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genius new art: c-a-r-t developments

The groundbreaking new C-A-R-T art movement could also be car art too of course; and be combined with cats in cars to make a double C-A-R-T.

See the source image

abs-TRAC-t C-A-R-T art could also be interpreted as abdominal art – stomach. Its backward C-A-R-T TRAC revisionism after abs makes me think a cat like Garfield is the best visual art representation:

Image result for garfield photos

c-a-r-t cat art

Did this photo in a MSN article inspire the first creation of cat art being called C-A-R-T? I just did a quick search and didn’t find it being used.
The greenYgrey abstraction also inspired me to notice cart features in the middle of abs-TRAC-t… backwards!
I posted it on Facebook last night.

a bird sitting on top of a tree: The cat was spotted up the tree on Saturday. (SWNS)

Earlier I’d posted this little letterology poem:

still tree S-erenity
sunlight ref-INES suddenly
fleet flock ‘S-igns?’ flies between

And a great greenYgrey (visiting?) photo of the Northern Lights at Loch Lomond on Monday night, before a bright sunny day yesterday:

Incredible Northern Lights photos caught on camera above Loch Lomond

For lots more greenYgrey letterology wordplay and poetry:

Banksy New Art a greenYgrey readYmade?

Banksy created a new Christmas-themed artwork in Birmingham yesterday of reindeers pulling a real park bench, with a homeless man called ‘Ryan’ lying on it; it was said to highlight the problem of homelessness. I applaud that rationale.

The Banksy artwork

There was a lot of greenygreyness in the images from the scene, so the greenYgrey art world has called it greenygreyndeers: (greenygrey with Ryan-reindeers).