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Guns N’ Roses Bipolar Poem

After thinking this poem up over the last couple of days, inspired by the GNR song title, If the World, I posted it on the mygnr site.

I think it could be widened into Folding Mirror poem, with Everest at the top, the Marianas Trench at the bottom and sea level in the middle, but it’d take time and effort, and it would just be expanding the point already made in this poem, so here it is as I thought of it, with the explanation from the mygnr site underneath.

If the World…
were the human mind
Axl solo climbed Everest
descended Marianas Trench
from the highest peak
to the lowest point
and told his story
with the help
of Guns N’ Roses
musicians and fans –
his fellow explorers.

I adapted If the World‘s title to envision the breadth of Axl’s bipolar mind, using our planet’s geography as a metaphoric landscape canvas. Axl’s mind was of course what wrote If the World‘s words, with Chris Pitman also credited. It’s not a favourite song of mine; I just had the idea for the poem from it. The poem can be widened to all those with a bipolar mind. I included fans because I really believe it, although I hope it makes you like it more too… and maybe even me… although I’m not seeking conviviality… maybe a job as a roadie?!

For more amazing poetry, and PhD-standard philosophy, only outdone in amazingness by how unappreciated it is, and crazily at the cheapest price I could set:


Mirror Poem Seas Choppy Human Communication

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem was inspired by noticing lies and isle are an anagram, and thinking they fitted into the FM form, as islands stick out above the ocean surface.

Mirror Poem Anagram Metaphor 

He then put the poem together to fit in with that idea. The poem is from a lifetime of experience rather than anything recent. Human communication is as constant and unpredictable as the ocean waves.

Since writing the above, Marc decided to add another couple of anagrams from, in alphabetical order, the letters e-i- l-s, that sound like negative words, which was something he thought about, and also fitted in with adding a couple of words at the bottom to finish off the mirror falling-sinking form nicely.

Scandinavia 184

Anagram Ocean Inspiration, Navigating Uncharted Metaphor

slie esil
lies are not an isle
jutting up jealously
sticking out
high above surface

stormy poisoned seas, dragging sailors down

tattered tugboats try
staying together
seeing out storm
truth usually sails against wind
often sinking

Scandinavia 328

Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk), and he has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).