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Genius Examples at Philoso-tea/T Time

After careful academic diligent thought, I Dr. Marc Latham, in the style of Sherlock Holmes, have managed to create a paradigm shift in the age after coffilosophy. Through forensic creative writing, for you my dear readers, I have cut two letters out of the term taking its place. I know it is a quick and sudden change, with the new age just a couple of weeks old, but from now on philosophtea/T will be known as philosotea/T, saving you two letters ‘ph’ time.

To celebrate, I am actually drinking tea now… although I’ve had three mugs of coffee before!

Entertaining Educational Comedy

I thought the old term was just replacing the y with a t, and that it needed to be more different. Of course, Y is a special letter in the greenYgrey wor(l)d, so it’s a shame to replace it, but that just goes to show how different things have different meanings and significance in different wor(l)ds; as with colours or names in different human cultures or meanings.

So hopefully, from the above you will see that although greenYgreyology is mainly a concept and word I created for comedy purpose, it does have some educational value too, from a real doctor of philosophy; like comedy magicians or musicians who can really do what they use as a prop for their comedy.

Self-Proclaimed Genius Era Ending?

Another regular comedy phrase I’ve used is that I’m a genius, but not just any kind of genius, I’m a self-proclaimed genius. However, now I’m wondering if I can go on calling myself that, as there is so much evidence now; albeit indirectly.

As great greenYgreyliens will know, my work is full of connections, with the greenYgrey a connection, as my Folding Mirror poems connected two halves of poetry with a connecting middle line. My fantasy fiction connected the real world with my created stories.

So I wondered how genius am I? when I read this paragraph in Craig Brown’s review of James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray, Anna Ptaszynski and Dan Schreiber‘s The Book Of The Year: The Weirder Side Of 2017 :
‘The largest dinosaur footprints ever discovered were found in Western Australia,’ reads the entry under D for Dinosaur. ‘They were as long as Marc Bolan, the lead singer of T Rex.’ And it’s true: the footprints were 1.7 metres. It takes a kind of comic genius to think of linking these two things together.”
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Death of Coffilosophy, Long Live Philosoph-tea/T

Buggles sang that Video Killed the Radio Star,
well, it looks like Kenco killed the coffilosopher,
I didn’t cry into my coffee when I saw their advert,
although seeing a Russell Brand lookalike hurt,
Thinking up a new age didn’t take me long round the bend,
coffilosophy was the beginning, philosophtea is the end.

Couple of quick poems for you inspired by Kenco’s cofficionado advert, after I’d suggested my coffilosophy five months earlier. I wrote the Folding Mirror poem below first, and then when I started writing an introduction Star and coffilosopher quickly rhymed, so I turned it into the poem above. They both have the same topic, and I think the two forms complement each other.

Coffee Has-Beans, Tea-Leaf Cleans

Kenco said : they were doing good
asked us to help, I said I would
already given them money
volunteered my coffilosophy

received no answer, five months later

cofficionado leads advertising
different name same meaning
he’s a bit posher, got a special skill
rides bike: not run of mill

Title wordplays has-beens.
Philosophtea can be shortened to philosophT.
I am a renowned runner: re. owned by my higher classes.

Charlotte Church Brain Documentary Evidence of My ‘Event Horizon’ Metaphor

During XaW Files I consciously tried to ‘travel’ inside my brain, thinking of how I was thinking while thinking; not only conscious, but also self-consciously conscious, conscious of my consciousness, so I could remember the process and write it down. I don’t think I’m the first writer to do this, but it’s not common.

Advances in Astronomy and Neurology

It was at a time when I was seeing the brain compared to space online, with advances in astronomy and neurology coinciding, and  helping us see farther and clearer into space, and brain imaging opening up the working of the mind like never before. Amazingly, there were lots of similarities, with space having trillions of galaxies and the brain neurons; as well as everything else around them, connecting them and each other.

An original concept I thought of along those lines was that those of us who have a desire to get out of our minds on drink etc was like we had a space black hole in our brain, and that the time when we’re at that exciting and energising time of merriment, is like being at the space black hole’s event horizon; in space the gravity of the black hole is getting stronger, around the event horizon, as the feeling while drinking etc gets stronger the closer you get to being ‘out of your mind’; in me anyway.

Some people are excellent ‘astronauts’, spotting the danger, and being able to navigate away from it. For me, and people like me, the event horizon is where we want to be; the most exciting place, where everything is happening; but maintaining your position is almost impossible for any length of time.

Charlotte Church Brain Documentary

Although I’ve seen lots of images of the brain, none have looked like my Event Horizon concept… until a couple of images on Charlotte Church’s documentary first shown last month and available on BBC iplayer in the U.K. for 8 more days. Don’t know about other availability.

The image being pointed to is the brain normally, with most connections circling the outside of the brain, and just a few connections crossing the brain’s ‘black hole event horizon’ in the centre (they don’t call it that in the documentary). The other image is the brain after taking hallucinogenics, with many more connections crossing the event horizon, which is the same for alcohol, and why you can remember and initiate much more information after a few drinks.

Brain Stimulation from Exercise

After stimulating and medicating my brain for about twenty-five years through drink etc I started running more in 2003. At first it was more about the exercise, and I learnt the scientific benefits of it for the brain afterwards. I watched a good video on it this morning on the Cristian Mihai blog, with a wolf-metaphor image intro, so repeat the video here.

I’m not telling you what to do, or how to stimulate or escape your brain. I’m just writing about my experiences, promoting my writing and concepts, with the best of my knowledge… which is nearly all from reading and watching other people, with a bit of personal input.

Some people have been a benefit to me, such as great greenYgreyliens and awesome AAWs who get me the way I mean it; and some it has benefitted me escaping, such as those who try to ‘get me’ by depicting me and my writing the were-ong (wrong) way; remembering were is the human part of the werewolf.

Learning more about the brain and body, and how they work inside and out, has made a big difference to my life, making me try and reward them more, rather than destroying them, and I hope it does the same for you… if you are friend and not foe… and if you’re the latter, and try it, I hope it helps you think in a more enlightened way!

The Brain has Grown and Folded: All in the Mind

Hi, it’s Stephen Wolfing, science correspondent at the Greenygrey. Greenygrey in the human world was totally separate from the Folding Mirror poetry form when the two concepts emerged five years ago. However, through research and new discoveries the two fields have converged over the last half-decade.

Mind Is Not Brain
Mind Is Not Brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the natural world and human architecture there are many examples of greenygrey folding mirrors, such as horizons and reflections.

Greenygrey All in the Mind

The Greenygrey in the human mind is most easily defined as a kind of bipolar schizophrenia: the division of the mind into at least two separate parts; more vertical than horizontal.

Meanwhile, the Folding Mirror poetry form divides two halves of poetry with a middle line: more horizontal than vertical.

English: Unlimited Potential of the Human Mind

The Greenygrey concept has therefore provided a lot of conceptual material for Folding Mirror poems.

Physical Evidence of Folding Brain Folds to Fit Skull

While the Greenygrey is only a concept when it comes to the human brain, the actual physical matter is called Gyri (ridges) and Sulci (crevices), and it has folded itself to fit into our skulls.

Apparently, if the brain was unwrapped it would be the size of a pillowcase.

Gyrisulci doesn’t seem that far off the Greenygrey to me!

Marc Latham drew this self-portrait of what he suspected to be an ADHD mind around about the conception time of the Greenygrey and Folding Mirror poetry form:


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