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Bob Crow and Union Working Class Struggle

‘Twenty minutes later, Bob Crow pulled another one back with a short snap strike, leaving the Redbacks defence red-faced as well as red-backed.’

Bob Crow, Union Leader  Bob Crow.JPG

Bob Crow passed away yesterday morning. He was the General Secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) and inspired the above Crow character in the Werewolf of Oz.

He was a good example of the working class battling to achieve, and help their fellow workers. If Britain hadn’t been divided by Thatcher and Blair, and profit and religion taken over from fairness and equality as the main political focuses, then maybe people like Bob Crow could have made Britain a more united kingdom.

Britain’s Future 

Bob Crow on strikes in the Guardian
Bob Crow on strikes in the Guardian (Photo credit: Annie Mole)

His critics argued that he was holding Britain back.

But was he holding Britain back from cheaper tube fares, or bigger bonuses for the big bosses after workers lost their jobs?

The next reflection from 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections commented on this, and seems a fitting post for a man who tried to help those struggling to survive in a rapidly changing country.

Reflection 4

The well-behaved British working class used to be known as ‘salt of the earth’ when they were compliant up to the 1950s, but not so much anymore.
Were things that different in history? I don’t know.
And have they changed that much? Well, elite corruption has been exposed more since the 1950s, making the workers less likely to trust and revere the upper classes; Thatcher decimated the working-class industries in the 1980s, destroying communities; and New Labour betrayed their traditional voters by squeezing them out of the workplace between high-earning elites and foreign workers willing to work for less.
So things have probably changed, but I don’t know how much, or if it is the main reason for there apparently being less ‘salt of the earth’.

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Politics in the U.K. and World: Labour’s Saviour

Hi, it’s Grey Greyvara, the Greenygrey’s political conscience, and werewolf parallel to the human Che Guevara. Today, we start to round off working-class week with a summary of how and why we view the current U.K. and world political situation.

When Marc Latham was in university he felt prejudiced against, like a microcosm of the British situation told in Chavs: The Demonising of the Working-Class, with an international emphasis on everything, and the old working-class being framed as backward; being blamed for holding Britain back.

University Life During New Labour 

Britains Floral Garden ~ memories from my chil...
Britains Floral Garden ~ memories from my childhood (Photo credit: shrinkin’violet)

Marc started his PhD in line with the far left of Noam Chomsky and the Glasgow Media Group; socialist criticism of the British and ‘Western’ establishment; hoping for a more equal Britain and less international conflict. At the time he thought he was quite rare in his outlook.

But under New Labour’s revisionist internationalism, criticising Britain seemed to become the norm, while criticising other cultures was ‘racist’, and risked social exclusion. Islamism replaced socialism as the likely successor to Western capitalism in British and world hegemony.

New Labour and the Working-Class 

Che guevara
Che guevara (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

While Marc’s hopes for hegemonic theory supported all races and genders gaining more equality under a more socialist Britain, like Che Guevara’s philosophy, New Labour’s multiculturalism seemed to be supporting other cultures while neglecting or persecuting the traditional British working-class; and women under Islamism.

Gordon Brown seemed to confirm this when he called Gillian Duffy a bigot in Rochdale for asking about immigration near the end of the New Labour tenure. Rochdale later emerged in a related infamous story, with a Muslim paedophile ring having been targeting poor and vulnerable children for years during the New Labour government.

Current Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has now admitted New Labour got it wrong on immigration and multiculturalism.

Tony Blair, Christianity and Islam

Tony Blair and New Labour’s policy on Islam and war seems naive at best, and perhaps criminal:

  1. Allowed mass immigration of Muslims.
  2. Gave safe haven to known Islamist terrorists.
  3. Allowed hate preachers to radicalise ordinary Muslims.
  4. Went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq against Muslims.

I think Tony Blair was naive, and as a Christian thought he could work with his fellow monotheist Muslims; preferring them to the pagan communist Slav Russians and allies.

Fuhrer Tony Blair
Fuhrer Tony Blair (Photo credit: acidrabbi)

This was shown by New Labour’s first war; supporting Muslim Kosovars against Communist Serbs. Blair was also the only Allied leader not to attend the Russians’ VE Day 60th anniversary celebration.

