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Mirror Poem Book Reflections 16-20

Hope you’re enjoying autumn/fall in the northern hemisphere, and spring/summer in the southern. Sorry I haven’t posted any new poems on here for a while, but I’m creating a lot of poetry for a two-years X Files parody project I’m serialising over at the Writing and Poetry greenYgrey blog, as well as serialising reflections from the 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections book there, so I’m being kept pretty busy when not doing the day-job.

Mirror Poem Book Reflections

Over twenty reflections from 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections are on the Writing and Poetry blog now, so following on from reflections 1-5reflections 6-10, and reflections 11-15 here’s reflections 16-20:

Reflection 16 mirrored Middle-Age Memories:

Our age is one of great importance,
for it is the only one we’ll know.

Reflection 17 mirrored Living in the Middle-Ages:

Reaching middle-age
for a rebellious youth
leaves you with two pathway choices.
Try to continue as you are
while remaining cool
or become what you rebelled
against in youth.
Neither is easy or perfect,
and will include falseness,
compromise or both,
but there’s no alternative.
You are not what you were
and while not planning to survive
you continue to be alive.

Reflection 18 (in 2 parts) mirrored The Futility of Life and Death:

I’ve fantasised about creating life, but dreamt about ending my own more. Suicide was my parachute, knowing it was there helped keep my plane on course when it was in trouble.

Vampires are All in the Mind

Molars dig deep
through unconscious neck
into conscious brain
draining lifeblood from mood.

Hourglass inverted
serotonin drains away
you join the living dead
for another day.

Reflection 19 mirrored The Art of Humanity:

Travelling with Janis Joplin

Existential travel
searching for confirmation
only freedom to lose.

Reflection 20 mirrored Summer’s Sunset Soliloquy:

Strength and Death

In youth I felt strong enough to die.
In middle-age I feel my strength dying.
In old age I expect to feel death strengthen.

The book’s available from Amazon for under £3 and under $6, and lots of other currencies for the equivalent prices; and less than £1 or $2 on Kindle, and Smashwords for other ebook readers.

It could be a great present for middle-aged people, and a good one for people of all ages!

Smashwords cover

Folding Mirror Poet Sarah James Publishes Collection

fmpoetry is happy and proud to announce that Sarah James, who has created some nice FM poems (please search her name to see them on this site), has her poetry collection, Into The Yell, published by Foyle.

Congratulations and Good Luck to Sarah and everybody involved…and thanks for creating those FM poems.

And have a great weekend to everybody!

Revised Vertical to Horizontal Folding Mirror

This is a revised version of Some Clouds Have a Silver Lining, turning it from horizontal to vertical.

The Poem

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Some Clouds Have a Golden Lining

We see the rain approach
but hope
it will not
reach or breach our beach

Some Clouds Have a Golden Lining

On change of wind we
now depend
our day on
the beach it must defend

Three New Folding Mirror Poems in Etips

There are three new Folding Mirror poems by Marc Latham in the Autumn issue of the etips poetry magazine, which is available from the link.

Wendy Webb also talks of Folding Mirrors appearing across the web, including one from Romania, so that’s great news for the form…and hopefully poetry.

Hope you enjoy them, and I’ll be putting them up here over the next three days too.

Lord Byron in Europe on Channel Four

First part of a two part documentary about the poet Lord Byron in Europe on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm too.

New Category and Record Visits

Yesterday was quite a big day in the evolution of the site and hopefully the format.

The blog post, which celebrated the month anniversary of this site with a list of the poems featured on the site, was placed in a new category: Poetry on this site.

I also placed the Barley flowing in summer winds poem on the My Writers Circle site and received a couple of favourable reviews.

Moreover, I also advertised the form and this site on the Writers’ News website.

This resulted in nearly 100 visits to this site, so it was quite a momentous day.

Thanks to you all for visiting, and I hope you return soon.