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Mount Ulriken, Bergen, Norway Photos and Poem

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, legendary independent travel correspondent at the Greenygrey, and poet. Marc Latham this morning posted a blog and poem about returning to civilisation from the wilderness so it was right up my street… or mountain path.

Returning to Bergen from Mount Ulriken 

Greenygrey provides first aid kit on Mount Ulriken.
Greenygrey provides first aid kit on Mount Ulriken.

Marc posted a blog with several snowy mountains and waterfalls photos about returning from Mount Ulriken to Bergen on travel25years.wordpress.com.

Marc unexpectedly returned not to the path he’d ascended the mountain on, but to one he’d nearly visited a few days previously, when a tunnel ended his random ramble.

Poem about Returning to Humanity from Wilderness

Greenygrey for the future.
Greenygrey for the future.

Writing up that blog reminded Marc of a poem he’d recently written about the joys of returning to human civilisation from the wilderness, so he published it on fmpoetry.wordpress.com.

The poem contrasts with the previous poem published on the website, which had a theme of the joys of isolation within wilderness. There’s lots more explanation over on fmpoetry, but here’s the poem:

Lights of Life, Homes to Humanity

waterfalls, willows, wheels
fireworks outshine city neon
enlightened valley
signs of humanity
on New Year’s Eve
through canyons weave
weary travellers emerge tunnel
poured from natural funnel

enjoyed time’s contemplation, downhill to destination

memories of my species
hive aura buzz oozes
entering concrete civilisation
time of peak imagination
dogs of wolves
wildcat shadows
skyscrapers mirror mountain memories
avenues, alleys, abodes

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