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Improving Male Lesbians: Dedicated to Pernille Harder

It was a proud day for all Wolfsburg Women (WW) fans yesterday as Pernille Harder was voted European Women’s Player of the Year.

I declared my fandom for Pernille on this site’s sister blog travel25years last month, after writing about Wolfsburg Women in my last book XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, and noticing Pernille at the European Championships last year captaining Denmark, before knowing she played for Wolfsburg. She transferred there in December, 2016, a year after XaW Files was published: was she a fan of the book before Wolfsburg? The truth is out there…

Here’s Wolfsburg in their glorious greenYgrey kit:

See the source image

I am Nothing if not a WW: Wordplay Wonder

While I would have liked to have seen Pernille playing for Wolfsburg Women I now feel like avoiding them, in case they think I’m a weirdo! If they invited me I would go!!

I have nothing much to offer Pernille than fandom, but was thinking that at my time of age, I would declare myself a lesbian man for Pernille and her partner, Magdalena Eriksson.

That got me thinking if there was such a thing: a male lesbian. I did find some references to male lesbians, but they were called just that, in two words.

Lesbian Man Better Term

Being a SPG (self-proclaimed genius), not to be confused with PSG as I wrote this week on this blog, I thought I could improve that by blending them together into: lesbiman.

I’ll dedicate it to Pernille and Magdalena, and any other nice women I’ve met in my life, and especially over the last thirteen years of creative writing and nostalgic travelling. My contribution to Pride.

Hopefully the not so nice people of the world that attack any humour that they think may be about them will see that parody and satire is not necessarily negative. I include Pernille and the Wolfsburg Women in my humour while really admiring and supporting them, a little bit from afar!

I would be delighted if other creatives or media parodied me or the greenYgrey in such a respectful way, and that’s all I’ve got to say on the matter this sunny September eve day!

If you want to read more on Wolfsburg Women, when Alexandra Popp was top of the pops during the greenYgrey’s epic ramble around Europe to a finding our Andy Warhol, Andy Wolfhol, travel quest pop art theme, look no further:

Another Artistic Writer Genius Connecting Word Emulating Beach Boys


Connecting writer and genius words greenYgrey-style by the i, represented by i-first-letter indigo (a type of purple), and relevant for the PinkyOrangePurple new POP art age, with the wr first two letters of writer pretty in pink, and the us last two letters of genius represented in orange. For correct POPistry the I would be orange, and the us purple/indigo, but for this new wrIus word the colouring of the i in indigo took precedence.

I just searched it, and it didn’t bring up such a word, so I hereby wryly Wil. E (Coyote) claim it as mine; writer I hoping for your (us) support!

It’s the first word of my wriarTistry phase, or second if you count wriarTistry itself, which connected write and artistry by the T, as slant rhyme works in poetry: ‘Half rhyme is one of the major poetic devices. It is also called an “imperfect rhyme,” “slant rhyme,” “near rhyme,” or “oblique rhyme.” ‘

Love Paris Style

In the greenYgrey years I would have this morning no doubt written how much I loved Paris’s AAWsome Versace greenYgrey look at the Oscars…

Paris JacksonSlide 4 of 17: BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MARCH 04:  Actress Paris Jackson attends the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 4, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

… for her WOW beauty not her father’s controversy, but now it’s all about I.

Which Beach Boy Am I? Changed Over Time

My greenYgrey books are a record of when I was warm and wolflike: like Denis Wilson of the Beach Boys. I watched a Classic Albums documentary about the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds album last night, and related to how Brian Wilson left touring to focus on being an ‘artist’, experimenting and breaking new ground.

However, although it’s considered a classic now it didn’t do as commercially well as their previous simpler albums. I like to think that’s how it is with my XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, and one day it’ll be recognised as the classic it should be.

For example, it’s the only book I know that has a protagonist that is at one stage dissected to the constituent parts of one letter: the Y three.

In my younger life, and the start of the greenYgrey I was probably more like Denis Wilson, who was the only real surfer beach boy of the group, and lived that lifestyle to the full, before drowning after totally going off the rails.

In last night’s documentary he was shown appreciating what Brian had done on Pet Sounds, and how it had made him ‘know’ what Brian had been trying to do in the previous ten records. The record and top three books on Amazon about it have a nice greenYgrey design thing going too!

I was like Denis with Brian when I was a rock fan, looking up to the lyrics and music of my heroes, appreciating their deep gravitas. Hopefully I’ve now emulated them and become like Brian; who wrote most of the music, and gave it its artistic direction. Tony Asher combined with him on the lyric writing, and of course lots of the other studio workers, band and session musicians contributed their ideas and music.


Communications Fourth Dimension: Zero, like a Prequel Protocol, or Ghost…

Yesterday, I proposed that modern communication was being reduced to double-dimensionality by new social media, with somebody jumping on any words and taking them out of context, misunderstanding them or considering them ‘out-of-date’. While out on a beautiful mid-MUSE (my Midwinter Until Spring Equinox, January 21st – March 21st, acronym, with loads of meaning) walk and run in the sun yesterday, after writing the poem explaining the ‘Third Dimension’ of communication, I thought that another I’ve thought of is when no meaning is intended, but people read something into it; looking for meaning in any words, no matter how empty of thought they were when created.

