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Dream wife iceland lights remembered to norway and world

I’ve got a pretty good memory, but it’s not as clear as some people. In a Weird or What episode they featured Bob Petrella, who they said is one of twenty people worldwide with super autobiographical memory: they can remember everything that happened every day of their lives. They think there’s a physical reason: the memory retention part of their brain (the caudate nuclei) is 7 times bigger than the average.

I remembered that I’d blogged about Dream Wife Fire around the time I visited Iceland, but thought it was before. It was just afterwards, and on this blog’s sister site, travel25years.

So Dream Wife’s video reminded me of my photo, rather than me being primed to notice by their video.

I think I thought it was just folklore until seeing about the Hessdalen lights in Norway this year or last; and similar unexplained lights in the USA’s Brown Mountains and Marfa, and the Min Min lights of Australia. Such lights are the inspiration for the Will O’ the Wisp of folklore, and lights seen by pilots called Foo Fighters; inspiring the name of the rock band.

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Sports Report

What do you get if you combine the Winter Olympics men’s and women’s (in alphabetical order) Super G: yes it’s women’s and men’s (in reverse alphabetical order) Super Super GG.

Thin Lizzy
Top ZZ
like Poetry

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, satirical comedy sports correspondent at the Greenygrey, inspired by darts legend Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams.

First of all I’d like to congratulate quite Thin Lizzy Yarnold for winning Team GB‘s first gold medal of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics by finishing ZZ Top in the skeleton (a type of sled).

Moreover, she showboated on her winning run with a bit of greenygreying, as seen above.

Winter Olympics Super G

Team GG couldn’t compete in the Super G as it would have been certain Gold medals for the GG team.

In the Winter Olympics context Super G stands for Super Giant Slalom.

In the Greenygrey world Super G stands for times when Green and Grey are together, like now. When they are separated, they are just G and G.

Sochi 2014 Women’s Super G

Anna Fenninger of Austria won in the women’s Super G last Saturday, and got in some great greenygreying on the way to Gold:

Sochi 2014 Men’s Super G

Norway’s Kjetil Jansrud won the men’s Super G gold on Sunday. He seemed determined to get in a great greenygreying shot on the way to victory:

Thanks to all the competitors for making the two Super Gs truly Super Super GG.

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Stargazing Live GG Highlights: Northern Lights

There was great excitement in the Greenygrey world on Monday night while watching Stargazing Live on the BBC, because there was a possible sighting of a greenygrey in the U.K.

Greenygreys Love Nature

Hi, it’s Stephen Wolfing, satirical comedy science expert of the Greenygrey world in the style of Stephen Hawking in the human world.

As intrepid greenygreyologists know only too well, greenygreys love nature. This was epitomised by probably the best evidence yet, when a groupack of greenygreys were sighted in the Nepalese Himalayas.

Now, thanks to Stargazing Live, we have evidence of a greenygrey in the U.K. While the U.K. doesn’t have very high mountains like Nepal, it does have nice nature, and this lone greenygrey seems to be enjoying itself in nature at altitude.








Enceladus and the U.K.

You could see what a fertile land the U.K. could be for greenygreys when they compared it to Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Enceladus is also quite greenygrey, and it is thought there may be life there, but not big greenygreys; just greenygrey microbes.



Northern Lights Greenygrey Sky

Maybe that U.K. greenygrey was drawn out of its cover by the greenygrey Northern Lights seen live from Tromso, Norway, where our ol’ pal Marc Latham did his second marathon in 2007.


The greenygrey northern lights are even more spectacularly shown in this year’s Stargazing Live calendar:

Stargazing LIVE calendar 2014 

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Ylvis the Fox Reminder of Norge Idol 2013 Winner Siri

Hi, it’s Howlin’ Werewolf, music correspondent at the Greenygrey. If you’re wondering if I’ve taken over from Howlin’ Wolf, I’ll tell you I’m still the same entity, it’s just a little rebranding in line with the werewolf takeover of the site; a la Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams becoming ‘Werewolfie’.

Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) (no: rev or rødrev) fr...
Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) (no: rev or rødrev) from Namsskogan wildlife park, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ylvis – The Fox: New Gangnam-Style Dance Craze

We were going to blog another episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps today, but after reading it we decided it was too sad for a Friday, and we’ll keep it for Sunday.

Then Wolf Whitzer submitted a story he’d scooped from yesterday’s Metro about a foxy new song that could be the next Gangnam-style dance craze.

