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Britain, Europe and other ‘white majority’ countries give billions in aid to the ‘non-white’ world.

UK Aid Spending

A quick search found on fullfact: ‘In 2016, the UK spent £13.4 billion on overseas aid,.. By 2021 we could be spending about £14.5 billion, based on the Office for Budget Responsibility’s forecasts and in 2016 prices.’

Europe’s €123 billion Aid Spending

A quick search on Europe found on Euractiv they’re planning to increase spending on foreign aid a lot over the next six years:

‘The Commission plans to allocate €123 billion to overseas spending in the next seven year EU budget between 2021 and 2027, an increase of close to 30%. However, that includes incorporating the €30 billion European Development Fund, which had previously been overseen by governments, into the budget.’

I can’t be bothered searching other ‘white majority’ countries, as I think that’s enough.

And since Britain and Europe left ‘colonies’ other countries such as the USA, Russia and China have moved in to many and taken over; especially China in Africa! 

All in all, I think the big bad ‘white world’ do quite a lot for ‘non-whites’… but need to continue running ‘our countries’ to keep it going..!

How to argue with anti-white racists 4

European countries dominate the Environmental Performance Index, and many, such as Norway and Netherlands, fund countries elsewhere in the world to preserve their habitats and wildlife.

For example, the ‘Norwegian government paid the South American country of Guyana $250 million between 2011 and 2015 to stop logging and protect its forests.’ (mnn.com).

Top 16 of world EPI table (about 180 countries):

RankCountryEPI scoreEnvironmental
Health(40% weight)
Vitality(60% weight)
1  Switzerland87.4293.5783.32
2 France83.9595.7176.11
3 Denmark81.6098.2070.53
4 Malta80.9093.8072.30
5 Sweden80.5194.4171.24
6 United Kingdom79.8996.0369.13
7 Luxembourg79.1295.0768.48
8 Austria78.9786.3874.03
9 Ireland78.7795.9267.34
10 Finland78.6499.3564.83
11 Iceland78.5798.4165.34
12 Spain78.3994.2167.85
13 Germany78.3788.6871.50
14 Norway77.4997.8663.91
15 Belgium77.3889.3769.39
16 Italy76.9685.8871.02


How to argue with anti-white racists 2:

They like to go on about slavery, as if they’ve got a monopoly, but there’s always been slavery, and some was black against white, such as the African Barbary Coast (ABC!) slavery from the 15th to 18th centuries (about the same dates as the transatlantic one we always hear blacks cite), filled with raids on Europe right up to Iceland:

ABC slavery on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbary_slave_trade

BBC Ignores Anti-White Racist Sexist Murder – Arab Banker – and Sex Slavery Tenfold Rise

After Raheem Sterling did some basic media research this week I went to the Daily Mail he’d done it on, and found lots of anti-white and anti-women stories I hadn’t heard anything about on the BBC. A couple are below. This is a comment on the BBC and liberal media’s anti-white bias, and nothing to do with Raheem Sterling or black people in general, unless they are being racist to whites.

My Research Rationale

As I don’t get much response here, I can’t be bothered changing them from the posts I put on Facebook just now. I’ve tried taking the moderate line in the last thirteen years of creative writing after graduating with a PhD, but the British media just ignore me; and call people like Tommy Robinson right-wing and racist when he was also trying to be moderate; and then they act all shocked and go mental on it when white people can’t be bothered being ‘politically-correct’ any more, while the ‘Establishment’ don’t control immigration or sex-slavery, and can’t deliver Brexit!

This story was in the Metro, Mail and Telegraph:

Christina Abbotts failed to turn up to her own birthday celebrations and was found dead in a bed.Zahid Naseem arrives at Lewes Crown Court today 

Upper-class White Escort Bludgeoned to Death by Arab Banker – Who Wanted to Degrade (me – proving racist sexism) Her

Anti-white woman racist sexist murder hasn’t made it onto BBC TV, as far as I’ve seen, which is regular headline news… but they’ve gone mad on a few allegedly racist words, which I don’t agree with either, and some school-standard media research against their antithesis Daily Mail… I am a Doctor of Philosophy in Communications (media basically) from a poor deprived background, but am white… so nobody asks my opinion… and they’ll probably call me racist for this!!
They have featured the also tragic Grace Millane story a lot, and this one not at all. Using Raheem’s 1-1 research, which is the most basic, and would need dozens, hundreds or thousands of cases to verify, but the BBC LOVE IT, I wonder why they’ve featured 100% backpacker death in NZ to 0% white woman killed by Arab banker in London?