Tony Blair has now stressed that Islamism is the big threat to world peace.

British Post-Modern Political System 

Marc had wondered why some working-class people supported the Conservatives, as he grew up under Thatcher, but the New Labour government showed him why!

The British political system is no longer like the one Marc grew up under in the 1980s anyway, and is now more post-modern issues based.

Che Guevara mural
Che Guevara mural (Photo credit: Contrabland)

While Marc had called for a wider hegemony in his PhD thesis, hoping for more access for the old socialism, politics in the U.K. and the world overtook him; especially as he was held up (both time-wise and financially!) by his department.

The rise of the extreme right-wing Islamic hate preachers in Britain (and I include George Galloway!), and extreme right-wing fascists in southern Europe showed him that a wider access to the political debate has as many negatives as positives.

The old communist systems were full of poor treatment of people as well, and even Che Guevara didn’t do as well in peacetime as he did in war.

So Marc is now in the Greenygrey middle, reacting to policies as much as political ideologies and traditions, and a little disillusioned with it all really. Funnily enough, that might be in line with the ‘Third Way‘ policy supported by New Labour!!!

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The Problem with Chavs… by Owen Jones

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, history expert at the Greenygrey, here writing about the working-class, because I think my human parallel is from that background. Not that you’d really be able to notice, and maybe that’s the best way to be; but is the current growth in the rich-poor gap, and the divisions it creates, the working-class’s fault, or is it due to society in the last thirty years omitting them from the top positions in politics and the media.

Chavs by Owen Jones

Chavs by Owen Jones
Chavs by Owen Jones (Photo credit: Robert Burdock)

One of the rising stars in the media wrote a book criticising the labelling of the working-class as ‘chavs’ in 2011, but Owen Jones is middle-class himself.

Marc Latham, who had a pre-Chav era working-class poor one-parent council flat upbringing, had wanted to focus his university research on the demonising of the working-class when he finished his PhD in 2005, but his department didn’t support him; well, to be precise, a baby-faced middle-class tutor not unlike Jones himself.

Marc was reduced to publishing his opinions on this here blog, which he thinks is also good and relevant, but it was a bittersweet double-edged greenygrey feeling for him when Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class the book appeared six years later.

Owen Jones Avoided Grooming Cases 

Maybe the department thought Marc was too working-class to focus on his own demographic, although there are female feminists who only write defending their own gender, and criticising the other; and ethnic-minorities who do the same with issues of race.

Maybe Owen Jones was a safer bet to give the working-class a voice, seeing as he isn’t really one of them. His book contains many of the issues Marc had noticed, and written about in this blog.

Stop The War protests in London, 24 Feb 2007. ...
Snake-oil going cheap! Del-boy George Galloway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since writing the book Jones has become a celebrity leftist, perhaps the next George Galloway; criticising Islamophobia more than chavophobia!

And maybe that’s why he failed to write a chapter on the mainly Pakistani grooming, rape and prostitution of poor and vulnerable children on an industrial scale that was going on for years before he wrote his book; but was hidden and not tackled by New Labour

I think that was because it looked bad for New Labour’s glorious new age of multiculturalism. It was only after New Labour lost power that it was widely publicised, although to be fair, Jack Straw did try and talk about it, but he was shouted down by the ‘multicultural left’.

This month, Coventry grooming arrests meant it was the latest city to be revealed with a vulnerable girls being targeted by members of the Muslim community case; although it only dates from last year.

Owen Jones: Career over Care

Instead of talking about the biggest atrocity against poor people in Britain over the last decade, which was largely ignored by the media and politicians, Owen Jones prefers to concentrate his book solely against the rich establishment; like George Galloway does with his politics.

The first chapter of the book could have been about the grooming cases, but instead Jones (or his publishers?) prefers to devote it to the Shannon Matthews case, when she was hidden/kidnapped by her own working-class family. 

I don’t think the chapter works at all as an example of elites demonising the working-class, as the media widely covered a case that ended up as being a working-class deception and crime; wasting police and media time, and probably supporting the opinions of higher class people who used the term ‘chav’.

So while Owen Jones is obviously a bright lad with great presentation, I think his Chavs book is incomplete, and does more to support the liberal left’s multicultural agenda than the real working-class.