It has lots of of humans acting like animals, and a lot of it is set in Norway’s still abundant and pristine forests… which also look greenygrey in the twilight setting. Here’s the video:

Siri Vølstad Jensen – Norge Idol Winner

That new Norwegian video reminded me that Marc Latham had reported seeing a greenygrey-looking contestant in the later stages of the Norwegian Idol music programme.

So I just checked out who won, and was pleased to see that it was Siri, who looked resplendently greenygrey while Marc was in Bergen.


Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, fashionista suprema at the Greenygrey, says it’s a Viking chic look.

Marc Latham has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

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Semiotics, Britain, Norway, Helly Hansen, Poetry and Greenygrey

Hi, it’s Grey Greyvara, social conscience at the Greenygrey. The image of my human parallel Che Guevara became a cultural icon, so I’ve been chosen to present today’s blog on semiotics. My subject for the blog is Dr. Marc Latham, who studied semiotics for his PhD around 2000-2002, before adapting it to framing for his media analysis. Marc was a critical theorist, supporting more media freedom and social liberation. The Islamisation of the left sent him to the Greenygrey centre.


New Brands Theory, Brand New Poetry

Towards the end of Marc’s studies in 2005, branding became the new buzzword in Communications.

Many industries are still discovering branding,
five to seven years behind the Greenygrey.
Not because we searched words to say,
the theories just passed our way.

In 2012 Marc bought a Karrimor coat,
it had a British flag on its front.
In 2013 he wrapped it around a Norwegian tree,
reminding him of another Communications theory.

Scandinavia 342

Helly Hansen, Karrimor and Greenygrey

Helly Hansen is a Norwegian clothing company with a HH logo, as the Greenygrey is GG.

Helly Hansen is proud to fly the Norwegian colours.

Helly Hansen
Helly Hansen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Karrimor is a British clothing company with a Union Jack logo.

While that may seem racist-nationalistic to multicultural fascists trying to eradicate any historical Britishness from Britain, the logo is black and white, as the Greenygrey is greenygrey.

Karrimor - Built Different

When Helly Met Greeny, in Cultural Neutrality

In 2012 Marc Latham bought a new jacket. Having seen a greenygrey one in a store he thought about buying it, but when he looked online he found a Karrimor one much cheaper.

So the decision to buy Karrimor was based on greenygrey colours and price rather than its logo.

Travelling to Norway Marc had no qualms about wearing it, knowing that Norway and Britain have a good relationship, and especially since they were strong allies in World War Two.

Social Consciousness
Social Consciousness (Photo credit: Marisa | Food in Jars)

Cultural Meaning

So while to some people in the world, and increasingly in Britain (non-sporting Britain anyway, with British sportspeople of all races and colours proud to represent Britain) the British flag might symbolise nationalism and colonialism, in Norway it should represent the fight against Fascism and oppression.

Returning to semiotics and branding, that is how names and images start from human creation, and then grow to mean something in human culture; that meaning is dependent on the culture and individual.

Che Guevara and Winston Churchill are both heroes and villains depending on your political viewpoint, and what issues you focus on.

Communist Che Guevara helped topple an island’s corrupt dictatorship, but executed many people afterwards.

Conservative Winston Churchill helped save an island from corrupt dictatorship, but had presided over the shooting of demonstrating miners.

While their politics might have been different, they both became heroic historical icons to the majority of the people they represented.

Winston Churchill in Downing Street giving his...
Winston Churchill in Downing Street giving his famous ‘V’ sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Che Guevara t-shirt
Che Guevara t-shirt (Photo credit: Paul Stainthorp)

Mental Time Trap, Under Tree Top 

So what happened when Helly met Greeny? There are a lot of ways to interpret the tree and Karrimor jacket photo.

Scandinavia 334

It could look like it was all planned, if Marc hadn’t seen Eidfjord trees wrapped in colourful knitting beforehand.

Marc might have thought nothing more,
but with time to spare,
in the Eidfjord forest,
he thought he’d copy
the knitted-kitted trees,
and create a greenygrey display.

Bringing us back to that other theory,
highlighted by Derren Brown cleverly,
of time-delay traps advertisers like to lay.

To show that we’re not rabid anti-capitalists and anti-advertising, and in line with the communist world’s embracing of some capitalism; and to try and sell some books (we’d much rather be working on a grant and giving them away for free, but might have to give up some of our freedom!) which have lots more information like that above, they’re available at Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

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Germany Learn Historic Lessons to Deny Norway and Werewolf

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Congratulations to the paralympians who brought the Olympics 2012 Anniversary Games to an exciting conclusion; and Germany‘s women, who won the European women’s football championship for the sixth time in a row yesterday.

