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Aggressive Animal Behaviour Overshadows Evidence of Intelligence

Hi, it’s Chris Packwolf, natural world correspondent at the Greenygrey. I was delighted to read an interview by my human parallel Chris Packham in yesterday’s Metro, which is available on the Metro website.

Animal Attacks more Interesting than Animal Love? 

A Puffer Fish,Arothron hispidus is kissing my ...
A Puffer Fish, Arothron hispidus is kissing my camera at Big Island of Hawaii (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although the Metro is a great read, and it’s good that they’ve given Chris Packham space in their paper, I guess he is a little disappointed that the interview headline is about dangerous animal behaviour, rather than the sensational serenading behaviour of the puffer fish, which Chris Packham considers his favourite moment of the second Nature’s Weird Events series.

But that’s a question of news values, and what they think will interest readers. Back to the amazing animals…

Puffer Fish Serenading Structure

New evidence has found that the male puffer fish builds this amazing ‘crop circle’ style structure on the ocean floor to serenade females, and even decorates it with shells. There are practical reasons too, with the ridges protecting eggs from waves and nutrients in the shells for the young inside.

Wood Frogs Self-Freeze

Marc Latham’s latest Suite 101 Natural World Media article about the third episode of Nature’s Weird Events focuses on the puffer fish behaviour and tree frogs‘ ability to self-freeze; with those two stories so amazing that they seem to have taken up all the word count.

Another article summarising the rest of episode three is likely…

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