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Textured Photography and Digital Collages Portray Greenygrey Fact and Fiction

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman, still head honcho in Greenygrey Arts after the unsuccessful search for A(were)WOL(f) Andy Wolfhol. You know, there’s an old saying in the Greenygrey world; maybe ol’ Wolfhol is in that place.

Planning and Formatting an Artistic Blog

I could have done with some help this week, as I was overwhelmed by greenygrey when I visited emorfes. But it was in a nice way, as there were loads of great greenygrey images. I wondered how I was going to mold all that greenygrey into this blog… and then I thought of an idea I think even ol’ Wolfhol would consider fifteen minutes… and Perisher Marlon would consider genius.

Out of several blogs I decided to focus on Julien Coquentin’s textured photography and Catrin Welz-Stein’s digital collages, with a greenygrey fact and fiction theme. They are intermingled below in fact and fiction form, with the first, third and fifth by Julien; and second, fourth and sixth by Catrin.

Idea at the Beginning of the End

And now, as I neared the end of the blog, about to choose Catrin’s images to go with those of Julien’s already imported into the Greenygrey world, I saw a narrative emerge. The power of dreams and movement – body, mind and spirit.

We don’t recommend going AWOL like ol’ Wolfhol until you’re good and ready though. The mind is a good and safe place to travel.

Artistic Greenygrey Images Featured on Emorfes


digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-5


digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein


digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-2

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Body Artistic Photography Inspires Creation Mythology

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, comedy and history correspondent at ye olde humour inspired Greenygrey. Four stunning Emorfes blog posts featuring the work of Veronika Pinke, Pete Piriya, Christophe Kiciak, Alessio Federico and Barbara Pichiecchio triggered memories of an ancient tale often recited in the Greenygrey world, so I thought I’d share the creation myth in werewolf weasel words; before chronologically coordinating images borrowed from Emorfes:

One Greenygrey creation myth
said that upon eighteen years amiss
a hero werewolf would fall to Earth
spending nine years embracing mirth
while wrestling with the abyss
as told in images on Emorfes…

Stunning Nature Photography by Veronika Pinke

Landscape Photography by Pete Piriya



Photo Manipulations by Christophe Kiciak



Body Paintings by Alessio Federico and Barbara Pichiecchio



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Epic Landscape Photos Inspire New Version of Creation Myth

English: Myth of the creation of Japan Español...
English: Myth of the creation of Japan Español: Mito de la creación de Japón (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, ancient history and comedy expert at the Greenygrey. I was made a-were of the amazing photography on the emorfes site recently by Greenygrey and Baron, and think I have found some new insight into the Greenygrey creation myth from a recent post that celebrated the artistic photography of Michal Karcz.

The Greenygrey creation myth is of course only in the Greenygrey world;  emerging into the human world as an example of how little humanity actually knows about its origins, and how hundreds of cultures through the ages have had different versions of how humanity emerged into the modern world.

Previous Greenygrey creation myths have focused on air and forest, but this new finding opens up the possibility that it was air combined with hard rock and heavy metal that created Greenygrey. The photos, and descriptions they inspired, also correspond with many human cultures’ emphasis on the circular nature of life on Earth.

Greenygrey Air
to Hard Rock 


 Rock Flows


Earth Emerges
into Opening


Opening Wings,
Life returns
Greenygrey Air


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Photo Highlights of the Year in the Greenygrey World

Hi, it’s Andy Wolfhol.  It’s been another wonderful greenygrey year, and we thought we’d bring you some greenygrey photo highlights this weekend.

Here’s a greenygrey folding mirror effect, which is like hitting the jackpot for us, what with our sister site focusing on folding mirror poetry:

Here’s a greenygrey tree trunk amongst other greenygrey nature, with green leaves overhanging grey cliffs.

And here’s a grey cat, which also has green eyes, creating a nice greenygrey effect as it nestles amongst grass and plants:

Nikon Advert Crowns Greenygrey King of Colours

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonthehill, media analyst at the Greenygrey.  I was watching the ads the other day, when I was amazed to see green and grey get starring roles in a Nikon advert.

Nikon Camera Life Photograph Colours Advert 

I was pleased to see that a great Nikon advert for its D5100 calls the Greenygrey the king of colours.  Well, that’s what it looks like to me anyway, as seen in the above image.

While the Greenygrey is very honoured, Green says it and Grey do not want to be considered better than any other colour combinations.  They are of course genderless too.

The whole advert can be seen on Youtube, and it is embedded below: