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meghan markle ‘victim’ debunked

After spontaneously criticising Meghan and Harry’s ‘unconscious bias’ claim, I thought I’d follow it up with some evidence, and found the last sentence in this article’s #4 list section very relevant:

‘4. They will claim to be the victim.
Another part of a master manipulator’s arsenal is to turn the narrative on its head and claim that they are the actual victim. They will make their target feel as if they are in the wrong.’

So all critics of Meghan are in the wrong, because of our unconscious bias, and she was the victim of white UK, even though she was given everything on a plate (her wedding, charity patronage, luxury estate, Vogue cover etc), but was still determined to make it into a ‘race issue’ she could sell in Hollywood, after unveiling her child in South Africa with an anti-white-race veteran!

Dr. Marc Latham’s books on Amazon.

Unconscious Bias debunked

If a ‘white right-winger’ was telling ‘free-thinking lefties/non-whites’ they had ‘unconscious bias’ and should ‘get their minds right’ (Cool Hand Luke prison governor speech) they’d be crying ‘Big Brother mind-control racist fascism’!

Unconscious Bias is Normal

Unconscious Bias (UB): the phrase loved by those trying to blame everything on whites; prevalent since Meghan and Harry started using it!

There’s UB everywhere: it could also stand for Ubiquitous Birth-right, or Ultra Brainwork.

It probably developed in brains to help defend people against threats, as animals have UB against rivals/predators. Psychologists have found people naturally make judgements on other people within seconds of seeing them.

That seems to be why they are trying to dismantle ‘white’ UB; so there is no defence against immigration, grooming, attacks (latest in Nice, France this morning!).

Normal Social UB

Families tend to UB they’re better than others; streets or postcodes do it; then towns and cities; countries and cultures.

Schools, colleges and universities have UB indoctrinated into them by league tables and sporting competitions.

Meghan and Harry UB

Meghan seems to have massive UB in favouring her black side against white, from her family to her role when a princess, with most of her photo opps with ‘women of colour’ and her main trip abroad to South Africa.

Harry seems to have a UB towards his mother in the family, and what she campaigned for and fought against when she was a princess. While Harry likes to play the ordinary guy now he only ‘lowers’ himself to actors, activists, politicians etc; most of whom have a lot of money coming in.

He’s never criticised class UB; and Meghan never campaigned for poor white girls.

Dr. Marc Latham’s books on Amazon.

Unethical corporates playing politics… for profit?! UNILEVER AND meghan markle!!

I thought it was a bit rich (pun intended) Unilever (via Ben and Jerry) playing politics when they’ve always been considered one of the most unethical companies; such as by Ethical Consumer. Here’s an off the cuff first draft and second morning-after edit I posted on Facebook.

Corporates and anarchists united!? More people = more profit = more eco destruction = short term outlook = like eating fattening ice cream instead of dieting!!
Ethical consumer very critical of them, for using palm oil and lowest possible rating on animal testing!!!
One of the companies to boycott now trying to be all PR; maybe using same as Meghan!!!!

My reaction to Ben and Jerry (Unilever really, B+J is just their nice brand face to sell more!) criticism of UK immigration policy was an off the cuff first draft.
If Unilever’s immigration policy resembles B+J ice-cream (fat instant hit, bad for the body later), a more reasoned sensible and thoughtful policy is like eating slow-burning carbs, such as a banana.
Unilever stand for no control and discipline, while what they criticise is like a well balanced diet!

I think I could be a top Hollywood PR now, like my namesake Sara, who’s heading Meghan Markle PR; which seems similarly hypocritical to Unilever! I tried taking the more ethical route of exposing and criticising PR, but now the ‘left’ seems to be putting population before planet… led by these corporate PR campaigns and the ‘new consumers’!!