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Death of my mind’s a fiction I’ll never see; each morning I awaken in a new reality!

milifend: new word encapsulating all life in mind?: mi-life-nd!

milifend: the life you fill your mind with will be the mind you fill your life with.

Nightly flying free, N returns with me: morning media-induced NTSD: Neverending Traumatic Stress Disorder!! (instead of PostTSD)

The above were fitted for colurful backgrounds on Facebook.

If you liked them there’s lots more similar in my latest books; more epic classic but hopefully not as good, as that’ll mean I’m still improving, and progressing towards some even greater insights/truths!?

Am i 3 now?

If I think Facebook is like nutrition for my writing: am I just am-bit(ion)ing without activating; retr-eating not exercising..?

We only know what we experience, society tells us and science has investigated; which often contradict each other, and are tiny

Humanity: 1 animal accessory of/to toxicity on my trek 2 meditative transcendence; along with all else 3 in the universe; free 4U!

sky brain skain* somewhat Quantrain

Our 1 brain’s always different
1 day to another
like our sun 1 planet and its weather

There’s sooooooo much happening in sky,
I can’t remember why,
we’re all wound up going round – round
down on ground!

1 2 1 w’ sun
clouds curtain call
could be stellar nursery
move so serenely, I SAY ‘I C, I C’

*skain: combining sky-brain I thought the compound sounded familiar, and skane has relevance for the poems, being an endonym for the southern part of Scandinavia and over to Britain in Scotland.

Finding endonym is also relevant to the above poems, as its meaning is a localised term, as my brain/mind is only my / my only locality.

If you like the above poems and explanations; reminiscent of the greenYgrey’s rambles glory days; then there’s loads more in my books on Amazon.