UK Sex Slavery Rises Tenfold in Five Years

Along with the last story I posted, this one says sex slavery has risen tenfold in Britain in the last five years according to article on MSN: ‘The estimated number of victims of trafficking and slavery in Britain has risen tenfold from 13,000 in 2013 to 136,000 in 2018. Last year, there were 5,145 cases reported in the UK – the highest on record.’
I never hear that about Brexit on the BBC – it’s all about ‘racist Brits’!

Sorry to Manchester City fans. I’ve supported your rise in the Premier League, despite the Arab owner, who seems okay as far as I know. I like Pep’s style of football, some of your great players, including Sterling, Mendy and Sane, but most of all… your sky blue shirts!

For lots of super intelligent research and writing, trying to help women avoid traps like the above; in contrast to ever luvvie popular pied piper of grooming Russell Brand!; please see my books on Amazon: (Sorry to advertise them along with the tragic stories above, but if nobody reads me I can’t do anything to stop them… as I don’t seem to have done… hopefully I’ve saved some… and everybody else seems to want to jump on the anti-white bandwagon to promote themselves!?)

XaW Files: Beyond Humanity (Fantasy Travel by Google Maps Book 3) by [Latham, Marc]   


Clarke Carlisle is Cool, Rio Ferdinand is a Herbert

Hi, it’s Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, fashionista suprema at the Greenygrey, with a mix of serious reporting and satirical fashion for you today. I’ve been chosen to write this blog because there’s some greenygrey fashion later, as well as the fact that Voyager has left our solar system to become the first human object to travel in interstellar space after thirty-six years.

Stella BevHills
Stella BevHills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To me, interstellar space usually means keeping my distance from two of my closest rivals in fashion, Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld. Or time between pints of Stella Artois. Anyway, enough about me, and on with the footie.

Football Needs Clark Carlisle, not Peter Herbert

Clarke Carlisle seems to take a balanced honest rational greenygrey view on his life and football in his new autobiography, You Don’t Know Me, But …: A Footballer’s Life; in which he has provoked controversy for criticising more extreme anti-racism campaigning footballers like Rio Ferdinand. We supported Carlisle’s Kick Racism Out campaign last year.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X meet bef...
Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X meet before a press conference for a debate on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This was the only time the two men ever met; their meeting lasted only one minute. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While the Greenygrey doesn’t want any prejudice in British sport and society, it also doesn’t want selfish and greedy people stirring up trouble where it is not needed.

Last year, Rio Ferdinand led a campaign that seemed totally out of proportion to the problem. After a couple of racist footballer cases, one of them by a South American, Ferdinand seemed to take inspiration from Malcolm X‘s black power movement, while Clarke Carlisle seemed more like Martin Luther King.

Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, Ferdinand’s raising of the agenda to critical point in the media led to some crowd incidents; with Ferdinand, the media and crowds like a perfect storm feeding off each for a while.

This was in a modern football culture where Congolese Fabrice Muamba had been cheered at every ground after surviving a cardiac arrest on the pitch while playing for Bolton.

English: David James as a player of England na...
English: David James as a player of England national football team Русский: Дэвид Джеймс в составе сборной Англии по футболу (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moreover, England goalie David James said he’d never experienced any racism in English football during his long career. James also said in an Independent article that he thought anti-racism groups were just trying to stir things up to justify their existence.

Peter Herbert’s Society of Black Lawyers

Into the perfect storm appeared Peter Herbert and the Society of Black Lawyers. While Herbert might be a good lawyer, and done good things in other cases, he apparently suffered racism in his childhood, and admitted he knew nothing about football. So he was hardly likely to take a greenygrey balanced view like Carlisle. However, the British media has still given him wide coverage.

