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My lap analogy Facebook post yesterday; which was more about one year being a lap, whereas this is about all life being like a lap) reminded me of one of my (Bitcoiny: new money Banksy!: ironically, I’ve never had any cryptocurrency!!) artworks.

Whereas ancient humans may have seen life as an endless track; as they saw their world; and didn’t know the concept of death; as animals don’t now; humans today know we’ve got a set time, like track racing in modern athletics.

In the lap of life, as in my drawing, the beginning and end are always in sight, but as we go around the first corner, with the long straight of adulthood ahead, we forget about the beginning and don’t think about the end.

Then, when we come around the final corner, with the home straight ahead, we see the beginning too, and the lap of life as a whole. I read a lot of running philosophy quotes in my marathons ambition years (2004-16), but don’t recall this one, and didn’t find it in a quick search just now.

My books are full of such Doctor of Philosophy graduate philosophy and still free to download today (January 1st): on Smashwords and Amazon. Happy 2021!