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seagull music mews selection

Today is the first day of MEW (Mist Evaporation Week), as we count down to the halfway point of mistYmuse, with January 21st Y-day; and the 20th T-day, as set out two years ago: ‘We are now officially in the MEW (Mist Evaporation Week) of mistYmuse, with January 21st a week away. It really gets exciting in the last four days, as we lose each letter day by day, going from MIST to IST, ST and finally just T on the 20th; kind of like T20 cricket!’

January 21st was also declared the greenYgrey werewolf world’s Winter Solstice in Chapter 4 Episode 4 of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity:

 ‘… said she’d seen a nice Winter Solstice sunrise in the greenYgrey world before leaving, at about 08.10 on January 21st.
When’s the summer solstice you ask? Funnily enough, there’s no Summer Solstice in the greenYgrey world, so in that way, were (sic) one-dimensional.
We do see the beautiful colours of the sunset though, and with a little travelling, the ethereal late last light of the summer night is visible from the western edge of the greenYgrey world.’

I used to wonder why anybody would write a song about seagulls; or name their band after them. But after seeing their nesting homes on the coast, and their flocks flying over at sunrise and sunset for their ‘days of work’ I can understand it now. I hadn’t heard of the Mitchell song or Green Seagull band before searching; inspired by recent photos of them at sunrise; the other two I had heard of… although I didn’t think the first song was Bad Company!