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Gravity 3-D Poetry by William Wordsworth of Greenygrey World

Hi, it’s William Wolfsworth, poetry correspondent at the Greenygrey. I went to watch Gravity in 3D yesterday, and was inspired to write this poem about the first movie I’ve watched in the cinema this year. It doesn’t contain any spoilers.

William Wordsworth Poetry of Gravity

I think my human inspiration William Wordsworth would have liked it.

I bet the old Romantic would have been impressed by how far humanity has travelled; and marvelled at the images of Earth from space.

I think he’d also have liked the way the movie showed our planet’s beauty, and the value of its life and natural resources.

The poem rhymes AABBA, which spells ABBA after an additional A.

Gravity 3D Poetry

See Gravity
in 3-D
for its effects
surpass story.

However, there is narrative
driving the speculative
science-fiction future
orbiting Earth odyssey
reminding reasons to live.

Planet’s land, oceans and rivers
sparkling in sunrise shimmers
living memories of those departed
human chuckles, canine howls
sound heart desire, awakens believers.

Marc Latham has books available on Smashwords and Amazon.

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New Comedy Horror Frankenstein Werewolf Joke

Hi, it’s Tony Loboinson, history and comedy correspondent at the Greenygrey. Today I’ve got a little comedy for you. I know it’s not often we crack the jokes around here, and I do seem to spend more time encased in earth rather than unearthing comedy gems, but this one’s been doing the rounds in the Greenygrey world for quite some time… which is a very long time in the human world!

Frankenstein 1118
Frankenstein 1118 (Photo credit: IowaPolitics.com)

New Comedy Horror Jokes

Okay, here goes. I’m pretty sure you all know the Queen of British Romanticism Mary Shelley‘s story about Doctor Frankenstein and the ‘monster’ he created out of body parts.

Well, the joke is: if Frankenstein had created the monster out of werewolf and Loch Ness Monster body parts what would it have been called?

Nessie replica in Scotland. Česky: Lochneská n...
Nessie replica in Scotland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll give you some time to think about it, and bring you the answer in the next bewildering blog.

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Francisco Goya BBC Documentary by Robert Hughes

Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonhill, TV correspondent at the Greenygrey, and Andy Wolfhol, creator extraordinaire at the Greenygrey, bringing you a read one, read one free bargain British bank holiday blog bonanza from your favourite value for reading website. After the Chinchillas of Goya (COG) played a central part in Grey’s final battle in its epic comedy-fantasy classic Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps I was thrilled to see the BBC had a documentary about the Spanish painter who created the chinchillas.

Capricho nº 50: Los Chinchillas de Goya, serie...
Capricho nº 50: Los Chinchillas de Goya, serie Los Caprichos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robert Hughes on Goya: Crazy Like a Genius

Robert Hughes searched for the truth behind the myth of Romantic-era artist Francisco Goya in the BBC documentary, after Hughes had written a book on the subject; Goya was Spain’s leading artist during the Napoleonic occupation of the country.

Cover of "Goya"
Cover of Goya

It was a fascinating tale, depicting Goya as a classic artist who tried to use his art to show the reality of human nature, and how he was prepared to suffer the backlash likely to follow. This was epitomised by his self-portrait wearing a matador uniform, symbolising his role as a provocateur.

Hughes thought Goya had no option but to try and paint the world as he saw it, as to hide the truth he needed to release might have sent him into madness.

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No More Grey Areas: Upgraded to Greenygrey

Grey Friar. The summit area of Grey Friar, loo...
Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, word expert at the Greenygrey.

I’ve been thinking more about defining the greenygrey,
for future posterity,
and it’s place in the human dictionary.

It seems to me as if greenygrey, as a word, is somewhere between a grey area and a two-sided argument.

The Grey half of the Greenygrey is most definitely a Grey area, while combined with Green it is two-sided.

In this blog I will be analysing and discussing the ‘grey area’; and putting forward a hypothesis that the grey area should have its status upgraded to a ‘greenygrey area’.

This is indeed a paradigm shift in the ‘grey area’ field, so I do not expect my theory to be accepted straight away.  Further research may be needed.

Grey Area Definition

The Free Online Dictionary, available from the latter two links above, defines a grey area as:

1. (Sociology) (in Britain) a region in which unemployment is relatively high.

2. an area or part of something existing between two extremes and having mixed characteristics of both.
3. an area, situation, etc., lacking clearly defined characteristics.

Grey Area Relevance

It seems to me that the second definition is the most relevant for our work at the Greenygrey, with the Greenygrey made up of two colours, if not extremes.

Considering that a grey area is between ‘two extremes’, would it not be more realistic to think that some of them survived into the middle, and swirled around like a greenygrey fog.

I certainly do!

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Romantics Nature, New Green and Grey Bits Video

Photograph of the gravestone of William Wordsw...
Image via Wikipedia

Hi, it’s Green.  Exciting news for all the Greenygreyologists out there; and not literary nonsense at all.  We’ve captured the 27 best greenygrey moments from the BBC’s Romantics: Nature documentary, and turned it into a youtube film for our Greenygrey3 channel.

New Green (and Grey) Video: Romantic Nature

The video is also below, for your utmost convenience, because we think you are very busy peoples (sorry for that Orlovism, but meerkatish is quite addictive).

Romantics clips: Green and Grey Nature

The video starts with ten wholly nature clips:

  • 3 combine green fields and trees with grey cloud above the horizon
  • 2 combine green fields and hills with grey river and cloud
  • 2 have green forests amongst grey mountains
  • 1 has the sea, which looked green and grey in the programme
  • 1 has a grey lake with grey stones under a green landscape
  • 1 has a waterfall falling down a grey mountain with green foliage
Then there are seventeen clips combining nature and humanity.  Nine combine actual humans with nature:
  • 2 of William Wordsworth in the grey Alps with green trees
  • 1 of John Clare wearing grey trousers lying in green grass
  • 1 of Peter Ackroyd in front of green and grey rocks
  • 1 of Ackroyd in a grey street with green leaves above
  • 1 of Wordsworth depicted in a boat on a grey lake with green trees
  • 1 of Ackroyd on grey mountains with green trees behind
  • 1 of Ackroyd in front of green and grey house, with green vegetation
  • 1 of Ackroyd in grey Tintern Abbey with green vegetation
Eight combine human constructions with nature:
  • 2 of grey looking Tintern Abbey among green fields and trees
  • 1 of grey walls dividing green fields after the Enclosure Act
  • 1 of a grey church in a green grass and tree leaves churchyard
  • 1 of a grey monument to John Clare amongst green vegetation
  • 1 of a grey road through the village of Helpston with green grass
  • 1 of a grey factory amongst green fields
  • 1 of a grey office block alongside green leaves
Whew, hope that enhances your enjoyment of the video, and all things greenygrey!
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Romantic Nature BBC Documentary in Green and Grey

" A Poet is born not made"
Image by meg_williams via Flickr

Hi, it’s Green.

Big news for the increasingly popular field (and stone) of greenygreyology.

Our ol’ acquaintance, Marc Latham, a doctor of philosophy specialising in the arts of greenygrey, has written an article highlighting the greenygreyness of the Romantics: Nature documentary, which you have a day left to watch if you have access to the BBC iplayer.

He also captured lots of greenygrey
stills from the documentary
which were just wonderful to see
especially if you’re Green like me
and have a spare pot of organic set honey.

He wrote it after first writing a summary of the documentary.

They are both available on Marc Latham’s Suite 101 page.


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