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Werewolfers Travel 1960s and 1970s Music Memory Lane

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. We hope you liked Jack’s brand new little photo saga yesterday, and I can assure you that it was Jack’s work, and not that of G.G. Howling; although Jack said he was inspired by G.G.’s storytelling prowess.

Epic Werewolf Comedy Satire

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Talking of storytelling, we thought we’d keep the action going with the next episode of the comedy satire epic Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

I think this episode has some nice lines referencing musical groups such as the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Mamas and Papas and Doors; and their musical titles such as Exile On Main Street and California Dreamin‘; but it is mainly to set up an Italian Job jokey line in the next episode. Enjoy!:

Chapter 86.  Doors and Beatles Play Live in the Italian Job 

The 1970s were before Kerang-Kerrang was built, which was probably why it had such a surreal psychedelic atmosphere. Graveyardish backstreets reminiscent of Black Sabbath’s early album covers crossed gaudy technicolor main streets that exiles from the 1960s would have rolled right into without noticing a stone unturned.

Doors of the Italian Job 

Film poster for The Italian Job (1969 film) - ...
Film poster for The Italian Job (1969 film) – Copyright 1969, Paramount Pictures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We thought we’d lost the Grunginator, and strolled through the 1970s as if California Dreamin’ on a winter’s day; until a shot shattered my subconscious slumber. I turned around and saw the Grunginator hot on our tails.

We ducked into a hip looking jive dive by the name of The Italian Job. The Doors were on stage playing Strange Days, and I could relate to the sentiment of the song!

Doors to the Beatles 

Grunge texture
Grunge texture (Photo credit: Photoshop Roadmap)

We found an empty table in a candlelit corner. Jim Morrison started singing My Eyes Have Seen You, which made me paranoid. I blew out the candle, hoping the Grunginator wouldn’t see us if it entered. I felt more at home when the Doors ended their set with The Changeling.

The Beatles took to the stage after the Doors. I hoped they would Help my mood, but just after they started playing I’ll Get You the Grunginator entered.



Rolling Stones album: Exile on Main Street.
California Dreamin’ is a Mamas and Papas song.
Doors and Beatles songs explained within the narrative.
The Italian Job is a 1969 film.

werewolf of oz book cover
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What is Greatness? Werewolf of Oz Philosophical Debate

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It was great to have the blog filled up with interviews this week; as it has given Team GG an easy week! Not that we’ve been completely at leisure, as there’s always work to do in the Greenygrey world. For example, I found this great greenygrey image to brighten and dull your day in equal measure.

Horses Under the Aurora Borealis
Image by Greg Annandale via Flickr

Greats of Television and Writing

I’m glad I had a break, as today’s Werewolf of Oz blog is a sad one, reminding Grey of the time when he found out that Belinda Emmett had passed away at a tragically early age. Although it was her beauty that first brought her to our attention, she does also seem to have lived a particularly nice life, which touched a lot of people in Australia and around the world.

English: Iain Banks, author, at the Edinburgh ...
Iain Banks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people might question her ‘greatness’, but it all depends how you measure ‘greatness’, which is just a subjective human concept: for example, should greatness be measured more for leading a nice good life or acquiring power and wealth?

Yesterday, Iain M. Banks, who we think justifies being called a great writer, even though we haven’t read any of his books, revealed the sad news that he is terminally ill. We thought it was particularly poignant that he hoped to see his latest book published, and appreciated his humour in asking his girlfriend to be his widow.

Anyway, on with the show, and another literary nonsense poem episode:


Too Late to Pay Tribute to a Great

Wolfram showed us north
was the sensible way forth
over lakes of Great and Arthur
and across Central Plateau after
through Meander we did stroll
in Mole Creek we saw no troll
Jumpin’ Jack Flash had a gas
with Angry Bonzo in Sassafras
from Beauty Point we did see a peach
Rebecca Fisher enjoying Green Beach
the vision swam gracefully out to sea
rising above waves until she was free.



Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Rolling Stones song).
Rebecca Fisher (character in Aussie soap opera, Home and Away. She was mostly played by Belinda Emmett, who died in 2006).


English: Baby wombats at Mole Creek, Tasmania,...
English: Baby wombats at Mole Creek, Tasmania, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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