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Tangerine Dream: Sunny Thoughts

This is probably only relevant to single people, without commitments; although it’s about mental escape rather than physical. It is also not about Blackpool F.C. or what might have been for Princess Kate’s Blackpool visit.

Diets and nights out
are just holiday escapes
quickly returning to norm
negative people and society
for real mental health
you have to leave altogether
in mind and spirit
if not in body
locking yourself away
with the real you
is better than being
someone demanded by others
just to feel half normal
in their image and
little bubble world.

Since I moved my mind to the sun I feel much better.
That’s not to say I don’t still care about Earth.
Just that it’s not as important.
Maybe you’re not ready to make that journey.
If you’re still full of joy and ambitions maybe you shouldn’t.
But maybe it’ll help in negative times even for everyone.

I’m not claiming this is new or original, it’s just my experiences written down, from a path forged by humanity over thousands of years… with my mind philosophy most recently updated by watching a documentary about shaolin monks… I’ll probably never reach their ‘enlightenment’ and definitely won’t achieve their physical agility!

In response to the expected Double Negative response, I don’t ‘fancy them’ and I’m not making out ‘I’m hard’!!

The Original Blog Post

I started listening to Tangerine Dream: Zeit before reading an article about sun storms. Then I wrote and I wrote… well not that much, just this while posting it on Facebook:

Sun is the One: I don’t claim any influence on it; expect any favours.
I do think that if it is sentient, it will appreciate me for that.
Liking it for what it is, rather than for what it can give me, above others.
I think it would understand those with real problems trying to contact it.
It cannot be expected to hear everybody though, while running the solar system.
As this article says, we should be grateful every day for its good management;
sending just enough heat our way overall.
It does its job, but is humanity as a whole, doing theirs;
if they are Earth’s caretakers, rather than executioners!

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Mirror Poem Reflects Cosmic Ray Light

I was thinking that yesterday’s video of the green shape docking at the ISS and Soyuz (which is what looked cross-shaped) could also be interpreted as the greenYgrey (the shape is described as yellow in another YouTube video) saying goodbye to humanity, as it was from 2014, when the greenYgrey was already on its XaW Files journey, in its final year on Earth, which included time in greenYgrey space above Russia!

Chemical Elements Mirror Poem

I thought the supporters of the above theory could be called the Enola Gays, remembering the song Enola Gay by the Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, wordplaying on the En start and ys end, with Gays also having a G like Grey, and the a and e are interchangeable, such as between American and English spelling.

However, when I looked the song up I realised it was about the plane that carried the atomic bomb over Hiroshima, so I think we should leave that there.

Ironically, atomic energy does have relevance to my new Folding Mirror poem, but only in being scientific in a chemistry way. As Wikipedia writes: ‘chemical element is a species of atoms having the same number of protons in their atomic nuclei.’

Wordplay Humour Poetry

Having watched Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator for the first time yesterday, when I first saw boron I thought it made a good blended word for Borat and moron, remembering Cohen’s other character.

I also thought it was weird his character had made his name into a lot of words in their language, after I’d written earlier that day about the greenYgrey family of words. Its not the first time our humour has crossed paths!

I liked the movie, although the humour’s lost the sparkle of the early stuff, but is still good. Having watched that and the even funnier Ted2 recently, I wonder why some people in Blighty get all high n’ mighty about my writing! I’m like the Simpsons to them being like South Park!!

It was also good to see the female stars having enough of a sense of humour to laugh at themselves in both movies, as I am about myself, and show my humility, as in the word explanation below the poem.

Anyway, enough about politically incorrectness, and time for the poetry and to introduce a couple of lovely images I found with lots of greenYgrey letters relevance, and great gYgPOP (greenY[ellow]greyPinkyOrangePurple) colours.

See the source image

Chemical Elements, Wordplay Ingredients
Iron Beryllium, Gold Vanadium

cosmic ray spallation
universal exhalation
scattering energy space
creating human race
supernovae seem rare
from where we stare
on our awesome planet
free of those trying to ban it

found boron in codeword grid, without knowing what letters hid

unlocked box full of chemical elements
eye candy mental sentiments
mesmerising my eye sense
enlightening by fluorescence
stimulating further learning
planning on returning
mental inhalation
deep breath relaxation

Most of the above science is new to me, although some ring a bell, such as Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium (Nirvana!), Nitrogen, Oxygen, Iron, Gold etc.
Wikipedia list of chemical elements: Boron is B5. Beryllium is Be4, Iron is Fe26. Vanadium is V23, Gold is Au79 – a gold AAW connection relevance!

If you need to research any words there’s the Free Online Dictionary. I checked fluorescent, thinking I knew basically what it meant, but not exactly. I was right, I didn’t know that fluorescence is light passed on from another light source, and is different to phosphorescence in that its light goes out straight away once the original light goes out.

