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Nazca Civilisation Demise, Western Australia Surprise

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We were all gathered around the box to watch the latest episode of Andrew Marr’s History of the World on Sunday, and learnt that the Nazca civilisation in South America was supposed to have died in a similar way to the meerkat community of Meekatharra that Grey met on its comedy-fantasy epic travel-quest classic, Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps; now published in glorious greenygrey on Amazon.

Nazca Warning from History

However, the Nazca people cut all the trees down to try and appease their own gods, before being flooded by rain, rather than the monotheist ones in the Werewolf of Oz. We knew some civilisations had died from deforestation, but didn’t know that about the Nazca.

This aerial photograph was taken by Maria Reic...
This aerial photograph was taken by Maria Reiche, one of the first archaeologists to study the lines, in 1953. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway, we thought that was a good excuse to dish up another thrilling episode of Werewolf of Oz. Grey ate up the Oz google maps northern coast of Western Australia miles before heading inland by visiting Broome, Beagle Bay and Fitzroy Crossing, ending up with a Robin Hood theme and AC/DC soundtrack:

23.  KIMBERLEY hosts ROBIN HOOD scenery

We made consistent progress on the dust sandy path in the morning, and arrived in Broome by lunchtime.

Bathing with Beagles and Buying Brooms in Broome

We were dusty and sandy, so we agreed a dip in Beagle Bay seemed a good idea. It was a beautiful day, and the beach was full of beagles by the time we got there. I talked to one called Biggles, and he said they were mostly recuperating after taking part in smoking tests. The sea air and swimming were supposed to be good for their breathing.

Beagles used for safety testing of pharmaceuti...
Beagles used for safety testing of pharmaceuticals in a British facility (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After bidding the beagles bye-bye we set off on the path once again. On the edge of Broome we met a broom salesman by the side of the road. Bonzo said we should buy a broom, as they were pretty cheap, and it might come in handy on the dust sandy path. So we purchased one, and it sure did come in handy.

Fitzroy Makes Bonzo go TNT

We reached Fitzroy Crossing by evening, but a man waving a staff around stopped us crossing a log bridge into town. He bellowed, ‘Nobody can cross this bridge past Fitzroy.’

"With a furious stroke, the stranger stru...
“With a furious stroke, the stranger struck Robin off his balance” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bonzo had obviously had enough for one day, and screamed at Fitzroy with the ferocity of an AC/DC back catalogue, ‘I don’t have time for Beating Around the Bush with a Cold Hearted Man; If You Want Blood You’ve Got It.’ Then he seemed to charge the broom up to High Voltage before launching it at Fitzroy.

The broom flew through the air and hit Fitzroy’s eye with a bullseye, knocking him off the log and into the river below. Bonzo turned to me and said it had been a Shoot to Thrill, and that Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap were sometimes necessary.

We crossed the river, and passed through Fitzroy Crossing. A fair maiden welcomed us on the other side. She said her name was Kimberley, and this land was named after her.

English: Lake Kununurra, Kimberley/Australia D...
English: Lake Kununurra, Kimberley/Australia Deutsch: Lake Kununurra, Kimberley/Australien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Kimberley is a region in the north of Western Australia. Scenes in the movie Australia were filmed there.
Robin Hood and other characters in the story: Little John and Maid Marian.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Photo credit: thejcgerm)

AC/DC songs: Beating Around the Bush, Cold Hearted Man, If You Want Blood You’ve Got It, High Voltage, Shoot to Thrill, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, TNT.


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Blue Black Permanent by Margaret Tait gets Wolfgang in State

View west from the Cleveland Way at Live Moor ...
Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Wolfgang.  You know, sometimes I think I’m going potty with all this rambling on about greenygrey research and blogging.

Blue Black Permanent by Margaret Tait

But then the other night I saw there was a film on called Blue Black Permanent, and the colour combination in the title of course caught my attention.

And you know what, it didn’t disappoint, because accomplished poet and film-maker, the late Margaret Tait, included a lot of footage depicting blue and black imagery: like bluish pebbles on the beach combined with black seaweed.

Correlations with the Greenygrey

It was also just after we received lots of greenygrey evidence from the Yorkshire coast, including grey stones combined with green seaweed.

As regular visitors and readers will know, we have now made into a YouTube film of the Cleveland Way walk from Scarborough to Robin Hood’s Bay.

Lost Civilisation of Werewolves?

So while we see a greenygrey world, maybe Margaret Tait saw it in blueyblack.  And we’re not all crazy in the greenygrey world, we think the same as other people, but just see it differently!?

Or maybe there was a lost civilisation of blueyblack werewolves?  That (multi-theory) is the greenygrey (see literature) of it!

Maybe it will take a place in the Greenygrey psyche and world like the Lost City of Atlantis does in the human…leading to lots more theories…and books…and more questions…than answers?

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