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Postcard from Andy Warhol of Greenygrey World?


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Photo: Remember the Olinguito that was discovered in August?</p>
<p>Olinguitos are the first carnivores discovered in the Western Hemisphere since the 1970s, and the most recent discovery of this one in the cloud forests of Colombia highlights just how important forests are in global conservation efforts. Biologist Stuart Pimm said ‘Identifying and protecting the most species-rich areas casts a conservation net that saves species that we might not even know exist, like the olinguito.’</p>
<p>With the release just two weeks ago of 441 new species found in the Amazon forest, we wonder how much more is waiting to be discovered in our worlds forests?</p>
<p>Read more through Mongabay: http://bit.ly/HF8x63

Photo: A gray wolf pup howling.  They begin howling at approximately 4 weeks old.<br />
Photo: Robert Winslow