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274 Mirror Poems and Related Poetry

WordPress kindly wished the blog a happy 5th anniversary recently, so I thought it’d be a good time to count and register the poems on fmpoetry.

I was delighted to see there are now 274 mirror poems and related poetry on this website, as listed in the blog post Poems and Poetry on this Site.

There are now two collections of poetry books containing most of Marc Latham’s poems from this site at: Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).


Writing / Poetry Career Poem

The Greenygrey kicked me out of the Greenygrey Rambles blog today, and I had to give way to my wolf side as it had an emergency message to deliver for the North Rockies wolves.

I had a great blog prepared for Greenygrey’s Rambles, sorry if I’m rambling now, but I’m sure you’ll understand I was so prepared to ramble, and now have nowhere to go with it, and didn’t have any poetry prepared for this blog, so I’ve quickly come up with the following, which kind of entered my head this morning.

It describes a writer/poet’s possible career (maybe mine!?) and has similarities to one I did on a football career many moons ago. Cheers, and have a great weekend.

A Writer/Poet’s Life

ambition and achieve
fulfillment and fecund

perched on promised

block and barreness
obfuscate and obsured

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P.S. GG asked me to include this video and link to save the North Rockies wolves.

Revised Vertical to Horizontal Folding Mirror

This is a revised version of Some Clouds Have a Silver Lining, turning it from horizontal to vertical.

The Poem

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Some Clouds Have a Golden Lining

We see the rain approach
but hope
it will not
reach or breach our beach

Some Clouds Have a Golden Lining

On change of wind we
now depend
our day on
the beach it must defend

New Category and Record Visits

Yesterday was quite a big day in the evolution of the site and hopefully the format.

The blog post, which celebrated the month anniversary of this site with a list of the poems featured on the site, was placed in a new category: Poetry on this site.

I also placed the Barley flowing in summer winds poem on the My Writers Circle site and received a couple of favourable reviews.

Moreover, I also advertised the form and this site on the Writers’ News website.

This resulted in nearly 100 visits to this site, so it was quite a momentous day.

Thanks to you all for visiting, and I hope you return soon.