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I didn’t know Kylie Minogue has a new song called ‘Magic’ out until this morning, after her name POPped up from her Stock, Aitken and Waterman connections yesterday; after I conjured up what I think could be the catchy chorus of the summer with ‘So la sol, for us forever’. Was she the mistYmuse magic inspiration?
Lots of great gYgPOPing in this video too!

Spice Girls Channel

That was after I’d last night pinpointed what I think was the influence for the last line of the poetic conundrum that had given me ‘writer’s block’ a day or two before. I wrote this on Facebook:

I think I was channelling this Spice Girls song with my new summer hit 2021 hopeful chorus ‘So la sol, for us forever’.

Do you think it’s too close? I don’t want to get Kylie (Minogue) into trouble with the Spice Girls; it may turn into the Little Mix v single blonde girl ‘Black Magic’ gangsta bullying video scenario; especially with Scary Spice in the ‘mix’!? :

Explaining the blog post title: sin is Spanish for without.

World Evolving from Greenygrey Source to Pink Bedroom?

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, still head honcho @ Greenygrey Creation in the absence of Andy Wolfhol. While ol’ Wolfhol was considered an artistic genius, I am widely considered to be the Tommy Cooper of art in the Greenygrey world. Cooper was a comedian that used magic tricks in his act; doing them badly, but sometimes making them work.

The Magic Act Behind this Blog Evolution

Although you will receive this blog as a finished product, hopefully enjoying it, but probably not considering it that amazing among all the amazing things in the world wide web, there is a little more amazingness about how it evolved… into a blog about evolution.

It started off as an emorfes blog images round-up, but then I thought I’d add the Greek helmet evolution image, and then remembered the greenygreyness of the Source Code movie, and then the B&Q greenygrey/pink image advert.

Then, when I had them all in mind I noticed an evolution theme to the three additional photos, so saved the emorfes for another day. Here’s the other photos, and an additional Chicago canal one. I hope you think the magic worked, and you enjoy them.

The Source Code

I was amazed at how greenygrey Chicago’s streets and canals looked in the recently watched movie Source Code; in fact, although I’ve been there, I didn’t even know Chicago had canals!:

Chicago canal.

Moreover, I didn’t know at the time that a poster advertising Source Code was even greenygreyier!:

Source Code movie poster.

Greek Helmets Evolution

I’d also watched a documentary about Greek civilisation, and saw their helmets remained largely greenygrey through their evolution:

Greek Helmet Evolution

B&Q Advert Evolution

Moreover, in a B&Q advert they depict the evolution of a bedroom from unloved to unbelievable as being from greenygrey to pink!:

B&Q Advert.

We hope you loved and believed this blog!!

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Werewolf of Oz Free Loan and WWF Earth Hour


Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Sorry there hasn’t been much activity here lately, but the call of the wild (hot spring sun) took us off to the mountains for a few days. There’ll hopefully be some photos online soon, and you’ll be informed as soon as possible afterwards. I’ve topped up my vitamin D after the winter hibernation (and our [Green and Grey] time apart of course), so I’m feeling full of vitality.

Free Werewolf of Oz Book 

Grey’s epic comedy-fantasy magic-realism Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps book will be free to download for Amazon Prime customers tomorrow and Monday. 

Amazon Prime has a free month’s trial running if you don’t already have it. Amazon also has an app for computers, so you don’t have to own a kindle.

The times when it’s available are from 12am (midnight) Sunday Pacific time (America), which is 2am Eastern time (America), 7am UT/GMT (UK). Some of Europe is an hour later than UT/GMT, and India is 5.5 hours ahead. Australia is 8 hours ahead of UT/GMT on the west coast (where Grey started its Ozyssey), and 11 hours on the east coast (where Grey’s Ozyssey reached a thrilling conclusion). New Zealand is half a day ahead of UT/GMT at 12 hours. It’ll be available for two days until midnight on Monday Pacific time.

WWF Earth Hour

Another epic global event is happening today, with WWF’s Earth Hour taking place across the world. People are turning their lights off across the world between 8.30 and 9.30pm UT/GMT. Save money and energy: sounds like a good idea. Enjoy!

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Werewolf of Oz Synopsis

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. I’ve been working on a synopsis for the Werewolf of Oz today, which will hopefully show up on our Amazon page. I thought I’d share it here with you too. Cheers!

The comedy fantasy begins with Grey Werewolf’s arrival in Oz, having been exiled from it’s Greenygrey world. It has also been divided from its other half, Green. Oz is the setting of the Wizard of Oz, and the nickname for Australia, and from Grey’s arrival in Western Australia the story combines the two meanings of Oz for Grey’s magic realism quest across the continent to a Wizard of Oz theme.

