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New York Storm Protection New Designs

New York is set to enjoy a beautiful weather weekend, but is prone to suffering from hurricanes in the summer and fall/autumn. Now, the city has innovated lots of new ideas and designs to help cope with the destructive storms, and I’m delighted to say that all twelve reported by David Nield in an MSN article had elements of the greenYgrey elements in them.

New York Storm Protection

Hi, it’s Wolf Whitzer, intrepid satirical comedy newshound at the greenYgrey inspired by CNN legend Wolf Blitzer.

A lot of the grey in the images could of course be considered positive or negative, with the weather natural or destructive, and the concrete protective or destructive. Moreover, the yellow in the images isn’t usually in line with the yellow promotion in the greenYgrey trying to bring a bright new sunny image.

As there’s twelve images on the MSN site, I thought six of the best would be a suitable number to import into the greenYgrey world, because six is half of twelve. Here they are:

new york storm scape6 new york storm scape7 new york storm scape new york storm scape2 new york storm scape4 new york storm scape5

Valentine’s Day Poem with Debbie Harry and Taylor Momsen

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror was inspired by seeing The Pretty Reckless in concert a couple of years ago, and thinking lead singer Taylor Momsen reminded him of Debbie Harry, who he’d idolised when Blondie were at their peak around 1978-1981.

He didn’t complete it then because he didn’t think British society was ready for it. He now hopes it might be, so he completed it for Valentine’s Day.

Debbie Harry and Taylor Momsen

Debbie Harry was about twenty years older than Marc, and Taylor Momsen is about twenty years younger, and both hail from New York, New York.

It was so good they named it twice, and it produced two great rock chicks. Moreover, the missing link between the two, from the same generation as Marc, would probably be Madonna (although she’s from Michigan and is seven years older than Marc).

As Blondie declined Marc got into rock and metal music, and Guns N’ Roses became his favourite band. Another link is that The Pretty Reckless opened for GnR a few years ago.

Unconditional Appreciation

Although Marc would have loved to see Blondie in their heyday he’s never gone to see them. He never expects to see The Pretty Reckless or meet Taylor Momsen.

The poem idea was created instantly, with the generational divide giving Marc the idea of a Folding Mirror poem.

He hopes women like Debbie Harry and Taylor Momsen continue to emerge, succeed and live free happy lives.

As well as being beautiful and a great singer Debbie Harry was also inspirational, dressing like what some people would consider a stereotypical slutty bimbo, but always proving them wrong by being articulate, and faithful to fellow Blondie bandmate Chris Stein, and nursing him through long-term illness.

Marc doesn’t know much about Taylor Momsen, but hopes she continues to rock the music world, and emulates Debbie Harry; although she is of course original and her own person, and The Pretty Reckless are much more rock than Blondie were.

The Mirror Poem

The poem contains 19 Blondie song titles and two albums in the top half and middle line; and the same amount of The Pretty Reckless music in the bottom half. The former’s singles are written in green ink, the latter’s in blue; all the albums are in orange. Atomic and Rapture are two different songs without a gap between in the poem.

The poem kind of tells a story through the song titles, but it was mainly an exercise in constructing a mirroring poem rather than telling an original or personal story. Some of the lines mirror quite nicely.

Happy Valentine’s, posting around 11.59 G.M.T.!

Valentine Love Poem, Songs Without Music
Debbie Harry and Taylor Momsen, New York two Generations R&R
Heavy Metal Ballad, Beyond Elite Understanding

Dreaming of Your Prescence Dear
on an Island of Lost Souls
Plastic Letters melted In The Sun
The Hardest Part was Hanging on the Telephone
waiting for you to Call Me
don’t have a Heart of Glass
so it would have been Atomic Rapture
to meet you In The Flesh
but Parallel Lines don’t cross
and my vow that Pretty Baby
One Way or Another
I’m Gonna Love You Too
disappeared at 11.59
that time when The Tide is High
didn’t even Die Young Stay Pretty
instead developing a Poet’s Problem 

Go Through It writing, Nothing Left to Lose

Factory Girl manufacturing my thoughts
ideas that Make Me Wanna Die
exploding into silent angst Since You’re Gone
Void and Null
I never was no Superhero
Where Did Jesus Go
not leading your Blonde Rebellion that
did once Light Me Up
seems a place Far From Never
when my love Heart would always Panic
but Everybody Wants Something From Me
so didn’t hear You say Follow Me Down
I’m Going to Hell wanna Burn
together I Really Fucking Love You
Sweet Things please Kill Me 

Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk), and he has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

Defenders of Wildlife and Flowers Gallery Art Exhibition Photos

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, arts head honcho @ Greenygrey in the absence of Andy Wolfhol. There has been a lot of greenygrey photo competition and art exhibition excitement in the last couple of days, keeping me on the edge of my easel. I couldn’t wait to report it to you, but the Greenygrey world is so busy these days I had to hold my horses.

