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Gustav Willeit’s Unconscious Archetype Mirror Images

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. Ol’ Wolfhol wasn’t too happy yesterday, but he got some of his words mixed up, and I just cleaned them up for him (corrected line: It also structures the lines into two-by-two word-first-letter combinations, such as two Ts and two Cs in the first line…). I won’t bother telling him though, as it will probably make him look for something else to criticise when he once again emerges from the Werehouse.

Mirror Doubles Reflect Jung Collective Unconscious?

Sorry to have missed Marc Latham’s new Folding Mirror poem. The eMORFES site is showcasing such great greenygrey folding mirror images that I must have got complacent, thinking I had a steady supply of relevant art. Anyway, the eMORFES site has delivered again with Perspe: Photography by Gustav Willeit

There are a couple of examples below, and Alexa Mutschlechner also provides an introduction that seems very relevant to the Greenygrey and Folding Mirror poetry: ‘The theme of the mirror and the double has always fascinated man and the pictures from the series PERSPE are wildly suggestive and possess a sense of mystery, existing somewhere within the border of illusion and reality.’

Perspe_Photography_Gustav Willeit6

Perspe_Photography_Gustav Willeit1

The double and mirror reflect the archetypes hard-wired into our collective unconscious hypothesised by Carl Jung: the shadow and anima/animus; which I had read about before joining the Greenygrey.

Showing Alert Independent Initiative

I was going to end my blog there, but just thought of what ol’ Wolfhol wrote yesterday, so I thought I’d google more images by Gustav Willeit. And I’m glad I did, as I found enough to fill several blogs. A few are below. I think Wolfhol’s going to be pleased with these:

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Mirror Image Photos provide Ideal Reflections

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. The human world didn’t end yesterday, on December 21st, like some people claimed from interpreting the Mayan calender, but something extraordinary did happen in the Greenygrey world this week. Yes, it was an honour to witness Andy Wolfhol at work, creating his extraordinary Week-long Winter Solstice Cycle.

Art of Magic

Tommy Cooper
Cover of Tommy Cooper
Like a Rolf Harris painting that develops out of nothing, or a Tommy Cooper magic trick that works, we think ol’ Wolfhol pulled that one off, and proved he’s still got what it takes to create extraordinary works of art.

I was still reflecting on it when I started reading Carrie Clark’s 46 quotes for reflection in 2012 article for Matador Network.

The article has lots of great mirror images combined with inspiring quotes. Moreover, many of them are greenygrey. Picking out my favourites reminded me of my Greenygrey debut, when greenygrey bridges were the subjects. Here’s my favourite greenygrey images from the article:


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Street Art by Eoin using Buildings and Nature

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. I’m back after a good training scheme in Greenygrey ethics.  I learnt that I wasn’t hired just because the Greenygrey liked me. It’s not about  only satirising people it likes, it’s also about who the blog is comfortable satirising.

Street Art by Eoin in Ireland

I feel really comfortable bringing you some great greenygrey folding mirror images from the eMORFES art, design and oddities blog, featuring street art by Eoin in Ireland. I also quite like Marc Latham’s comment after he reblogged them onto fmpoetry.wordpress.com:

‘…walls folding time
mirror image sublime…’

Anyway, I think that’s about it for now, here’s some greenygrey images by Eoin; folded by the corner image in the middle (nice little artistic touch from ol’ Baron there!?):





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