Sorry if I appear like a snake-oil salesman, but I like my books better!:

Link for Amazon book and kindle.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
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Working-Class Week Starts with Negative Chav Image

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. As we start off working-class week at the Greenygrey with an episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps I was hoping it would have some working-class relevance, like the Latham story for example, but it’s more like a hangover from women and feminism week, with Elle’s body starring.

Not Leading You Astray at the Greenygrey 

English: Bishopgate, a former slum area in Wet...
English: Bishopgate, a former slum area in Wetherby. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I looked up the biography of Elle’s human inspiration, Elle McPherson, on Wikipedia, hoping to find she had a poor background, and rags to riches story, but she is from a wealthy family.

Her parents did split up though, so she has had something of a dysfunctional background, and that can sometimes be worse than coming from a poor background within a happy family.

And that hopefully works as an example of how at the Greenygrey we believe in defending and promoting the working-class with balance, linked to other social groups rather than separate, as green and grey are linked by Y; more Martin Luther King and Barack Obama than Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan.

Gollum Symbolic of Britain’s Chav Underclass Image

Angry (Anderson) is the main working-class hero symbol in the Werewolf of Oz, but he doesn’t appear much in this episode; showing this is all live and unplanned!

The Making of the English Working Class
The Making of the English Working Class (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But thinking of the working-class image that grew out of Thatcher’s attack on the unions and working-class communities, and New Labour‘s focus on mass immigration multiculturalism; meaning the rich-poor gap has grown and British workers have been labelled lazy for not working more hours for less money; the Gollum/Smeagol character Smiggin is probably a good representative.

It’s not an analogy I like and want, and there’ll be a lot more on that this week, but for now here’s the start of the Lord of the Rings Smiggin Holes storyline:

Chapter 96.  Wizard of Oz Metamorphosis into Lord of the Rings

After eating our fill of veggie broth we had a good night’s kip snuggled up in a huddle under a puddle sky. We packed up and cleared away in the morning, before following the dust sandy path in the direction of Smiggin Holes. The path was as much powder snowy as dust sandy now.

Smiggin Holes Strange Happenings 

Gollum in Ralph Bakshi's animated version of T...
Gollum in Ralph Bakshi’s animated version of The Lord of the Rings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we entered the forested valley on the approach to Smiggin Holes I thought the scenery was stunning; but I was becoming increasingly worried that I could see a hobbitish shape following us.
After the previous troubles on our Ozyssey,
I wondered what it could be.

Elle was walking beside me, and I asked if she’d seen something. She confirmed my suspicions, saying she’d seen movement parallel to us for some time.

We entered a forest half an hour later, and I feared the shape was closing in on us. Then I felt something snatch at my head, and before I knew it, I was hatless. My emerald cork hat had been pinched from right in front of my eyes; or right above my eyes to be precise.

Jack holding Santa Hat
Jack holding Santa Hat (Photo credit: tscibilia)

I was bewildered by the bonce burglary, but Elle must have seen it coming; she was after the viperous varmint before I regained my composure.

The others joined me, and we set off after them, catching up on the third ridge.

Elle was holding the hobbitish creature by the scruff of the neck. Meanwhile, it was holding the emerald cork hat close to its chest, while repeating the sentence, ‘my precious, my precious, it’s mine, it’s mine, it’s Smiggin’s hat, all mine…’



Lord of the Rings featured a hobbit called Sméagol / Gollum, who acted in a similar way to Smiggin, only it was a ring that was its ‘precious’.
Zemanta’s ‘green’ images of snake and various objects inspired the direction in the next two blogs.


Link for Amazon book and kindle.

Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.


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British Politicians Big Pay Rise and Public Sector Greed

werewolf of oz book cover
Amazon paperback and kindle.

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s the beginning of the weekend, so we think it’s time for the latest thrilling installment of the epic time-travel rock music through the decades with a central role for 1980s trash metal music story within a bigger story, with the bigger story told in Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps, which is now available on Amazon and lots of ereaders via Smashwords.

Terminator to Trash Target 

Cover of "The Terminator [Blu-ray]"
Cover of The Terminator [Blu-ray]
In this episode the Grunginator’s target is revealed, as the Terminator‘s target and reasoning were revealed long after it burst into the 1984 movie with gunfire and corny dialogue.

