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Voss, Naeroyfjord and Flam-Myrdal Photos Story

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, legendary travel correspondent at the Greenygrey. I was just over at the travel25years.wordpress.com site, and Marc Latham’s photos of the Naeroyfjord and Flam-Myrdal railway reminded me of our recent search for Andy Wolfhol, after the Ice Spider and Downside-Up Penguin told us ol’ Wolfhol was in the land of trolls. So I thought I’d tell our story through some of the photos we took. Here it is:

Voss, Norway Greenygrey Story

We travelled over frozen mountains thinking we were lost. We had heard the waterfalls would show us the way, but they were still in their winter sleep.

Scandinavia 272

We met an old viking, who looked like he knew the greenygrey world.

Scandinavia 266

His wife returned from shopping.

Scandinavia 323

The children were happy.

Scandinavia 324

They took us to their greenygrey house. Keeping us warm, until…

Scandinavia 250

the waterfalls awoke.

Scandinavia 283

Showing us the way to the greenygrey train.

Scandinavia 309

Returning us to the greenygrey world.

Scandinavia 310

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