London Fashion Show.

I’m so glad now, because I had a great time at the show, which sadly ended today. Unfortunately, there was little greenygrey in the Stella McCartney collection, or Autumn/Winter 2013 collections, but there was lots in the Spring/Summer 2014 collection; suggesting fashion designers think of the greenygrey as suiting bright sunny weather, which is the image we like at the Greenygrey. Here’s some greenygrey highlights:

London Fashion Week Highlights

Talking of greenygrey highlights, this model for Ostwald Helgason seems to have great green highlights and a nice green scarf, greenygreying nicely with the surrounding decor.

Ostwald Helgason collection

The best collection of greenygrey though was most certainly provided by Peter Pilotto’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Peter Pilotto Spring/Summer Collection 2014
Peter Pilotto Spring/Summer Collection 2014
Peter Pilotto Spring / Summer 2014
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Escape Margaret Thatcher 1980s Memories to London Fashion Spring/Summer 2013

Hi, it’s Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, comedy-satire fashionista suprema @ Greenygrey central, with influences including Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld and Bruno. Yesterday saw the passing away of Margaret Thatcher, Prime-Minister of Britain during the 1980s, when Marc Latham was a youth. Marc was a  scruffy socialist at the time, totally opposing the attack on the unions by Thatcher. Oxymoronically, he did also dream of escaping to LA: to live a life of heady hedonism with Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue on the beaches and in the clubs of the acutely capitalist City of Angels.

Mixing Politics and Fashion

I think I know how Marc felt this morning, as I mixed listening to the divided bitter opinion about Margaret Thatcher with forming this post about the united happy London Fashion Week Spring/Summer collection 2013; like a DJ using two decks!

In digression, is genius at its essence simply the mixing and connecting of two seemingly unrelated data, materials or issues?

And today’s blog is now of course in line with yesterday’s poetry post about mixing depressing news with escapism, in line with Greenygrey theory.

The Greenygrey has looked for the meaning of everything in the human world, and at the moment thinks the answer is to be found more in fashion than politics.

Returning to London Fashion Week Spring/Summer

Returning to London Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2013 show was a real trip down memory lane; a lane that felt unlit when first found. After entering the highlights, I couldn’t relocate the spring/summer collection at first, and thought it might not be there any more!

But then my logical mind kicked in, and I thought it must still be there, what with spring having briefly returned to the UK on the weekend. Then I saw the little arrow next to Autumn/Winter 2013, and found my way!!

London Fashion Week Research Method

Having found my way on the path to fashionable spring/summer 2013 I then had to decide a research method, as there were so many great greenygrey and other outfits.

So I decided to choose the first great greenygrey outfit, rather than plough my way through them all. However, after I had chosen Day 4s outfit, Daisy Lowe‘s cool rock chic look enticed me into the video highlights, and I noticed a great greenygrey number by Burberry Prorsum (reminding me of the great Dame Edna, a lover of possums and star of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps), so I included that too. Then I noticed we didn’t have any blonde models, and I didn’t want to be accused of blondism, so I included a blonde model from Day 4 too; making Day 4 rather hectic!!!

London Fashion Week Recognises Great Greenygrey

The video highlights also alerted me to how much Ab Fab greenygrey there was at the fashion show too; including on the logo and catwalk. So I quickly snapped up a couple of images to introduce the post.

Wow, this was intended to be a quick easy blog, and has turned into something of an epic. Anyway, although there was a lot more greenygrey on view, that’s all for now, and on with the show:

fashion spring2
Greenygrey starring in the London Fashion Week Design!


Greenygrey on the catwalk made the Day 5 video highlights!
Greenygrey on the catwalk made the Day 5 video highlights!

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 1

Antoni and Alison

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 2

Huishan Zhang

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 3

Holly Fulton

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 4

Peter Pilotto
Burberry Prorsum
Michael van der Ham

Spring/Summer London Fashion Show Day 5

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London Fashion Week Comedy Satire Clothes Highlights

Hi, it’s Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, rounding off the London Fashion Week greenygrey comedy – satire clothes highlights, after the amazing accessories blog earlier in the week.
Lucas Nascimento Friday Finery 
Lucas Nascimento (any relation to Pele?) rounded off the greenygrey with a nice little number on Friday:
To be honest, it was such a whirlwind week I thought that was the only greenygrey outfit until I looked at my notes (editor’s note: realised I was only looking at Friday’s highlights!).
Antipodium and House of Holland 
Looking back through the week I saw there were several great greenygrey outfits. House of Holland had one or two:
But it was Antipodium on Day 2 that stole the greenygrey show, with several great greenygrey delights:
Dress and shoes:
Dress and coat:
Following on from yesterday’s blog, and our Grey’s wonderful Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps book crossing dusty sandy paths with the awesome Oz: the Great and Powerful, there’s also an Australian dog connection. The designer, Geoffrey J. Finch (not a bird), has an Australian background, and his future plans are for ‘downward dogging’.
Meant in the best possible taste we’re sure.
Working backwards, we hope to bring you the spring/summer collection greenygrey highlights soon…
All photos by catwalking.com
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