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Travel Thru History Article Celebrates Greenygrey

While it’s great to see Marc Latham talking greenygrey here and in his articles, it is always nice to read other people noticing and appreciating greenygrey.

St. Kevin‘s Kitchen, Ireland Article

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac here, with exciting news from the world of greenygrey travel writing.

J.M. Bridgeman did just that in her St. Kevin’s Kitchen, Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland article on TravelThruHistory. Wondering what drew her to the monastery, she wrote:

‘Perhaps what propels me to Glendalough can be attributed to the romance of ruins. Or is it the literal tug of history, of grey moss-munched stones informed by human hands?’

There’s lots more interesting observations and five nice photos; which are all greenygrey; in the article, and here’s a couple more greenygrey ones of the area from Zemanta:

Glendalough St kevin´s Kitchen
Glendalough St kevin´s Kitchen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Glendalough valley in County Wicklow.
Glendalough valley in County Wicklow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Epic Landscape Photos Inspire New Version of Creation Myth

English: Myth of the creation of Japan Español...
English: Myth of the creation of Japan Español: Mito de la creación de Japón (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, ancient history and comedy expert at the Greenygrey. I was made a-were of the amazing photography on the emorfes site recently by Greenygrey and Baron, and think I have found some new insight into the Greenygrey creation myth from a recent post that celebrated the artistic photography of Michal Karcz.

The Greenygrey creation myth is of course only in the Greenygrey world;  emerging into the human world as an example of how little humanity actually knows about its origins, and how hundreds of cultures through the ages have had different versions of how humanity emerged into the modern world.

Previous Greenygrey creation myths have focused on air and forest, but this new finding opens up the possibility that it was air combined with hard rock and heavy metal that created Greenygrey. The photos, and descriptions they inspired, also correspond with many human cultures’ emphasis on the circular nature of life on Earth.

Greenygrey Air
to Hard Rock 


 Rock Flows


Earth Emerges
into Opening


Opening Wings,
Life returns
Greenygrey Air


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Poem Reflecting on the Passing of Days

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem reflects on days, and their part in our lives; and the night part of days. Here it is:
Night is a Part of Day
Waking into a slept mind
makes everything feel fresh.
Called a new day,
but in reality,
there is no fold,
beginning or end…
remembering, reflecting
… life and death
happen all the time,
in the world,
it is the cycle.
Each experience is personal,
rest makes them into memories.
Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk)

Thought of GreenYgrey Y Represented by Dalai Lama

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Today we’ve got the second part of our human representation for the GreenYgrey Y’s 3-D tree of growth, thought and knowledge: the lexical equivalent of splitting the atom.

Backfired (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fishing for Fission

How to See Yourself As You Really Are
How to See Yourself As You Really Are (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, that’s right, after Debbie Harry was declared the D of growth, it is now time for thought.

And we have decided that the Dalai Lama should represent thought.



Although we are agnostic about religion, so keep an open mind about reincarnation, and don’t really believe the Dalai-Lama is goddish, he does represent a religion known for its thought, peacefulness and consideration for all life.

Thinking about Thought

Green Thought Bubbles
Green Thought Bubbles (Photo credit: iNkMan_)

While thinking deeply isn’t for everybody, and we think there can be a wisdom to avoiding thinking, and just living to be happy in the moment, we also think that some thinking time can be of value sometimes.

While some people might have a natural propensity to think, as some people have an innate talent for arts or sports, we think that practise is  likely to make perfect… or more perfect than before anyway.

Buddhist Meditation and Yoga

So, we think that people who think a lot through meditation, yoga or just taking time out from the constant communications of modern life, are more likely to develop their thinking.

Although the Dalai Lama may not be the best thinker in Buddhism, and Buddhism might not really produce the best thinkers, we have decided to choose the Dalai Lama, as he is the big cheese of Buddhism, and his name starts with a D.

