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New Poem about Dawn Light Inspiring Imagination Flight

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Today we have a new Folding Mirror poem by Marc Latham, which was inspired by a wispy morning sight, and memories from the Nepalese Himalayas a couple of years ago.  Enjoy!
Flight of Imagination Returns to Memory Destination
sky silk illuminated by dawn rays
diving, falling, dancing, wrapping
over tidal wave of slate surf
travelling by light, flying on imagination
thousands of miles into the past
hiking, climbing, being, observing
powder snow swirl off sunset  peaks

Nepal Himalayas Cairns and Lakes Poem by Claire Knight

Here’s another nicely crafted Folding Mirror poem by Claire Knight. The poem was inspired by photos of stone cairns built alongside vivid coloured lakes by travellers and trekkers in the Nepal Himalayas.

Thanks to Claire for creating and sharing the poem.

The Poem

Lakeside Cairns – Nepal

where travellers leave signs:
hand picked smooth stones
in shades of grey
perched one on top of another
balanced in perfect equilibrium
decreasing in size the small tower
ascends as if towards the gods

utter stillness of the turquoise waters

descending as if towards the depths
reflecting a reversal of the tower
floating in perfect alignment
each lying one beneath the other
in pale greeny hues
hand picked round rocks:
messages set in stone

Nepal Himalayas Mountains Everest Lakes Gokyo
Gokyo's Third Lake Near Mount Everest
Cairn Nepal Himalays Everest National Park
Cairn in the Nepal Himalays Everest National Park

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