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space FUTURE medicine – sinGLE CELL AGAIN

When human… dreams equation
for decipher?… or elixir?

Maybe one day that’s how medicine will work..?
Or maybe I’m just a Doctor of Philosophy!


I write as an insect scurrying;
leaving a trail of letters.
Regurgitating green shoots;
excreting their wrath
as evidence of my path!


If you like the breadth of contrast in my writer personas, hopefully evidence of a consummate (not that I could spell that first time: showing the honest writer introspection that [should have endeared me to the human world!] courses through XaW Files: Beyond Humanity and 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections) professional (or write that first draft!):

mental dragon, hidden talent

Blog post title wordplays Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movie.

For those who made it thus far, here’s your bonus poem!… and more coffilosophy!:

11.35: The sun wakes up;
emerging from cloud covers.
It hasn’t got its hat on today
but seems ready to play.

I write as an insect keeps scurrying,
leaving a trail of letters:
provoking wrath as evidence of my path;
mortally wounded but driven on
by something built into it.
We can see it happening with our
human brains and eyes,
but don’t know what its thinking.
Maybe something can see
us the same way, running around
destroying our world, thinking we’re
of some use.
Maybe they think they know how to help
us, but don’t think they should intervene:
disrupting nature etc.

Mirror Poem Book Reflections 16-20

Hope you’re enjoying autumn/fall in the northern hemisphere, and spring/summer in the southern. Sorry I haven’t posted any new poems on here for a while, but I’m creating a lot of poetry for a two-years X Files parody project I’m serialising over at the Writing and Poetry greenYgrey blog, as well as serialising reflections from the 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections book there, so I’m being kept pretty busy when not doing the day-job.

Mirror Poem Book Reflections

Over twenty reflections from 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections are on the Writing and Poetry blog now, so following on from reflections 1-5reflections 6-10, and reflections 11-15 here’s reflections 16-20:

Reflection 16 mirrored Middle-Age Memories:

Our age is one of great importance,
for it is the only one we’ll know.

Reflection 17 mirrored Living in the Middle-Ages:

Reaching middle-age
for a rebellious youth
leaves you with two pathway choices.
Try to continue as you are
while remaining cool
or become what you rebelled
against in youth.
Neither is easy or perfect,
and will include falseness,
compromise or both,
but there’s no alternative.
You are not what you were
and while not planning to survive
you continue to be alive.

Reflection 18 (in 2 parts) mirrored The Futility of Life and Death:

I’ve fantasised about creating life, but dreamt about ending my own more. Suicide was my parachute, knowing it was there helped keep my plane on course when it was in trouble.

Vampires are All in the Mind

Molars dig deep
through unconscious neck
into conscious brain
draining lifeblood from mood.

Hourglass inverted
serotonin drains away
you join the living dead
for another day.

Reflection 19 mirrored The Art of Humanity:

Travelling with Janis Joplin

Existential travel
searching for confirmation
only freedom to lose.

Reflection 20 mirrored Summer’s Sunset Soliloquy:

Strength and Death

In youth I felt strong enough to die.
In middle-age I feel my strength dying.
In old age I expect to feel death strengthen.

The book’s available from Amazon for under £3 and under $6, and lots of other currencies for the equivalent prices; and less than £1 or $2 on Kindle, and Smashwords for other ebook readers.

It could be a great present for middle-aged people, and a good one for people of all ages!

Smashwords cover

Mirror Poem Mixing Life and Nature

Marc Latham’s new Folding Mirror poem mixes life and death philosophy with lots of natural world metaphors. Life is good and beautiful, and so was dipping into the mind to write this poem in a melancholy mood.

Translucent Fall, Rise Transparent

life’s monotonous dreamscape
colour on dancing shadows
less rational than raindrops
doing what comes naturally
breaking an ocean apart
before returning to cloud

swimming and flying, living and dying

is dry land closer
to sea or air
should we even care
it’s sensible to sleep
while moonshine paints haunting
death’s monochrome nightmares

Smashwords cover

Mirror Poem Mind Twists Amid Creation

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem started with a thought about how a change of mind, going against past behaviour, can change the course of history; either personally or on a wider scale; confounding those who have studied the form.

A moment of malfunction or genius, rule-breaking or freedom.

You do what you want,
but do you know what you want,
and do you want what you know?