Commiserations to the Norwegian women, who played great football, took defeat sportingly and like their fjord-filled land, looked lovely.

Nadine Angerer‘s Historic GG? Goalie Display

Nadine Angerer saves first Norwegian penalty.

A special mention for German goalie Nadine Angerer, who made all those not wanting Germany to win a little angry.

Angerer seemed to have learned from the British example during the Blitz, and Russian example at Stalingrad, as she heroically defended the German goal. That included two penalty saves, with the second one particularly good.

While it was nearly all down to Angerer’s amazing ability, maybe just a little bit was down to her looking quite greenygrey… and werewolfish. Germany keeper Angerer

Nadine Angerer and Werewolf of Oz Link 

Brisbane Roar FC
Brisbane Roar FC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nadine Angerer currently plays football for the Brisbane Roar in Oz, with roar of course a lion version of a wolf and human noise; and Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams was of course talking in Oz time yesterday when he said he hoped for a friendly game ‘tonight’.

We hope that didn’t make you miss the afternoon kick-off in Europe; or maybe you’re glad you did if you wanted Norway to win.

Werewolf of Oz Week WOOZ COVER 4

And we hope you didn’t miss the latest episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps, which was delayed because of all the sporting and comedy activity.

I’ve got some bad and good news for all Werewolf of Oz diehards. The bad news is that the next episode won’t appear until tomorrow, but the good news is that we’re going to follow it with the next three episodes on the following three days; to the end of the Kerang-Kerrang time-travel story.

Link for Amazon book and kindle.
Link for Amazon book and kindle.

So please relax your position on the edge of the seat Werewolf of Ozzers, and return tomorrow for the next bumper thrilling episode of WoO.

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Women’s Euro Football Final and Olympics 2012 Anniversary Games

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, comedy satire sports correspondent at the Greenygrey. Yes, it’s really me today. I was of course cited as the correspondent responsible for yesterday’s blog, when it was really ol’ Wolf Whitzer.

Newsroom Time Pressures

Our news editing team are under severe time pressures, trying to finish the job as quickly as possible to enjoy more time in the sun, so it is understandable.

Although the newsroom got all the science and reference links right, they also let ‘several’ appear twice in the last paragraph.

We have now rectified those mistakes, so on with the sport…

European Women’s Football Championships

Tonight sees the Germany v Norway women’s football championships final. At Greenygrey sports we are of course adamantly Norwegian, um, I mean neutral… like Sweden in World War Two, but that didn’t stop Germany invading… sorry, about that, no more Basil Fawlty World War Two references impressions (the YouTube video is embedded at the end though, in the knowledge that most Germans find it very funny).

We’re hoping for a friendly game providing a good example of women’s football tonight, and it looks set for a great spectacle within the gorgeously greenygrey Friends stadium in Solna, Stockholm; as shown in Sally Nugent‘s report this morning:

Sally Nugent reports from Stockholm's Friends Arena.
Sally Nugent reports from Stockholm’s Friends Arena.

Olympics 2012 Anniversary Games

There was another great greenygrey scene at the London U.K. Olympics 2012 Anniversary Games on Friday night, as the sunset brought the best out of the greenygrey:


Olympics 2012 Anniversary Games.
Olympics 2012 Anniversary Games.

A star of Team GG in Olympics 2012, Usain Bolt, made a dramatic greenygrey entrance to the stadium:

Usain Bolt's greenygrey entrance at Olympics 2012 Annivesary Games.
Usain Bolt’s greenygrey entrance at Olympics 2012 Annivesary Games.

Later, there was a great debut Team GG performance by Nick Symmonds, as he won the 800m:

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Women’s European Championships Round-Up: Germany v Norway Final

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, comedy satire sports correspondent at the Greenygrey with a not so funny round-up from the women’s European Championships (not reflecting a lack of humour in women). Congratulations to the Norway women, who qualified for Sunday’s European Championships final last night with a penalty-kicks win over the plucky Danes.

World War Two memorial.
Eidfjord war memorial

Eidfjord Norway Photos 

It is now left to the Norwegians to provide resistance to German domination of the competition.

Maybe they can take inspiration from the World War Two Norwegian resistance, who are remembered in one of Marc Latham’s Eidfjord photos from the t25y.wordpress.com website.

