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New Mirror Poem from Writer Genius Wordsmith

I started having these ideas last night, so they would have been philosotea if I’d drank tea at tea-time, but I didn’t drink it yesterday, and just had a couple of coffees, as the second one was a bit late. I was listening to a new album by the Spacelords, and think it helped my mind rise, as Goldray did last year with their POPtastic (PinkyOrangePurple) Rising record.

Goldray - Rising (2017)

A new band to me, The Spacelords also had a great greenYgrey world cover for their Liquid Sun album.

Too Late for Managenius

With lots of talk about football manager genius this week, and having created my wrIus writer/ing-genius word for myself (and others who follow, or that have already been) – such new words combining parts of two others are called blends according to the Oxford Dictionary – I thought last night I hadn’t heard managenius used. So I looked it up, and think I was right about a football context, but it has been used by a French management consultancy.

I also had a few ideas for new Folding Mirror poems, or parts of the same one:

double negative fm
can tell badness of others as side with dark side (written about in my bipolarity poetry)
interpret my behaviour from wrong basis

I started off with the idea of writing it this morning, in a state of complete coffilosophy, although the spirit of philosotea. It ended up being a little different, but with some similarities, leaving the door open for another poem or two from the ideas above.

The title was inspired by an article I read this week about chimps, and how they share our dark side, suggesting an evolutionary link. I loved chimps when I was young, mostly inspired by the PG Tips advert I think, so I’ve been disappointed to see they’ve got a dark side, but accept it. However, the good news of chimps’ similarity to humanity is that on this year’s series of Animals With Cameras a chimp was shown washing its hands, cleaning its teeth and thoughtfully weaving together a nest from leaves (clip available on website above – don’t know if available outside U.K.).

I laugh to myself because I think a lot about other things while zoning out to the television, even if the programme’s interesting; I think down to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), but don’t know how far I am on the spectrum? I often have to rewind programmes having missed a few minutes, as I’ve written about before, and included in my poetry.

That’s one of the reasons why I consider it dangerous to be around one-dimensional people in the new ‘Big Brother’ age!

Advertised Childhood Chimpanzee, Evolutionary Family Tree

Gogglebox guilty
laughing to myself
while bad news
on television
looking around
hoping see
still free
amongst 21-C humanity

face value judgements, predictably negative sentiments

 complex 3-D brain
maybe sane
channelling pain
thinking beyond
modern media
view in front
wanting to write
innocent beauty

Gogglebox is a programme revolving around watching people watching television.

242 Mirror Poems and Reflections by [Latham, Marc]

Richard Dawkins is the Knowledge of 3-D Y

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang. Thanks to Stephen Wolfing and Greenygrey for presenting the first two parts of this 3-D Y tree trilogy. I’m glad to tell you that we have managed to acquire the knowledge for the last part of the 3-D greenYgrey equation. This puts us on the cutting edge of lexical nanotechnology, and our achievement is probably the alphabetic equivalent to splitting the atom.

The Knowledge 

After Debbie Harry was chosen as the human representative of greenYgrey 3-D Y Growth, and the Dalai Lama of Thought, we have chosen Richard Dawkins to represent Knowledge.

Richard Dawkins in this episode.
Richard Dawkins in this episode. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Charles Darwin was another candidate, but we thought that Dawkins has acquired Darwin’s knowledge, and all the research that has been done since Darwin passed away.

Beautiful Minds Documentary 

Dawkins’s case was helped by a BBC Beautiful Minds documentary about him this week. The documentary explained that Darwin’s theory of evolution has been revised by evolutionary biologists over recent years, including  Dawkins’s The Selfish Gene.

Dawkins is of course an atheist, and the author of The God Delusion. We think that of the major religions, Buddhism seems the most in line with the knowledge we’ve acquired in our adventures in space and science, so choosing Dawkins’s knowledge alongside the Dalai Lama’s thought provides a science and spirit greenygrey balance above Debbie Harry’s growth.

A few years after Dawkins passes away, somebody else will become more knowledgeable than him, because they will have all the knowledge Dawkins had, plus whatever has been discovered since. And so it will go on…

That completes the greenYgrey 3-D Y tree of growth, thought and knowledge human representatives trilogy. We hope you have enjoyed it, and won’t ask Y?

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