A background theme to the storyline is the demonising of the British working-class by New Labour, which was followed by much of the country until the New Labour and elite society charade was exposed by the economic collapse and widespread corruption.

British Politicians’ Big Pay Rise 

English: Crop of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brow...
English: Crop of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the WEF 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The British political elite are now set to reward their misbehaviour with a pay rise at a much bigger percentage of their wage than most people are receiving; with many workers hardly receiving anything, or taking pay cuts.

I think politicians are underpaid compared to £100,000+ public servants, but that’s because those public servants are grossly overpaid compared to most people and their value to the taxpayer.

The £100,000+ public servants should be taking a pay cut, rather than politicians having an inflation-busting increase to catch up with them!

The Irony of Seasick Steve Success 

English: Seasick Steve, playing at "Where...
English: Seasick Steve, playing at “Where the action is”, a music festival in Stockholm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Around the same time as the British working-class was being attacked to the point of abolition under New Labour’s ‘classless society’ spin, Seasick Steve became a darling of the liberal elite.

This was despite Steve being an American version of the British working-class considered not worthy of funding and defending by some of the new liberal elite; epitomised by Prime-Minister Gordon Brown.

If Seasick Steve had been a British child in the 1950s he might have been sent to Australia like some of the Homes children that inspired the exiling of Grey at the start of this story.

Not that injustices don’t also happen in the American system, and some British people of course receive an acceptance in other countries that they don’t receive in their own.

Anyway, that’s enough seriousness for a fun sun friday in Blighty, and here’s the latest Werewolf of Oz episode, which also stars a good LA rock band that didn’t quite make it big:

Chapter 84.  Love/Hate are Wasted, and the Target is Revealed

The seasick looking guitarist passed us and walked half way down the alley. He had just started singing that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and that he had been born with nothing and still had most of it left, when he was sent flying back past us by a gunshot to the stomach. My shock was compounded moments later when I heard a voice say, ‘We don’t want no old trash in the future.’

Even Dizzy looked surprised. He whispered that he thought the Grunginator was out of control, as it was only programmed to kill trash metal bands; before saying we’d better scarper. So we raced down another alley in the opposite direction, and into a red room.

Meeting Love/Hate suffering a Blackout in the Red Room 

Blackout in the Red Room
Blackout in the Red Room (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some musicians were suffering a Blackout in the Red Room; the room had an American decor, so it was obviously Love/Hate. It wasn’t hard to recognise them, as they were famous for getting Wasted in America. We tried to warn them about the Grunginator, but couldn’t awaken them.

A shadow at the door looked ominously like the Grunginator, so we continued running in the other direction, leaving Love/Hate to their fate. A few moments later, we heard several shots ring out in the room we’d just left. I guessed Love/Hate had once again been Wasted.


Angry Revealed as Target 

As we ran down the corridor I glimpsed a billboard poster on the wall. It drew my attention because Angry was featured on it. The poster advertised Angry making a special guest appearance with Guns N’ Roses at the Whiskey a Go-Go. The date had been scratched off, so I asked Dizzy when it was supposed to be happening.

After a few seconds of thought he said, ‘Of course, that’s it, tonight’s the night when Angry inspires the LA metallers; propelling them into the 1990s. It’s the Guns N’ Roses concert with Angry guesting that the Grunginator is programmed to target. We’ve got to escape the Grunginator and get Angry to the concert somehow, or it’ll be all over for trash metal.’

Wow, I thought, our Angry is a rock n’ roll star.



Seasick Steve songs: Started Out With Nothing, You Can’t Teach An Old Dogs New Tricks.
Love/Hate songs: Blackout in the Red Room, Wasted in America.

Smashwords for multiple ereaders.