We estimate that we will be able to conclude the splitting of the greenYgrey Y tomorrow, if we can acquire the knowledge…

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Poems Taking Higher Form of Love to the Stars

Copper just above its melting point keeps its ...
Image via Wikipedia

After Jean Knill’s lovely poem last week, I was very pleased to hear from Zoya Gautam again this week, and receive  some new mirror and haiku poems.  Zoya created Princess of the Night, and shared it here in June 2009, which is nearly two years ago now.  Time flies when you’re having fun!

These new offerings are also wonderful, and there is much more at Zoya’s blogs: horizon next and insane2bsane

Zoya wanted both the haikus that follow Cinders to be combined under the caption ‘love’.

Thanks to Zoya for creating and sharing the poems.  Enjoy and have a great start to the week…

_’ cinders ‘

the word is soft on the senses
its meaning grows upon me
light born of a heated object
so i look at your being
losing myself in your thoughts
till i surface in your irises
a tear like liquid gasoline
dousing the cinders of sorrow
aglow with my agonies
your incandescence  ..

~ `~  ~ `~

_’ love ‘

water in your eyes
burns like a flame in the skies
each star is a tear ..

~ ~

no smoke and no heat
i watch the incandescence
of silent sorrows .

Public Image Limited: Poem to Save Time, Resources … and Soul?

Yin yang picture
Image via Wikipedia

Here’s a quick new stream of thought poem from Marc Latham that juxtaposes the big question about humanity’s origins and future centred on Johnny Lydon’s punk band, PiL: Public Image Limited, which came to mind while thinking of how our planet has:

  • ever more limited resources
  • each of our lives on it is limited
  • the amount of knowledge we can gather is limited.



The God PiL

ying and yang
creation and big bang
what’s good for you,
may be bad
for someone else

PiL: Time Knowledge Resources

do something four
times a month
that helps fellow life,
no one knows answer
god or chancer

Adrift in Unnavigable Oceans Poem

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem took him on a journey from ant theory buddhist insignificance musings through to the very alien world of salt science.

And there was a carrotic reward at the end of the journey for the poetic ass, as the salt alchemy symbol looks like a very relevant folding line.

So the folding middle line is a symbol in this poem, which is a first for the Folding Mirror poetic form.

Hearing the concept behind Black Sabbath’s Planet Caravan song on the BBC’s Classic Albums: Paranoid documentary probably set my trail of thought going, and I was helped through the scientific maze by ol’ Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, and his song Lithium.

Adrift in Unnavigable Oceans: Sodium Chloride

zillion genes passed
amongst my species
before I emerged
into the world
salt of the Earth

saline in the Ocean
beyond my life
after I’ve departed
humanity will continue
evolving time passes

Poem from the Other Side of the Other

Beware music and poetry, because they could be supernatural oratory. 
This poem is okay though, so that first sentence, please ignore.

  Backward Static Messages

Does the phrase: devil in the detail
mean difference ‘tween slug and snail
Or is it a more direct reference
to all things evil and elephants

dog is god and the devil is lived

the devil is in the deer tail
Bambi’s eaten the holy grail
it’s usurped ol’ billy two horns
Tufty is the new devil’s spawn

Book Burning: Two Thousand Years of Monotheistic Sillyness Poem

Marc Latham latest FM poem is a comment on the book burning controversy that’s been going on over the last few days, as well as all the other crimes done by those proclaiming to be working in the name of a good God; and how he thinks it shows up all the sillyness and destruction that the monotheistic religions have been spreading around the world for two thousand years… with no respite in sight judging from the media and believers’ reactions!

Not that everything done by the religions is bad, or all the believers at fault, but there has been a lot of what they would consider devilish acts done in the name of the monotheistic religions, and they have many a time created Hell on Earth.

Long after Jesus Christ is said to have left the Earth, the Devil was created out of pagan gods like Pan, who were then disposed with.  The poem therefore makes the point that the Devil is only in those who believe in it.  The title is derived from an old horror film.

The Devil Rides Out…Of You!

Devil, Devil,
repent thyself,
the Devil must be
within you, because
you don’t believe
in what we say.

pagan gods Frankensteined to Devil

you say what pays
and create fear
around us, with
the Devil inside you.
your belief,
Devil, Devil.