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Poem about how People and Perceptions Age

Rebel Without a Cause
Rebel Without a Cause (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
*In case you’ve returned after first viewing the poem yesterday, when it was published, and think you remember a different poem, the title has been changed from World Turned Upside Down Over Time, and the folding middle line from political systems shapeshift, humanity remains insideout.
Marc Latham’s new Folding Mirror poem needs no introduction. Should the middle-aged be true to what they were or are? Are they what they were? Were they what they are?
Living in the Middle-Ages
remember my rebellion
things I believed
were destroying my soul
that I wanted to escape
the age old enemy within
individual in society
always being true
to what you are
trying to die
before something kills you
political systems spin around, humanity remains upside down
adapting to slowing down
landing at sea
who am I now
ideas used up
festivals need cleaners
keeping it real each day
survival in the wild means
other life making way
my inner thoughts
combined with conservation
Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk)

Poem about Paradox within All of Us?

Life's Paradox
Image by Pensiero via Flickr
Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem is about some of the paradoxes that he feels inside him.  Sometimes people act differently day-to-day, and change their outlook and views just as often.
This can be interpreted as flexibility or weakness depending on their role in life and what, if anything, results from their views and actions.  As well as the personality and attitude of whoever is judging their behaviour.
This poem is set in those days when you have too little to do and too much to think about: when life can seem superfluous to the mind.
But it is a poem  of life, and all the little contrasts and contradictions that make it sweet to complete.
The Futility of Life and Death
trying to live in health
but dream time in death
exercising like a jock
with a downer outlook
trying to make a difference
or just being a nuisance
Redux my Paradox in Flux
hobo man of the world
wonders why Britain’s being sold
running miles to nowhere
a natural couch potato
post my views of positive
return to sender in negative

Having Problems Communicating Poem

Diagram about boundary problem, is problem dis...
Image via Wikipedia

Here’s a quick stream of consciousness ditty by Marc Latham, about how whatever you do can be spun negatively, and especially if you are isolated/in a minority group.

Not saying it’s always that way of course, as sometimes the majority’s criticism of the loner/minority is deserved.

It’s for the beloved Greenygrey and supporters, who are at this very moment locked in battle against the dreaded Grand Council.

Twist and Shake the Snake

you get back
what you put in
or so they say
but, what if your
input is


by god
no, by your fellow
those who want self
right up there above
behind your back

Thanks to All Those Who’ve Made Ant Theory Popular

Thanks to all those who visited the Existential site to read Marc Latham’s Ant Theory of Human Existence article, and helped to make it one of the most read articles on the site. And especially to Claire Knight for writing her poem interpreting the theory.

The article will be on the main page of the Existential site for another week, and it has been joined by three great articles since it appeared.

Thanks also to the Poetic Voice website for visiting and inviting me to join.