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Poem of Diamonds and Mermaids Combined in Clear Seas

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Today, fmpoetry is delighted to present a Marc Latham poem that appeared in the fresh off the press final instalment of Wendy Webb’s mermaid saga, Mermaids Off Cromer Pier and Other Poems

Thanks to Wendy for accepting the poem into the book, and Happy Valentine’s to all the diamond mermaids out there…

The Diamond Mermaid

 setting sail from pungent ports
sailors voyaged day and night
navigating sea by stars
enduring searing sun and sleeting snow
Inuit, Viking, Inca and Maori
seeking counsel with
ocean ethereal
nature’s wonder and only

Mermaid diamreM

angel high diamond low
depths dolphinian
marine life confidante
Flipper, Willy, Nemo and Moby
swimming tropical islands and arctic ice
using sonar and memory
mermaids sometimes swim with ships
when they smell something fishy


Dolphinian Mermaid in Halcyon Sea SOS Poem

MoonLight Mermaid

Today we have a mermaid poem by Denise Margaret Hargrave that combines idyllic scene-setting words with an environmental message .  The poem was recently published in A Mermaid’s Tale of Xanadon’t and Other Poems, which is the latest in Wendy Webb’s mermaid series, and features poems by Wendy Webb and guests.

Thanks to Denise for creating and sharing the poem, and Wendy and Anne Mullender for helping to make it available here.  Enjoy!  


the sea
she sprang like
a dolphin, and
hovered shimmering
turquoise in the ether,
an otherworldly being,
spectacularly beautiful,
waves of golden hair tumbling down
in halcyon light, hallowed
and haloed.  ‘Save our seas,’
she said.  ‘Save our seas.’
Then with a swish
of her tail
she was