Meditation and Optimism Healthy Mind

Meditation and optimism can make a healthy mind and increase life expectancy according to a new documentary, but does it also mean hiding from reality and neglecting your human duty?

Anglo Saxon: Frontal lobe, gyri and sulci
Frontal lobe, gyri and sulci (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s Stephen Wolfing, science correspondent at the Greenygrey. I was reminded of my recent mind, brain and psychology (with a nice greenygrey gyrisulci image just found!) blog by a recent Horizon documentary that featured Michael Mosley investigating how meditation and optimism can add years to your life. It’s available in the U.K. on BBCiplayer until 10pm Wednesday 17th July; don’t know about other availability.

Michael Mosley’s Mind Meditates

Despite seemingly having a nice life, Mosley revealed he was prone to pessimism and depression; resulting in anxiety, insomnia and neuroticism.

This was shown in a brain scan revealing cerebral assymetry: filtering the world more through the right side of his brain’s frontal cortex, which is associated with negativity:


The right side of the brain is also associated with creativity of course, with the left side of the brain associated with logic.

Maybe that is why negative events in people’s lives can result in great bursts of creativity: because the right side of the brain is so active.

Over the course of the documentary Mosley meditated and tried to build a more positive outlook. By the end of the documentary Mosley said he felt better, and a brain scan revealed his frontal cortex correlated with this.

There was more symmetry between left and right: positive and negative:


Avoiding Bad News and Negativity

While meditation and a positive outlook benefitted Michael Mosley’s mind; a comfortable middle-aged scientific celebrity who should really be happy; maybe it wouldn’t work for people who have pressing problems outside their mind: such as a lack of work and money.

And building a more positive outlook might also mean avoiding bad news. There is a nasty side to the human and natural world out there if you look for it, or you can largely avoid it by not following the news and current affairs. 242 cover

This is the wisdom to news ignorance (avoiding bad news) Marc Latham wrote a Folding Mirror poem about on the fmpoetry.wordpress.com site, and that is included in his 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections book.

Sacrificing Happiness to Try Making a Difference

People who work in human and animal welfare charities, or join the army and go to a conflict zone; that are always exposed to the negative side to the world; should be more prone to depression. This is supported by the recent news story about British armed forces suicide rates.

Exposing yourself to the danger of depression I suppose depends on how much ‘negativity’ you think you can take, and how much you feel the urge to try and make a difference. Most humans seem to have that urge for a few years, before family and regular work becomes the main concern, and social philanthropy becomes a sideline.

Meditation and seeking happiness can seem selfish in the modern world, but if everybody was doing it, maybe there wouldn’t be the social problems that make people feel they need to risk happiness to make a difference.

Scenes of Inner Taksang, temple hall, built ju...
Scenes of Inner Taksang, temple hall, built just above the cave where Padmasambhava meditated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Risking happiness should also depend on how likely you are to be successful in making a positive difference. Thinking you’re making a difference should increase morale and mood. However, if you’re exposing yourself to negativity, and don’t think you’re achieving anything, that is likely to cause depression.

There have always been causes to support, and there always will be. I hope people will continue supporting human and animal welfare charities, and doing the right thing as they see it, but I wouldn’t encourage people to go further than they think they can handle. I don’t think I could work in charities regularly exposed to real and filmed cruelty… and not be depressed.

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Thought of GreenYgrey Y Represented by Dalai Lama

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Today we’ve got the second part of our human representation for the GreenYgrey Y’s 3-D tree of growth, thought and knowledge: the lexical equivalent of splitting the atom.

Backfired (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fishing for Fission

How to See Yourself As You Really Are
How to See Yourself As You Really Are (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, that’s right, after Debbie Harry was declared the D of growth, it is now time for thought.

And we have decided that the Dalai Lama should represent thought.



Although we are agnostic about religion, so keep an open mind about reincarnation, and don’t really believe the Dalai-Lama is goddish, he does represent a religion known for its thought, peacefulness and consideration for all life.

Thinking about Thought

Green Thought Bubbles
Green Thought Bubbles (Photo credit: iNkMan_)

While thinking deeply isn’t for everybody, and we think there can be a wisdom to avoiding thinking, and just living to be happy in the moment, we also think that some thinking time can be of value sometimes.

While some people might have a natural propensity to think, as some people have an innate talent for arts or sports, we think that practise is  likely to make perfect… or more perfect than before anyway.

Buddhist Meditation and Yoga

So, we think that people who think a lot through meditation, yoga or just taking time out from the constant communications of modern life, are more likely to develop their thinking.

Although the Dalai Lama may not be the best thinker in Buddhism, and Buddhism might not really produce the best thinkers, we have decided to choose the Dalai Lama, as he is the big cheese of Buddhism, and his name starts with a D.

We estimate that we will be able to conclude the splitting of the greenYgrey Y tomorrow, if we can acquire the knowledge…

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