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Banksy Thanksy? References greenYgrey in Sotheby’s Display

MSN featured a video on the news this morning wondering if it was Banksy filming his own shredding stunt, which I think was an excellent return to form, for me anyway, surprising me at least, returning me to how I felt when his/their artwork first started appearing. They were an inspiration to me and my Greenygrey/greenYgrey concept. I thought his dismaland theme park was like the old-fashioned greenygrey sunless world, before its yellow core rebranding (with a big chunk of parody/satire comedy, mixing sunshine and cowardice connotations, greenYgrey style!).

Great Artists Reference Each Other

Banksy referenced Picasso on Instagram explaining the painting shredding: “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge” – Picasso

Did he also reference the greenYgrey as he started his video filming the scene in Sotheby’s (presuming it was him), choosing to include this rebranded greenYgrey painting, another homage to continue the great greenYgrey epic classic tale; while at the same time commenting on how the crowd were only interested in his ‘celebrity status’ image, ignoring the great greenYgrey art in front of them!:


As Banksy explained how he created his art, I will also let you in on my secret. I read MSN this morning, watched the video, went back and stopped it where I saw the greenYgrey near the start, and then screenprinted it.

Then I cropped it to the finished image, leaving the timeline visible, to show it was right at the start.

There was also some Banksy inspiration to my wandering wondering poetry, although there were many others too, from past decades and centuries.

By total coincidence I was playing Suicidal Tendencies’ Art of Rebellion (1992) yesterday morning, and thought that was relevant to Banksy’s shredded painting, as well as the Mona Lisa in flames being very greenYgrey… years before my greenYgrey… maybe Banksy was referencing ST… via me!



Innovative New Art and Nature Photography

Hi, it’s Baron Wolfman. Travelling over to Barcelona with Team GG was great, but it meant I got behind with my art-scouting, so today I headed over to emorfes to catch up on its fine collection of art, and pick out the best of the greenygrey.

There’s quite a few,
so without further ado,
as Wolfhol used to say to you,
here’s some great greenygrey to view:

Innovative New Art

The artwork of Frederico Uribe using electrical wires has a couple of greenygrey images mixing those ol’ favourites, park greenery mixed with grey cityscapes:


The tree art of Zonenkinder is full of greenygrey, with the trees doing all the work this time, mixing green leaves with grey trunks:

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-11

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-4

The real-life Picasso women of Eugenio Recuenco shows Picasso liked a bit of greenygrey too:

Photography -Real-life-Picasso-women-4

Green provides a man-made contrast to nature’s grey in this Michael Murphy photo:

HDR photography by Michael Murphy

And just when I thought I’d caught up I saw some stunning nature photography by Veronika Pinke. That’ll have to wait until another day…