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Devil is only as Old as Medieval Art, Evil is Eternal

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill, TV critic at the Greenygrey. Living in a werewolf world at Halloween time I’m sure you won’t be surprised to read that I was intrigued by the BBC documentary:¬†How the Devil Got His Horns: A Diabolical Tale.¬†

Devil Image Created in Medieval Art

In the documentary, art historian and critic Alastair Sooke first told us that the Devil is not in the bible, and that it was added to the Christian doctrine centuries afterwards.

Pan (Photo credit: Duncan~)

Sooke then took us on a journey through the Middle Ages showing how the devil’s image developed from an angelic rebellious Lucifer to the diabolically cruel Devil through several Medieval paintings.

Sooke thought that old pagan symbols, which pre-date Christianity, such as Pan and Satyr, were the inspirations for the ‘new image’ of Lucifer the Devil.

Marc Latham at Mont-Saint-Michel

Those who might seek to demonise Marc Latham as some kind of devil because he is a neo-pagan with witchy looks might have been surprised that the sky cleared when he visited Mont-Saint-Michel. As shown in his new photo album.

Those who’ve grown up on Omen films might have predicted a natural disaster, or at least a greying of the skies, in line with us at the Greenygrey.

But while the skies were grey when Marc arrived, they cleared after Marc enjoyed a beautiful communion service in the centuries-old abbey. So maybe Marc is a sky-clearer rather than a cloud-causer.

Human Good and Evil, not God and Devil

As Marc wrote with his new Folding Mirror poem yesterday, it is the truth-hiding, witch-burning and warmongering aspects of religion he dislikes. I talked to Marc about it this very morning, and he said he is totally at ease with religions that don’t spread war, brainwash and control people, and destroy the environment.

English: Galileo facing the Roman Inquisition,...
English: Galileo facing the Roman Inquisition, painting by Cristiano Banti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After criminal acts done in the name of Christ, whom Marc likes as an historical figure, such as the persecution of Galileo to hide the truth about the real relationship between Sun and Earth, disproving centuries of Christian teaching; and the use of torture to convert and control; Marc thinks Christianity is now benign in most places in the world.

Marc would also like to add that it’s not only religion that is at fault. There are unfortunately people who still think there is some power to be gained by using human and animal body parts in witchcraft and medicine, and people and animals are being hunted and killed to feed the industry.

Ross Kemp
Ross Kemp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, both sides of this horror were ¬†graphically shown in Ross Kemp‘s Extreme Worlds documentary, where Kemp found some people being mutilated and killed for witchcraft because they are thought to have special powers, and villagers being burned alive by vigilantes, with the rest of the village watching.

It is on YouTube if you want to watch it.

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