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Poem Reflecting on the Passing of Days

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem reflects on days, and their part in our lives; and the night part of days. Here it is:
Night is a Part of Day
Waking into a slept mind
makes everything feel fresh.
Called a new day,
but in reality,
there is no fold,
beginning or end…
remembering, reflecting
… life and death
happen all the time,
in the world,
it is the cycle.
Each experience is personal,
rest makes them into memories.
Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk)

Poem about Accepting the Reality about Humanity

The Fragile Art of Existence
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Here’s another jolly poem by Marc Latham, which was a stream of thought one hot off the press this morning. ¬†Enjoy the weekend, and please look for some positives to balance the negative overtones of this self-indulgent poetry, such as the Werewolf of Oz!

Denied D9:
Dirty Dozen Deduct Double Declares Decade Denied De Nine

too long decade
in mind stockade
dig through grit
hidden under pit

Having Problems Communicating Poem

Diagram about boundary problem, is problem dis...
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Here’s a quick stream of consciousness ditty by Marc Latham, about how whatever you do can be spun negatively, and especially if you are isolated/in a minority group.

Not saying it’s always that way of course, as sometimes the majority’s criticism of the loner/minority is deserved.

It’s for the beloved Greenygrey and supporters, who are at this very moment locked in battle against the dreaded Grand Council.

Twist and Shake the Snake

you get back
what you put in
or so they say
but, what if your
input is


by god
no, by your fellow
those who want self
right up there above
behind your back