Solstice Christmas 2010 004

Folding Mirror Mind Malfunction 

judgements are based
on the past
anticipating the future
carefully analysed
accurately quantified
the folding mirror line
should happen about now
with two clauses
of the same amount of words
but with a twist of the mind
the poem can just continue
line after line
without a fold
to mirror two sides
until the words end.

I wrote that free thinking, but perhaps predictably, after noticing there were the right number of lines for a mirror poem, I edited it into one.

Updated: I later edited it again to describe a mirror poem, rather than an unstructured one.

Folding Mirror Finished, Normal Service Resumed 

idea inspires research
on multiple sources
imagining whole shape
analysis upon analysis
accurately quantified
folding mirror line
happens about now

with two clauses, divided by comma

then poem continues
in bottom half
same amount
words to line
remembering upper semi
reflecting both sides
until form accompli

usa 2011 014

Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk), and he has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

Relevant Quote for Folding Mirror Poetry

Just saw this quote in the latest Publish Your Own Ebooks newsletter, and thought it was relevant for fmpoetry (the writer could also be a woman of course):
“[The writer] has to be the kind of man who turns the world upside down and says, lookit, it looks different, doesn’t it?”

~ Morris West

Poem about Dark Knight Film: Batman and Joker

The Dark Knight (film)
Image via Wikipedia

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem uses the 2008 Batman and Joker film, The Dark Knight, as its subject.  It seemed fitting Folding Mirror material with its battle between the sky and underworld fought on street level; and opposing minds of hope and despair fighting for the Gotham society mindset.  Here it is:
Dark Knight Fights Against Joker’s Delights
bat’s  shape
in human cape
Gotham looks upwards to sky
Dark Knight flies high
Bruce Wayne transcends the night
between skyscrapers into sight
providing hope the people deserve?
below streets sewer underworld
Joker plots hatched and unfurled
causing chaos to society
Dent corrupted by lying duplicity
without a care
clown’s stare

Poem about Accepting the Reality about Humanity

The Fragile Art of Existence
Image via Wikipedia

Here’s another jolly poem by Marc Latham, which was a stream of thought one hot off the press this morning.  Enjoy the weekend, and please look for some positives to balance the negative overtones of this self-indulgent poetry, such as the Werewolf of Oz!

Denied D9:
Dirty Dozen Deduct Double Declares Decade Denied De Nine

too long decade
in mind stockade
dig through grit
hidden under pit

Big Brother Celebrities Ultimately Risk Losing Themselves?: Poem Investigates

Marc Latham’s new Folding Mirror poem questions how much we own of ourselves, and how much is owned by others. We can control our self-perceptions and actions to a certain extent, but we cannot control how we are perceived and acted against.  

Therefore, do we only own half ourselves, and the other half is owned by those we meet and are known by? And does the more you keep yourself to yourself retain more of your self, and that is why retreats and self-isolation can be good for growing your self, while being in somewhere like the Big Brother house on reality television can make you lose track of yourself?  

And can a period of isolated retreat grow your self to the point of epiphany? Where you keep all yourself to yourself; a respite for rebuilding that strengthens your self enough that you feel you are whole again. Somewhere that you don’t have to give half your self to anybody else, and you don’t have to receive their perceptions of you.  

If you give yourself to the world: through writing, art, music or just your personality; it can be cathartic and rewarding or draining and depressing?  Sometimes it is both, and sometimes these twists in mood affect the same people at different times.    

Here’s the poem:   

Inside Out  

 Do we see the world, as the world sees us
Do we own ourselves, or are we dependent on others
Do we think freely, or are our thoughts governed
Do we create identity, or is it instilled
Do we live for ourselves, or for others  

 Inside is ours? Outside is theirs?  

 We live for others, but also ourselves
We are born, and create social image
We think thoughts, from what we have learned
We are ourselves, but we also exist within society
We see the world, and we are seen by it  

 I also wrote an article inspired by this poem for Suite 101

Islands of the Sky and Sea Poem

This poem was inspired by the cloud photo below.

Islands of the Sky and Sea

an 'island cloud'

sky blue fills the air around
davy’s grey and ghost white
cumulus humilis above

aeronautic acrobats of feathers or frame

over islands masses
sandy brown and jade green
in aquamarine oceans down below

Caribbean island by E. Corno