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David ‘Weirwolf’ Weir and ‘Maywerewolf’ Mayweather

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, comedy satire sports correspondent at the Greenygrey. We discovered a new werewolf hero in a very greenygrey Great North Run yesterday… and could inspire another?

David ‘Weirwolf’ Weir

However, we’re a little late, as David ‘Weirwolf’ Weir had already won six Paralympic Games golds before winning the Great North Run men’s wheelchair race, as well as several world championships and marathons.

Here he is in great greenygrey action:

Floyd ‘Maywerewolf’ Mayweather Jr Retains Title 

English: Floyd Mayweather posing in a photo in...
English: Floyd Mayweather posing in a photo in Las Vegas with my Grandma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Floyd Mayweather Jr retained his light-middleweight title against Saul Alvarez over in Las Vegas; and position as the unofficial best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Here we see Mayweather greenygreying with Mygrandma.

His long and distinguished career suggests Mayweather may be a werewolf, and I think that could be a great new nickname for him: ‘Maywerewolf’ Mayweather.

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Good Luck to Olympics 2012 Paralympians

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, sports correspondent at the Greenygrey. I’ve just about recovered from my marathon coverage of Olympics 2012, after my colleagues have found lots of great greenygrey stories to entertain you with since the closing ceremony.

London Paralympics 2012

Tonight will see the Olympic stadium filled again, as the London Paralympics 2012 gets under way. The Greenygrey will be there again.

london 2012 paralympics / olympics countdown clock
london 2012 paralympics / olympics countdown clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Superminds as well as Superbodies
If the Olympics showcases the fastest, strongest and most skilled athletes competing in most of the sports, the Paralympics features those with the superminds to overcome physical problems and compete at a high level in the same sports.

Paralympics (Photo credit: AudreyH)
Some of the paralympians’ achievements are truly amazing, and we wish them all an enjoyable and successful games.

Their endurance and determination is a great example of what humanity can do when it sets its mind to it, and all in a positive way.

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