As recorded in the ancient origins of the Greenygrey website on the services page, before the coming of the Orlovs and Yellowy art, greenygrey in the human world is most commonly found in the meeting of greeny nature and grey construction. In the non-human world it is most commonly found in greeny nature and grey stony cloud sunless sea horizons.

Over the last couple of days there was a meeting of the two, as the Defenders of Wildlife announced their wildlife photography competition results and Aesthetica reported a Cityscapes exhibition.

Defenders of Wildlife Photo Competition

While there wasn’t any greenygrey in the overall winner of the Defenders of Wildlife photo competition, it did feature heavily in one of the top photos, and vaguely in a few others.

So, I am proud to announce that the clear winner of the Greenygrey Defenders of Wildlife Photo Competition Most Greenygrey Photo was this photo by Philip Kuntz:

Landscape, © Philip Kuntz

Cityscapes, Flowers Gallery, New York

While the above photo demonstrates the essence of wild greenygrey, photo art such as the one below by David Hepher from the Aesthetica website shows stark urban greenygrey in the city; like at the bottom of the Greenygrey website biography page.


While we prefer greenygrey in the city to have some vegetation, it is still comforting to be reminded of nature in a world devoid of vegetation. And some of the art in the Flowers Gallery exhibition does include some urban nature.

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Blondie and the Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson again. Sorry I ran out of time in the last blog; those Talking Heads just kept… talking! Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all been on tenterhooks waiting to see Debbie Harry of Blondie and Greenygrey duetting in the 1970s, as recently shown in New York at the BBC.

When Blondie Met Greenygrey

I guess many of you thought it was too good to be true: two culture icons meeting in 1970s Britain; but here’s the evidence:

talking headsBlondie6

And by the powers of modern technology, here’s the full video:

P.S. I have not unearthed any evidence to prove The Old Grey Whistle Test was named after our Grey.

Talking Heads and the Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson back again. I took the hint from your reaction to my raising a-were-ness joke and went in search of some existential Greenygrey history. It didn’t take me long to unearth some 1970s Greenygrey gems.

Talking Heads and Greenygrey

As shown in New York at the BBC, the Greenygrey once shared a stage with Talking Heads, most famous for their song Road to Nowhere, which is a kind of musical Groundhog Day, and how Greenygrey (and Grey when solo) often felt on the epic fantasy-travel rambles.

talking heads

Some of the band even had fun synchronised greenygreying while playing:

talking heads5

And when I searched the Road to Nowhere video I found Greenygrey played multiple parts. Here’s just a couple:

talking heads6

talking heads7

I’ve run out of time on the road to nowhere, so Blondie’ll have to wait until the next blog. Here’s the Road to Nowhere video. How many Greenygrey parts can you find?

New York G-Line Running after Hurricane Sandy

Hi, it’s Wolf Whistzer, intrepid newshound at the Greenygrey. Great news from our line in New York, because the G is back up and running. After we introduced the G-Line to you on the Greenygrey blog last month (22nd October), explaining it used to be called the GG-line, and is all greenygrey on the map, it was closed along with most of the metro as Hurricane Sandy approached last weekend, hitting on Sunday (28th October). Along with the L line, the G line was the worst hit.

No Direct Line to God

We don’t claim any premonition or anything inspired the blog, and helped to save New York… and hope you won’t blame us for it either. The GG-line was being suggested as a link by Zemanta for sometime. You could ask why we finally got around to looking into the G-line a week before it suffered its worst flooding, but we don’t have any answers.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the G-line, and we give our commiserations to all the victims, families and friends affected by Hurricane Sandy; and all the other natural disasters affecting the world.

And no, we didn’t know Hurricane Sandy was heading that way either. It also caused a lot of damage in other places too, and we didn’t mention them; and a lot of places we have mentioned have had no storms.

Angry God
Angry God (Photo credit: Michael Klaas)

Unfortunately, some religious leaders and groups did claim it was God’s wrath on New York and the USA, with reasons to suit their religions. As usual, when natural disasters happen to enemies it’s God’s revenge for  opposition, and when it happens to your people it’s God’s anger at disobedience.

As long as there are people like that, we think we are justified in countering them. So, sorry to all moderate monotheists, but tomorrow we’ll have our  sporting return.

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