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Understanding Democratic Government Decisions

Hi, it’s Wolf Whistzer, with the Greenygrey news and theory. The G8 EU-US trade deal looks promising, but whether it will come to fruition and cut shopping bills; helping people struggling with the recession; is up in the air for the foreseeable future. Talking of up in the air…

Bird-Brained Government Decisions

Birds and windmills 2
Birds and windmills 2 (Photo credit: johntrathome)

Reading the last couple of paragraphs of the Geographical article about wind power mentioned in yesterday’s article showed the tough decisions policy-makers have to make, in line with Greenygrey theory, with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) supporting wind turbines despite the amount of birds they kill, because they consider climate change a greater threat to birds:

“Overall, however, the RSPB is sanguine about bird strikes. Looking at the wider picture, it believes that the loss of birds to the blades pales in comparison to the wider threats posed by climate change. ‘Our starting point is climate change and that we can’t tackle that without low-carbon energy,’ says Scrase.

‘We have to be upfront – turbines can kill birds and that can be upsetting,’ he continues. ‘But the impact is insignificant, and nothing compared to the damage that will be caused to birds and other wildlife by climate change. Provided that turbines are well located, bird strikes aren’t much of an issue – even though they’re widely cited by critics of wind farms.’”

Did New Labour Hide Child-Grooming for Multiculturalism? 

Tony Blair, Garden Gnome
Tony Blair, Garden Gnome (Photo credit: Gruenemann)

One unnecessary bird death seems tragic, but looked at in the wider picture, the RSPB consider it the lesser of two evils.

Reading the above RSPB quote, and comparing it to political decisionmaking, I can’t help think that New Labour did cover up the child-grooming going on in Britain under their government; and that they did it because they considered multiculturalism more important.

It’s only since New Labour lost power that it has been really exposed and tackled. The Conservative-Democrat government has also been quite quiet on it, and Labour’s Anne Cryer was its most vocal political critic, but it seems like more action has been taken since New Labour left government.

If governments are going to give some communities and issues a lower priority for what the consider the greater good they could at least tell the people, rather than just trying to ignore them, and pretending there is no problem.

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G8 too Late to Make Britain Gr8?

Hi, it’s Grey Greyvara, social conscience at the Gr8 Greenygrey, reporting on the G8 conference. Back in the ’80s I hoped that Britain and the world would become a socialist utopia; kind of like my human parallel Che Guevara in the ’50s. Then New Labour got power! After cool Brittania turned to bankrupt Britain, with the rich richer and poor poorer, and most communist countries like Russia and China going more capitalist, as well as socialist countries like Sweden, it’s made me think that ethical green capitalism is about the best we can work towards.

G8 Too Late To Set GB Straight? 

G8 family photo
G8 family photo (Photo credit: The Prime Minister’s Office)

Has the British working class become lazy, or is it a victim of globalisation? Many of the rich liberal elite running the country (like Piers Morgan before he thankfully left!) claim the British working-class has become lazy, and doesn’t want to work; that’s why they have to import foreign labour.

Most of the economic immigrants are probably harder workers than the British in Britain. When Marc Latham was working his way around the world he was more willing to work longer hours when working: when you’re in a worker-traveller community life revolves around work, and you want to save up for long periods of travelling.

British people working in Britain want to spend time with family or friends, or doing other things than work; as decades of fighting for freedom from serfdom and slavery has stopped them having to work all the hours they can to keep from starvation.

So foreign workers who are used to earning much less are probably going to be better and more willing workers than British workers, whose ancestors have been fighting for better and easier working conditions for generations.

My Arse
My Arse (Photo credit: grahamc99)

Only last week the BBC’s Panorama current affairs programme had a documentary about builders and dockers being blacklisted from work for fighting for better working conditions in industries where dozens of people still die every year. Actor Ricky Tomlinson was on the breakfast news talking about it.

Mass immigration has seen an increase in cases of poor workplace quality in Britain; including sweat shops and even some cases of modern slavery.

I and most of the working-class in Britain mainly opposed mass immigration because we saw how it was turning back workers’-rights fought for over centuries; not because of racism or bigotry like Gordon Brown thought at the end of New Labour.

Why Can’t I Have a California Mansion? 

I don’t blame most of the foreign workers who come to Britain. If the California government was giving out mansions and enough benefits to live comfortably on I’d probably be on the first available plane.

That might seem a crass comparison, but some immigrants to Britain have been housed in mansions, and received massive benefits to live comfortably.

Britain Needs Balance

Maybe some workers and unions were trying to hold the country to ransom, and were pushing it too far in the 1970s. I believe in unions and workers rights, but think it should be within the service of the people of the country.

