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Royal Baby to be Named Prince or Princess Greenygrey?

Hi, it’s Wolf Whitzer, intrepid newshound at the Greenygrey, like Wolf Blitzer in the CNN world. With the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate, going into labour a week overdue, speculation has been growing in the Greenygrey world that the baby is going to be named Greenygrey whatever sex it is.

Modern badge of the House of Windsor.
Modern badge of the House of Windsor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greenygrey is of course ideal for naming babies before knowing the baby’s sex, as it is unisex.

Greenygrey’s Pagan Claim to British Throne

As regular readers know by now, the Greenygrey’s origins are shrouded in mystery. One theory in Greenygrey thinking is that the Greenygrey originates from the holy trinity of British Greenygreyism:

  1. Boudicaa: pagan Iceni queen who bravely fought the Romans.
  2. Penda: King of Mercia, and the last Anglo-Saxon pagan king.
  3. Wild Wolf: the last wild wolf in Britain, running free in Scotland.

European Royalty Marrying for Power 

Peoples of Britain circa 600
Peoples of Britain circa 600 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As European royalty buffs know; like our very own Tony Loboinson, whose human parallel Tony Robinson recently received an MBE from British royalty; the royal palaces of Europe have been inter-marrying for power and security throughout history.

Princess Kate is of course not a power broker, and is deserving of William’s hand in marriage and princesshood whatever the circumstances.

But maybe it is now time to reunite the Christian and Pagan crowns in Britain. Prince or Princess Greenygrey will be a good start…

But most of all, we hope that the baby is healthy for Kate and William.

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Prince William CITES Conference and Polar Bears

Hi, it’s Chris Packwolf. I’m delighted to say that Marc Latham has published his fourth Suite 101 article of the long weekend. The final article covers the third episode of the wildlife documentary trilogy, when Gordon Buchanan and the film team followed the remaining members of the polar bear family through autumn/fall. Did Lyra and Miki survive? Find out at: Polar Bear Family and Me.

CITES Conference Headline News 

CITES (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was also good to see that the CITES conference on endangered species made headline news in the United Kingdom.

It was helped in the U.K. by Prince William addressing the conference, following in a family tradition of supporting world wildlife and endangered species.

Some progress was made on elephant conservation, although there is still a lot to work on.

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