Moreover, Herbert’s also caused trouble for Tottenham Hotspur’s Jewish fans, citing them as racist for calling themselves a ‘Y’ term I don’t want to use because I’m not Jewish, so would almost certainly be considered racist by Herbert and his cronies. 

The Jewish fans use the term as a self-defence, in the same way as some black people use the ‘N’ word; and Marc Latham uses the ‘C’ word. So Herbert diving into the football world without much knowledge criticising the Spurs fans as ‘racist’ is like a Jewish lawyer diving into the music world and calling black rappers racist for using the ‘N’ word.

Anyway, enough serious stuff for now, and there’s been some great greenygrey news in the football fashion world this season…

Greenygrey Football Kits

Andrii Piatov kept a clean sheet as Ukraine drew 0-0 with England. Piatov wore a mainly grey kit with green stripes.

Andrii Piatov of Ukraine
Andrii Piatov

Asmir Begovic has helped little Bosnia and Herzegovina to the brink of World Cup qualification in a green shirt, and grey shorts and socks.

Arsenal leading the chase to sign Stoke City goalkeeper Asmir Begovic
Asmir Begovic

Begovic plays for Stoke in the Premier League, and in a first for the Greenygrey, their away kit has been passed as greenygrey by the Board of Greenygrey Quality Control.

The main colour is definitely grey, described as dark shale. The second colour is described as electric. Electric can look green or yellow, so is quite controversial, but it has now been passed as green enough; with this greenygrey little and large Owen and Crouch photo clinching the case.

Crouch and Owen

There’s lots more greenygrey mixing of serious observations and humour in Doctor of Philosophy Marc Latham’s  books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham), with Werewolf of Oz and 242 Mirror Poems self-published to create bargain prices.

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Omnishambles Oxford Dictionary Word of Year

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang. Catastrophically and totally undeservedly, greenygrey didn’t make the new version of the Oxford English Dictionary as a new word; despite my human parallel being the Oxford Press lexicographer.

More Omnishambles than Insider 

166:365 A certain je ne sais quoi P1410686
166:365 A certain je ne sais quoi P1410686 (Photo credit: tomylees)

The positive side is that it proves there’s no insider trading at the Greenygrey, and that we are still outsider werewolves. We think we’ve done all we can, and you lot have let us down by not using us enough; only joking, your readership keeps us alive.

Omnishambles was the word of the year, and we give it begrudging congratulations. Although its banality probably won it the award, it does also have a certain greenygrey je ne sais quoi.

Green-on-blue not Greenygrey  

je ne sais quoi
je ne sais quoi (Photo credit: Mike_tn)

Green made it into the dictionary on its own as part of the green-on-blue phrase for the Taliban trying to preserve their fascist, sexist, homophobic, child-assassinating (attempted), dancer-executing (achieved) and racist cult-ure by cowardly killing NATO soldiers while dressed as Afghan police.

After no new grey words made the dictionary, The Society of Grey Words accused the Oxford University Press of greycism.

Green Chooses Greenygrey Balance

English: Kick It Out logo
English: Kick It Out logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Green thought about boycotting the dictionary in support of the greycism campaign, but didn’t trust The Society of Grey Words’s intentions, and thinks they might be self-serving and prejudiced against other colour-words; thus harming the word-world for their own purposes.

Winston Churchill statue in London, Parliament...
Winston Churchill statue in London, Parliament Square. (Apparent duplicate of the statue at Churchill House, Australian National University, Canberra.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Green decided instead to enter the dictionary with the support of the more balanced (greenygrey) Grey It In campaign, to support the NATO mission in Afghanistan and play for the English team. The Greenygrey is quite happy to be included in any dictionary though; within reason.

Grey fully supported Green’s decision, thinking that the Oxford English Dictionary might not be perfect, but it’s better than most in the world, and there’s no point destroying something old and established just for the sake of it.

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