The same as the executives and liberal elite should be rewarding themselves to what they’re worth, not filling up their own pockets from the country’s finances.

Since Thatcherism took power in the ’80s and has been continued by successive governments, including New Labour, the pendulum has swung too much towards the rich minority from the poor majority. The Conservatives-Liberals government has been no worse than New Labour overall, in my opinion. I prefer Cameron to Blair and Brown so far.

Britain Should Aim for Lake not Sea 

Abudelauri Lakes - Green Lake in Khevsureti in...
Abudelauri Lakes – Green Lake in Khevsureti in Georgia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the mass immigration under New Labour the old British working class; those who’ve kept working to keep treading water; are likely to lose out twice, with the recent immigrants taking their place in line for poverty payouts, educational grants etc.

Mass immigration was promoted by New Labour as being good for the economy… before it all collapsed and they were exposed as having bankrupted the country with the bankers.

While mass immigration might have had some benefits for the economy it certainly wasn’t good for the welfare state, and the recent cutbacks and stress on the system are obviously because there’s been a massive increase in the amount of people claiming benefits.

Britain felt like a stormy sea under New Labour, with the murder of Lee Rigby the most recent tragedy from the waves created.

The leaders of our country should aim to make Britain more lake than sea: keeping it calm and quiet. The best way to do that is with controlled low immigration, the rich paying their share, and enough benefits for people who really need them to live on. The people can play their part by working whenever possible.

Maybe I’d feel different if I was younger, a rich boss or an immigrant wanting more people of my community (in multicultural rather than integrated Britain) to feel safer or stronger; but that’s the way I feel as I am in this point of time in my country of birth; it’s just my opinion, one of about 60 million under our government.

Death of a Salesman to The Call Centre 

Waistcoat with Badges, "Support the Miner...
Waistcoat with Badges, “Support the Miners Search for Jobs” (Photo credit: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery)

British socialists often cite the decline in industry as the reason for working-class communities deteriorating. While mines and steelworks didn’t look nice places to work, they did provide good pay and a communal identity.

Now, they have largely been replaced by the service industries. The BBC has a documentary about a call centre on at the moment, and it shows how the new industries look nicer places to work than the old industries, but they also have other stresses and generally don’t provide as much money and identity.

While the management seem nicer than decades ago, the workers have to call people and try and sell products they don’t usually believe in, meaning they don’t have the job satisfaction of providing something really worthwhile,  like in the old coal and steel industries; or crafting their own specialty, like Marx’s pre-industrial self-employed workers.

Maybe the green industries will be the saviour for people and planet? To show that I don’t think green industries are all good, and in line with Greenygrey theory, I was reading yesterday in the Geographical how wind turbines can be deadly for birds.

Death of a Salesman #4
Death of a Salesman #4 (Photo credit: Thompson Rivers)

Many of the people in the call centre documentary seem to be the modern versions of Willy Loman, protagonist of Arthur Miller’s 1949 play Death of a Salesman; one of the first critical commentaries on American consumer capitalism; at about the same time as our legendary travel correspondent Jack Wolfpac’s human parallel Jack Kerouac was escaping it On The Road.

I recently read Stephen King’s On Writing, where he said the choice between a brave new world and the shopping centre was made in the 1960s. Will we have a second chance?

The Human Reality 

Visual Explainer: Amphibian Evolution
Visual Explainer: Amphibian Evolution (Photo credit: DaveHuth)

In the ’80s I felt like Miller and Keroauc, but now I’m an older werewolf living in a country that has gone downhill for the working-class; a 9-5 regular job living in a nice suburban cloned detached house with a garden and picket fence doesn’t seem too bad.

In his middle-age, which turned into his last age, Kerouac felt as alienated and disillusioned with the counter-culture he’d helped create as Miller’s Loman did about the capitalist system he’d worked in; and my human parallel Che did about a lot of the communist revolution.

And 2500 years ago Socrates readily acquiesced with his own execution, thinking he’d done all he could challenging the egos of leaders who thought they and the societies they helped sustain were superior.

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British Class System and Islamic Gender Apartheid

No Joking on today’s blog, which addresses a serious issue. The Greenygrey was partly created as a protest against the media and political classes’ obsession with white on black racism, meaning they ignored other prejudices, and opened the way up for the kind of white child exploitation revealed in Oxford yesterday.