After explaining the three meanings yesterday, this fourth one is like a zero protocol;  prequel to a trilogy, reminding me of Ghost Protocol, which a little eerily was the fourth in the Mission Impossible series… and sometimes I think my writing is MI too! To be fair, this is a pretty basic poem, but I think yesterday’s was somewhat of a classic, so please consider this a lull in my genius, like a musical group playing a slow song to give themselves and the crowd a breather!:

Circular Diamond, Dimension Zero

of victory paean
words without meaning

round-a-bout, merry-go-round

attempt at minimality
no refrain poetry

From a quick web search:

paean – A paean is a song or lyric poem expressing triumph or thanksgiving;
or a metrical foot used in both poetry and prose, consisting of four syllables, with one of the syllables being long and the other three short.
refrain – The refrain is the stanza that keeps on repeating after some lines in a poem.
minimality –  Smallest in amount or degree;
or barely adequate.

Love is a Scrabbled Vole

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, word expert at the Greenygrey and Countdown to the Full Moon, where I am fortunate to work with the lovely Wachel Wiley-Coyote and the lucky Nick Wereh.

It’s been an exciting week at the Greenygrey, with the proposal of Greenygreyliens as a collective noun for you lot going before the Board of Greenygrey at the next New Moon council on May 10th (please remind us if we are too excited by the new moon and forget to post the result!).

Vole Love for Greenygreyliens 

Vole profile
Vole profile (Photo credit: Howlsthunder)

You’ve been such great Greenygreyliens this year that I’ve got a special hot off the press offering for you. And if you love LOVES and VOLES these might be perfect for you; and if you also love SCRABBLES (I just realised I’ve drifted into Orlovianism!) they might just be your favourite poems ever!

Vole Love 

A near-ending game board, tiles and racks of t...
Pocket Scrabble (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love falls down
a board hole
twisting and turning
mixed and scrabbled
if reassembled joining
word with initial
becomes more valuable
as a vole.

Mixed-Doubles Vole Hole

scrabble letter V
scrabble letter V (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)

I told you to show L-O-V-E
did I need to spell it out to you
you had to choose V-O-L-E
with your fondness for rodents
then they used the V
for a triple-letter point score
winning them the game
that’s mixed-up vole love for you!

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Pietry in Motion: New Word Claim

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, comedy-fantasy word expert at the Greenygrey. When I saw the word pietry yesterday I thought What the Flip, I don’t recall seeing such a word in all my days on Countdown to the Full Moon.

Pie-Eating Cut to Pietry

So I googled it (rather than looking it up), and couldn’t find a reference to pietry as pie-eating.

The only pietry I found was in the Urban Dictionary, and it was for gay German wardrivers!

Pietry in Motion

So pietry looks set to be claimed as a new greenygrey word; I’ll keep you posted.

And if you want an example of pietry in motion, here’s an example:

Best Photos of 2011 in Amazing(ly Greenygrey) New Video

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol.  Our best of 2011 greenygrey photos proved so popular with us, that we made a fantastic new free video containing lots of greenygrey photos, and released it onto YouTube without further ado.

Dedicated to the Doors

I’ve also copied it below for your convenience. As the Jim Morrison documentary recently inspired a fabulous new FM poem on the fmpoetry site I’m dedicating the video to the Doors. Here’s the new free video, enjoy!:

Expanding Greenygrey Language: Prefix, Root, Suffix

Image by TZA via Flickr

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang.  As you all know by now, I’m the word expert on the Greenygrey and Countdown to the Full Moon.

Greenygrey Expanding Language

As greenygrey is still a homeless word, I thought we should start building extensions around it, to show how flexible and useful it can be.

As the Phonics on the Web site explains, greenygrey is a type of root word: the basic meaning.  And the root word can be added to by prefixes (before) and suffixes (after) which change the meaning of the root word. Here are some examples of how greenygrey can be added to, starting with prefixes.


I think the prefixes that work best with greenygrey are pre, un, re and de:

  • pregreenygrey: There is thought to be a time pregreenygrey.
  • ungreenygrey: That scene of clear skies is not at all greenygrey.
  • regreenygrey: I will become more interested in greenygrey again.
  • degreenygrey: We should do away with greenygrey.

I think the suffixes that work best with greenygrey are er, esque/ish, ly and ness:

  • greenygreyer: It is more greenygrey now.
  • greenygreyesque/ish: It is kind of greenygrey, but not quite.
  • greenygreyly: I was doing two things at the same time etc.
  • greenygreyness: That forestry road image is full of greenygreyness.
I think that’s enough to be going on with.  Please try your own new greenygrey words, and send them into us if you would like them published on Greenygrey Rambles.


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Greenygrey is a Homeless Word: Remember the Strays

Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, word expert at the Greenygrey and Countdown to the Full Moon.  Although we have made great progress in identifying a place for greenygrey in society, we must remember that it still has no place in any of the great word houses, known as dictionaries, such as Oxford, Collins or even our beloved Free Online Dictionary.

Greenygrey not at Home in a Dictionary

A search on Greenygrey in the Free Online Dictionary now brings up the sad message: Word not found in the Dictionary and Encyclopedia.

So although I have provided many reasons for greenygrey finding a place in the dictionary it is still at the moment out in the cold.

Homeless and Stray Numbers Rising

While the Greenygrey can survive out in the cold, due to its winter coat, it is not so easy for many people and animals.

And with numbers apparently rising in the difficult economic conditions, as winter arrives in the northern hemisphere, we should perhaps remember them.

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