Not that the German women are like the World War Two German men who invaded Scandinavia. And a lot of them were just normal people really; just caught up in the whirlwind that had gripped their political system.

German Confidence Helps them Win 

Heidi Klum modeling at The Heart Truth Fashion...
Heidi Klum modeling at The Heart Truth Fashion Show 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although the German women have dominated the competition by winning the last five championships, and seven of the last eight, with only a Norway victory interrupting the sequence, the Germans were under strength in this competition, with several players out injured.

So the Germans did well to defeat the Swedish hosts 1-0 in the other semi-final, with the occasion seeming to get to the Swedish players; along with a dubious refereeing decision disallowing their goal when they did get the ball in the German net.

To try and avoid a John Inverdalism, in the perilous territory of men reporting women’s sports, we have used a photo of German model Heidi Klum above, rather than any of the German women’s football team; that’s not to say there aren’t any ‘lookers’ on the German team, it’s just to avoid allegations of ‘sexism’ or ‘favouritism’.

We Love Scandinavian Women  

English: Map showing two of the common definit...
English: Map showing two of the common definitions of “Scandinavia”; a cultural, historical and ethno-linguistic region in northern Europe: the most common usage: the three monarchies; Denmark, Norway and Sweden an extended usage: including Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sweden has provided an excellent championships, with the crowd support reflecting their position as one of the top gender equality countries in the world.

Norway is just ahead of Sweden in the 2012 rankings (third and fourth), while Germany is surprisingly down in thirteenth. Iceland and Finland are the top two. Ireland and New Zealand are fifth and sixth, before the other Scandinavia country, Denmark.

The U.K. is down in 18th, surprisingly one place above Cuba, which I thought would be higher with their socialist system. Another surprise to me is that the U.S.A. is down in 22nd.


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Voss, Naeroyfjord and Flam-Myrdal Photos Story

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, legendary travel correspondent at the Greenygrey. I was just over at the travel25years.wordpress.com site, and Marc Latham’s photos of the Naeroyfjord and Flam-Myrdal railway reminded me of our recent search for Andy Wolfhol, after the Ice Spider and Downside-Up Penguin told us ol’ Wolfhol was in the land of trolls. So I thought I’d tell our story through some of the photos we took. Here it is:

Voss, Norway Greenygrey Story

We travelled over frozen mountains thinking we were lost. We had heard the waterfalls would show us the way, but they were still in their winter sleep.

Scandinavia 272

We met an old viking, who looked like he knew the greenygrey world.

Scandinavia 266

His wife returned from shopping.

Scandinavia 323

The children were happy.

Scandinavia 324

They took us to their greenygrey house. Keeping us warm, until…

Scandinavia 250

the waterfalls awoke.

Scandinavia 283

Showing us the way to the greenygrey train.

Scandinavia 309

Returning us to the greenygrey world.

Scandinavia 310

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Mount Ulriken, Bergen, Norway Photos and Poem

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, legendary independent travel correspondent at the Greenygrey, and poet. Marc Latham this morning posted a blog and poem about returning to civilisation from the wilderness so it was right up my street… or mountain path.

Returning to Bergen from Mount Ulriken 

Greenygrey provides first aid kit on Mount Ulriken.
Greenygrey provides first aid kit on Mount Ulriken.

Marc posted a blog with several snowy mountains and waterfalls photos about returning from Mount Ulriken to Bergen on travel25years.wordpress.com.

Marc unexpectedly returned not to the path he’d ascended the mountain on, but to one he’d nearly visited a few days previously, when a tunnel ended his random ramble.

Poem about Returning to Humanity from Wilderness

Greenygrey for the future.
Greenygrey for the future.

Writing up that blog reminded Marc of a poem he’d recently written about the joys of returning to human civilisation from the wilderness, so he published it on fmpoetry.wordpress.com.

The poem contrasts with the previous poem published on the website, which had a theme of the joys of isolation within wilderness. There’s lots more explanation over on fmpoetry, but here’s the poem:

Lights of Life, Homes to Humanity

waterfalls, willows, wheels
fireworks outshine city neon
enlightened valley
signs of humanity
on New Year’s Eve
through canyons weave
weary travellers emerge tunnel
poured from natural funnel

enjoyed time’s contemplation, downhill to destination

memories of my species
hive aura buzz oozes
entering concrete civilisation
time of peak imagination
dogs of wolves
wildcat shadows
skyscrapers mirror mountain memories
avenues, alleys, abodes

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