That doesn’t mean that Britain shouldn’t fight against white on black racism, and there has been an issue to address, just that it should not be seen as the only prejudice, overshadowing all the other centuries-long prejudices prevalent in British society and culture.

Watching the news yesterday it was amazing to see how shocked the news presenters looked that the Oxford grooming and slavery ring had taken place. It’s been happening for the last ten to fifteen years, since New Labour‘s multicultural fascism and neglect of Britain’s poor provided a perfect environment for it.

Liberal Left Political Agenda

Alastair Campbell and Tony Blair’s public relations propaganda policy, ‘multiculturalism’ seemed to have social engineering at its core in a way reminiscent of 1930s Nazi Germany, combined with a witch-hunt against anybody who challenged it; labelling them bigoted racists; mixed with academia’s Islamaphobia concept, paved the way for the child victims to be groomed and then dismissed by social services; with social service members probably pro-Islamic like the university academics who boycott Israel but ignore human rights abuses prevalent in Muslim countries.

Desperate Chav or Greedy Jew

The British ‘liberals’ who tried to stop Marc Latham getting his degree, and made it impossible to have his say at university, are probably sharpening their demonising weapons: ready to label Marc either a chav right-winger or a Jew; the two groups mainly blamed for British and world problems in British academia during the New Labour years.

Marc tried to warn about the terrorism and grooming in his ICS department between 2000 and 2005, but he was ignored and persecuted, like the ‘chav’ girls and parents who tried to warn about the Oxford paedophile ring and others.

Islamaphobia Concept has Provided Shocktroops

Remembering his time in the ICS, there was a quote that ‘news is the shocktroops of propaganda’. Likewise, the ‘Islamaphobia’ concept has provided the shocktroops for the paedophile rings, silencing those who tried to reveal them, whether public or media.

While there are paedophiles and sexists in all social groups, many Islamic countries have gender apartheid at their core, and it is getting worse as a stricter code is spreading across the Islamic world; partly caused by the Arab Spring.

Filling Britain up with Muslims, and then providing them with a free hand to be sexist through multiculturalism, was an accident waiting to happen.

Imagine if Britain had filled itself up with South African apartheid supporters after the country’s liberation, then given them a free hand to be racist through multiculturalism. The liberal-left who have supported Islam’s right to act the way they do would be up in arms.

New Labour’s Multiculturalism Obsession

New Labour made ‘race’ such a big issue it overshadowed all the other prejudices: people forgot that race is just one prejudice, the same as class, sexuality and gender prejudice.

So the liberal-left and those who have grown up under New Labour’s brainwashing multiculturalism policy think that groups such as Islam have a right to be sexist and classist; it’s their culture; and that it is the underclass ‘chavs’ to blame for their position.

That is why the girls were not believed, and Oxford and other rings stopped earlier.

British Class System‘s Responsibility

If the liberal left think this is just an anti-Islamic rant, then they should read Marc Latham’s books; and he’s not including links, as he will probably be accused of doing this for promotion.

If he’d wanted to make money it would have been much easier for him to follow the multicultural majority, as those who did got the jobs, while those who questioned it were drummed out of polite society.

Marc included a poem in his first poetry collection about the Jersey Haut-la-Garanne care home abuse scandal; with Jersey being his birthplace, and a place he tries to remember with rose-tinted memories.

Likewise, Werewolf of Oz‘s background theme is about the deportation of British underclass children to slavery and abuse in commonwealth countries up to the late twentieth-century.

So Marc has been trying to advocate for the poor, vulnerable and disenfranchised for a long time. That is one of the main reasons he was a 1980s socialist, who never trusted or bowed down to the elite capitalist system.

He thinks it’s ironic that as the care homes have been starting to be uncovered and cleaned up, there are ‘mainly Islamic’ gangs waiting outside targeting them.

And also that the people celebrating Thatcher’s death recently, are the ones most likely to have been defending and providing cover for the gangs targetting the main social victims of Thatcher, Blair and Brown’s political policies.

And now Cameron’s government is also neglecting and persecuting the poor… but at least you expect it from them!

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