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Poem Comparing Mike Starr and Charlie Sheen

Cover of "Dirt"
Cover of Dirt

Marc Latham’s new Folding Mirror poem pays tribute to Mike Starr, and also draws attention to Charlie Sheen, within the high and low form.  Here it is used to try and highlight the fine line between success and survival, and decline and death, when you start playing that game; not suggesting at all that Starr was playing the same game as Sheen seems to be, or that he is lower than Sheen; just that he has gone under.

Mike Starr recently became the second member of Seattle grunge band, Alice in Chains, to die from drugs.

Alice in Chains classic Dirt album

The band sung of their demons and addictions on the classic album, Dirt, which included the track Junkhead.

It was one of the best albums of the 1990s, and seems all the more real and haunting since bassist Starr and vocalist, Layne Staley, have prematurely left us.

Charlie Sheen is Playing with Media?

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen is creating a media frenzy with his over the top antics, and past use of narcotics.

This blog isn’t to judge or advise, just to try to show two sides of a serious issue within a short poem.

Mike Starr R.I.P

I can’t claim to have known that much about Mike Starr, or followed the band much.  I just loved one album, and liked most of the other stuff.

But Starr was obviously a talented musician and Alice in Chains sang about a lot of the issues that still trouble the West and world.

R.I.P Mike Starr.  Best of luck Charlie Sheen.


Life Reality and Media Publicity

Charlie Sheen
relishing living his dream
within media screen.
Should one criticise,
a publicity exercise?

Abyss, Abyss, each time you think you’ll miss

junkhead down under!
lost soul asunder.
rock music dreams
social cares fuel nightmares
Mike Starr

Armistice Week Poem

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem interprets the cover of the new Doris Brendel album, The Last Adventure. 

Without hearing the lyrics of the album, or reading any of Brendel’s explanations, the image reminded Marc of Pink Floyd‘s Vera song, so he interpeted it from that perspective within the Folding Mirror form.

Vera Lynn a Female Churchill

Vera Lynn was a heroine in World War Two, travelling to entertain troops around the world, despite the grave danger to herself.  She was perhaps the female Churchill, in terms of raising spirits and keeping the country motivated during the terrible times it was suffering.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and Personal Loss

However, Lynn’s song lyrics that We’ll Meet Again of course didn’t always come true, in mortality at least, and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters lost his father in the war.  So, he sang from the loss point of view on The Wall album.

In Afghanistan, British forces are now fighting their deadliest and most justifiable conflict since World War Two against Al-Quaeda and the Taliban.  Many service people have lost their lives trying to improve conditions for ordinary Afghan people, and at the same time defending Britain from further terrorist attacks.   

Whether their lives have been wasted, as so many British lives were in World War One, or if they will have made a difference, like in World War Two, ultimately depends on the politicians involved.

Armistice Day is this Thursday, November 11.  Remembrance Sunday is on November 14.

Poem Explanation

The folding middle line appears at the top of the poem, with the two halves below it in a timeline, which is another first for the Folding Mirror form.

Vera, Pink Floyd, Doris