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Literary Nonsense Poetry fills Waiting Time Void

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s Werewolf of Oz time, with the last episode no doubt keeping you on the edge of your seat for the last few days, as our travelling trio faced a crucial decision that would decided their timequake fate on  the edge of what humans know as Adelaide, South Australia.

Remember Wally B’s Marauder t-shirt at the end of Rainbow Valley in a previous episode. It’s relevance is revealed in this episode; or that’s what the travelling trio hope anyway…

With 142 chapters in the Werewolf of Oz, there’s only 100 more to go after this. And the literary nonsense just keeps flowing…


TIME FLIES.....................*
TIME FLIES…………………* (Photo credit: Neal.)

Time will make you Wait, and never be Late

Tick, tock, tick, tock,
time waits for nobody
even in a state of stagnancy
of an alien world strange city.
Crows can fly
redbacks scurry by
if they fought beyond Y
which one would die?
It’s a dilemma, my oh my,
could easily induce a cry.
What temperature is ice meltable?
No, their choice is more hypothetical
than some real world conundrum
that is scientifically measurable.
We cannot help, or advise,
for our words would become lies
in a land where time waits for no-one
and only flies when it’s having fun.

Had time stood still? It certainly seemed so, and I was none the wiser. Then Elle looked up and pointed to the Marauder t-shirts; before reminding us that Wally B had said he thought they’d be useful in Oz South.

Crow (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn_be_back_on_Jan_20th)


Tension was replaced by relief, as we looked at each other with knowing grins. Elle confirmed my thoughts, ‘Crows are birds, and the Marauder t-shirt features a bird image, so according to Wally B theory, the Crows will win.’


We rushed over to Theold Gumtree
and said we’d wager our timesanity
on Crows to beat Redbacks
confident we’ll make tracks
back to our own place in history…

English: Illustration of the tracks left by Co...
English: Illustration of the tracks left by Corvus spp. (crows and ravens)(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Jimi Hendrix and Blackfoot rock Werewolf of Oz Rainbow Valley

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, legendary travel writer correspondent at the Greenygrey. At the last-quarter-moon meeting the Greenygrey board has decided to reward your great visiting in 2012 with an extra helping of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps a week

Yes, that’s right, a doubling of your rations; making 2013 already a year to celebrate. That means that with over 100 episodes to go, we should reach the end of the book by the end of this calendar year; and we reach the end of the Rainbow Valley today instead of next weekend.

Yep folks, the moment you’ve been waiting for all over the holidays: our intrepid Google map Oz travellers reach the end of Rainbow Valley in this thrilling violet (not violent, this ain’t Tarantino!) episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps:

38.  REACHing the END OF the RAINBOW 

We knew violet was the seventh colour; the last of the rainbow, and our final chance to meet the Wally B key to our destiny.

Violet is Refreshing and Harmonious 

We entered a haze, with light Purple Rain refreshing the senses after our time spent under the clear indigo skies. We heard some colourful electric guitar sounds lilting over the violet fields, and thought it might be Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze.

So we followed the music to its source,
only to find it wasn’t Hendrix verse,
or even anything slightly violet,
we were just thankful, it never fell silent.

Rickey Medlocke
Cover of Rickey Medlocke

Blackfoot Show Us the Way into South Australia

Good Morning,’ said the source of the music, ‘I heard you’ve been Searchin’ through the Dry County, and Dream On to Fly Away. My name is Black Footed Rock Wally B, and I hold the musical key to your Oz South destiny.’

Bonzo seemed amazed at Wally B’s knowledge of us, and sang out, ‘Let There Be Rock!’

‘Yes,’ said Wally B, ‘and It’s A Long Way to the Top young Bonzo.’ Wally reminded me of Gandalf talking to the hobbits when he said that.

Highway Song to the End of the Rainbow 

I told Wally I’d expected to see MiMo Moby in Blue, and asked why he hadn’t appeared. Wally explained that the magic of dreamtime in the Rainbow Valley was too strong for even good monotheists, so MiMo Moby could not have believed enough to enter.

Cover of "Marauder"
Cover of Marauder

Wally gave us a Marauder t-shirt each, which had an impressive eagle’s head as the main image; saying he thought the t-shirts might be useful in Oz South. Then he said it was time for us to cross the border, and he knew a Highway Song to help us on our way.

I thought it must be the musical key Croc Dundee had talked about. We thanked Wally and let his song do its magic.



Dreamtime is an important part of Australian aborigine spirituality.
Blackfoot songs/album: Good Morning, Searchin’, Dry County, Dream On, Fly Away, Highway Song, Marauder.
AC/DC songs: Let There Be Rock, It’s A Long Way to the Top.
Prince song (Purple Rain).
Jimi Hendrix and song (Purple Haze).
Moby song (Blue).
Gandalf of Lord of the Rings.


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