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Communications Fourth Dimension: Zero, like a Prequel Protocol, or Ghost…

Yesterday, I proposed that modern communication was being reduced to double-dimensionality by new social media, with somebody jumping on any words and taking them out of context, misunderstanding them or considering them ‘out-of-date’. While out on a beautiful mid-MUSE (my Midwinter Until Spring Equinox, January 21st – March 21st, acronym, with loads of meaning) walk and run in the sun yesterday, after writing the poem explaining the ‘Third Dimension’ of communication, I thought that another I’ve thought of is when no meaning is intended, but people read something into it; looking for meaning in any words, no matter how empty of thought they were when created.

After explaining the three meanings yesterday, this fourth one is like a zero protocol;  prequel to a trilogy, reminding me of Ghost Protocol, which a little eerily was the fourth in the Mission Impossible series… and sometimes I think my writing is MI too! To be fair, this is a pretty basic poem, but I think yesterday’s was somewhat of a classic, so please consider this a lull in my genius, like a musical group playing a slow song to give themselves and the crowd a breather!:

Circular Diamond, Dimension Zero

of victory paean
words without meaning

round-a-bout, merry-go-round

attempt at minimality
no refrain poetry

From a quick web search:

paean – A paean is a song or lyric poem expressing triumph or thanksgiving;
or a metrical foot used in both poetry and prose, consisting of four syllables, with one of the syllables being long and the other three short.
refrain – The refrain is the stanza that keeps on repeating after some lines in a poem.
minimality –  Smallest in amount or degree;
or barely adequate.

Scorpions Aerosmith Inspired Mirror Poem Argues New Media Limits Freedom of Speech

While I like Rammstein mainly for their melodies, as with most music, I also like their controversial topics pushing the boundaries of thought, and freedom of speech, like their compatriots The Scorpions before them. When I was a youth I found it interesting because it was new, now I like it because it keeps up the freedom of speech in music, and continues to make you think and ask questions.

While social media has a lot of good uses, I think it has impaired this, with everything taken at face value, and interpreted within the most basic usual first impressions promoted by political correctness: everything is racist, sexist, homophobic etc.

I don’t want to spoil the poem too much, so will let you read it, but will answer any questions in the comments. I’ll look forward to communicating with you… especially if you think I’m being homophobic or sexist; or transgender or gay!

Doctor of Philosophy, Explaining 3 Dimensionality

He’s a woman – she’s a man
Scorpions are transphobic, or tran
Dude looks like a lady
same Aerosmith double-dimensionality
social media reduces to one
choose your side, have some fun

new age of political correctness, conversation police will get us

finding word ghosts, you thought dead
what’s that joke you said
triple-dimensionality stripped bare
Latham guilty of talking hair
You rationalise, calling him woman
If he thinks – women all bad


Wolves, Witches and Giants is not Politically Correct is it?

Spike Milligan
Spike Milligan (Photo credit: the justified sinner)

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill, tv expert at the Greenygrey. I was touched to see the reaction of the wildlife experts when they saw my namesake on Land of the Lost Wolves: a wolf silhouette howling on a hill. We transcribed the two episodes today, and should have some articles on Suite 101 and detailed blogs about it in the next couple of days.

Wolves, Witches and Giants

I was shocked to see a cartoon called Wolves, Witches and Giants the other day, and especially as it had stereotypical images of wolves, witches and giants. More new wolfophobia I thought. But then I looked it up on Wikipedia (link above), and turns out it was made in 1995, and is narrated by an old favourite of ours, Spike Milligan. We still question whether it should be shown though, under the strict rules of political correctness now ruling the media. As the Land of the Lost Wolves documentary said and showed, wolves are one of only 2-3% of animals that live as a family (the pack), and who visibly show mourning behaviour when they lose a partner.

And that’s not to mention the witchaphobia the cartoon contains. Wicca is a religion chosen by a growing number of very respectable and life-valuing people. Can you imagine any of the monotheistic religions being depicted as a baddie in such a cartoon? Thousands of people were executed after being accused of being witches in Europe during previous centuries, and many are still being killed around the world to this day on the witch premise. There have been some victims killed in the UK recently. Most of those accused of being witches are the victims of paranoid zealots, so the continuation of this negative stereotyping of witches in the mainstream media is questionable.

While this blog is meant in jest, there are a couple of genuine concerns within the above paragraphs; as well as the identification of one religion being treated worse than others.

And tall people might not be too pleased about the giant aspect either?

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