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New York G-Line Running after Hurricane Sandy

Hi, it’s Wolf Whistzer, intrepid newshound at the Greenygrey. Great news from our line in New York, because the G is back up and running. After we introduced the G-Line to you on the Greenygrey blog last month (22nd October), explaining it used to be called the GG-line, and is all greenygrey on the map, it was closed along with most of the metro as Hurricane Sandy approached last weekend, hitting on Sunday (28th October). Along with the L line, the G line was the worst hit.

No Direct Line to God

We don’t claim any premonition or anything inspired the blog, and helped to save New York… and hope you won’t blame us for it either. The GG-line was being suggested as a link by Zemanta for sometime. You could ask why we finally got around to looking into the G-line a week before it suffered its worst flooding, but we don’t have any answers.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the G-line, and we give our commiserations to all the victims, families and friends affected by Hurricane Sandy; and all the other natural disasters affecting the world.

And no, we didn’t know Hurricane Sandy was heading that way either. It also caused a lot of damage in other places too, and we didn’t mention them; and a lot of places we have mentioned have had no storms.

Angry God
Angry God (Photo credit: Michael Klaas)

Unfortunately, some religious leaders and groups did claim it was God’s wrath on New York and the USA, with reasons to suit their religions. As usual, when natural disasters happen to enemies it’s God’s revenge for ¬†opposition, and when it happens to your people it’s God’s anger at disobedience.

As long as there are people like that, we think we are justified in countering them. So, sorry to all moderate monotheists, but tomorrow we’ll have our ¬†sporting return.

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