Grey starts meeting interesting characters from the start, with the names and stories emerging out of real place names found on Google maps. Some of the first characters met on the trip return to the story for the conclusion, which brings the often wacky and disparate episodes to a clear Oz theme ending.

The first extended storyline arrives in chapters 5-8, with Grey reaching the real towns of Bunbury and Collie; they are combined into the bun-mining town of Collie and the bun-burying (to keep them fresh) town of Bunbury. Grey meets Colin and Ollie, the collie (dog) colliers of Collie (the real Collie has a coal-mining history).

A town called Latham then provided a five-chapter self-parody for the author; including twentieth-century British ‘Home children’ removed from their families and exiled to Commonwealth countries, Cool Hand Luke, Guns N’ Roses, the Eagles’s Hotel California and a Lost plot.

An illustration by W. W. Denslow from The Wond...
An illustration by W. W. Denslow from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, also known as The Wizard of Oz, a 1900 children's novel by L. Frank Baum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grey then goes to the Rock-It festival with Sancho Panza and Don Quixote after meeting them on the edge of Cervantes, before its first companion joins it in chapter 17. The Toto character is based on legendary AC/DC singer Bon Scott, one of the author’s biggest rock n’ roll heroes.

Monotonous monotheists (MoMo), who take the place of witches in the story, arrive into the narrative a couple of chapters later. The town of Meekatharra is the location, with meerkats taking the place of munchkins. Bruce and Sheila Orlov say they have been living in fear of the monotheists, after they lied and robbed them to build up their power. As in the Wizard of Oz, one baddie is killed by the protagonist, and the other vows revenge. A mild monotheist based on the musician Moby takes the place of the good witch.

MiMo Moby gives Grey an emerald cork-hat, which takes the place of ruby slippers; and tells the travellers to take the dust sandy path, taking the place of the yellow brick road.

Grey and Bonzo continue north, and cross into the Northern Territories through the Kimberley. After meeting some strange characters in Darwin, Humpty Doo and Nitmiluk they head down into the desert.

Cover of the Scarecrow of Oz
Cover of the Scarecrow of Oz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They meet Elle there. Based on the model Elle McPherson, she symbolises body, taking the place of the scarecrow’s brain in the Wizard of Oz.

After another meeting with the MoMo East, disguised as a bunyip of Aborigine legend, they meet Alice at the spring, and go to the Great Gig in the Sky with her.

After crossing into South Australia through the Rainbow Valley, they are transported into another dimension by a timequake near Adelaide. The travellers have to win a time wager on an AusRuIcket game between Crows and Redbacks to return to normality.

"Cover of prospectus announcing the produ...
"Cover of prospectus announcing the production of the musical extravaganza The Wizard of Oz, 1902. The illustration is an 'Inland Gnome', drawn by W. W. Denslow in 1894 for The Inland Printer." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then Grey meets Angry on Kangaroo Island. Based on Rose Tattoo singer Angry Anderson, the mind takes the place of the Woodman’s heart. The travellers learn about kangaroo mythology on the island, with the personifications of good and evil being Skippy (tv kangaroo) and Rolf (Harris).

After meeting Tazzy on Tasmania,
and several poetic rhymes later,
they crew on board a ship skippered by Capt. Dec O’ Rum, who acts with decorum despite having a deck full of rum. His mate is Dai ‘of the Seas’, whose wine and women loving lifestyle is reminiscent of the Greek god, Dionysus. There is an epic poetic battle on the voyage, after Pirate Lacost is on sail.

An illustration by W. W. Denslow from The Wond...
An illustration by W. W. Denslow from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, also known as The Wizard of Oz, a 1900 children's novel by L. Frank Baum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The travellers meet Cathy when they arrive in Victoria. Based on the athlete, Cathy Freeman, Cathy symbolises spirit, taking the place of the Lion’s courage in the Wizard of Oz. This completes the body, mind and spirit team.

The travellers enter a nearly 5000-word Terminator inspired time-travel story when they reach the town of Kerang. The name Kerang is one r short of the rock music magazine Kerrang, and the travellers have to battle through rock music decades from the 1960s to 1990s to continue the quest in New South Wales.

After Lord of the Rings and Deliverance inspired episodes, the travellers reach the east coast. The story winds down going up the east coast, with characters from early in the tale reappearing, and the plot being revealed with some surprises.

The Wizard of Oz as pictured in The Wonderful ...
The Wizard of Oz as pictured in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Life of Brian mixes with Lord of the Rings for the epic concluding battle, before Alice in Wonderland and the Elysian Fields of Greek mythology provide the final journey to meet the Great Dame of Oz (Barry Humphries’s Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson) for the travelling team.

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