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stateless mind of eternal sunshine

Sun’s primary
planetary body
formerly tree
now electricity
poem photography
stored in gallery
Tesla memory
AC/DC currency!

covid citizen portmanteau/blending: covidizen: to contrast with the previously popular word, covidiot?!
I would have been more of the latter than the former 20 or more years ago, so acknowledge a lot of it is age dependent. When I saw some richer/older people saying on TV they didn’t do anything for the planet (even recycling, or not flying to holidays several times a year – ecodiots!?) I thought it was the wrong attitude, and wouldn’t make the young care about older people so much!
Mentally, this time, where I have empty freedom to write feels like where I was always heading, but I didn’t know if I’d get here; like a rickety old house on a hill with a view back over my life. Thinking about it now, a mental-life analogy could be a street of houses, with one side’s all on fire or some other trouble/disaster; and the others all spotlessly clean; and you have to go into one house on each side all the way up the street. Some people always seem to choose the dangerous side (either cos of nature or nurture?), others the safe, and others alternate. Once you’ve been in a few ‘dangerous houses’ I think the main thing you learn is not to go back; and if you do choose that side, I’d advise only going in the house if you can see a way out!

Some leaves are brown, and sky’s often grey,
but I’m not California Dreamin‘ today,
ain’t ’60s paradise and I can wait ’til May!

Blog post title is a play on words of the movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: the kind of movie that inspired the lighter side to my books on Amazon.

Mirror Poem Travels Mind Sight to Memory

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem mixes sight and thought, memory and recall. Thanks for reading this, and I hope some of it, or something on this site, is worth recalling sometime.

One Way Optic Nerve, Visual Cortex Return Signals 

some times you see what you look for
other things just come into view
often the scenery is normal
occasionally it’s surprising too
sky changes colour at least twice daily
although clouds often obscure the view

time changes everything, memory records moments

but best times always fly obscured
in mental zone of ephemeral thoughtless focus
when brain runs automatically
like yoga master body lotus
other times images enter the mind
some things only register when triggers prompt us

File:Brodmann areas 17 18 19.png
Visual cortex at back of brain.

Smashwords cover

New Poem about Dawn Light Inspiring Imagination Flight

(en) Stratus cloud, lightened by the sun shini...
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Today we have a new Folding Mirror poem by Marc Latham, which was inspired by a wispy morning sight, and memories from the Nepalese Himalayas a couple of years ago.  Enjoy!
Flight of Imagination Returns to Memory Destination
sky silk illuminated by dawn rays
diving, falling, dancing, wrapping
over tidal wave of slate surf
travelling by light, flying on imagination
thousands of miles into the past
hiking, climbing, being, observing
powder snow swirl off sunset  peaks