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Poem of the Year, 2022

I have created, for those who waited…

Dead Poet’s Society will hopefully see you in 2023…

What you want more, an encore, totally unexpected, so nothing planned.

Oh, I could tell you the above poem was inspired by an afternoon snowfall that coincided with a nap, so the first and third lines wordplay between the snowfall and sleep, while the middle is just w alliteration observation.

Claire Knight Winter Snow Poem

Here’s one of three new Folding Mirror poems by Claire Knight that we’ll be publishing here in the near future.

Thanks to Claire for creating another strong and evocative FM and allowing it to be used here.

The snow is falling once again as I write.


pristine snow lies all around
its silence its muffled sound
each crystal glistening a spark
contrasting trees bare and dark
bushes laden with cotton wool clumps
waiting inviting – a longing to touch

this world out of reach through the window

thawing melting – a longing to stroll
the towpath awash with slushy humps
pathways now muddy and clear
I venture out to places near
hearing once more bird sound
in fields green again all around

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Snowcatcher: the Film of the Poem

Marc Latham’s epic Folding Mirror poem, Snowcatcher: Cradler of Cosmic Latte , has now been adapted into an epic film by leading werewolf director and celebrity, the greenygrey, or as it is known in the movie world, greenygrey3.

The epic film, titled: Snowcatcher and the Swans, has been rush released onto youtube before the snow melts.

Hope it compliments the poem for you, and provides evidence of Snowcather in action.

Snowcatcher: Cradler of Cosmic Latte. British Big Freeze Poem.

While I was ankle deep in the best winter snow in Britain for years yesterday, it all looked very scenic, but it was the naked trees holding aloft snow on branches reaching to the sky that made me think of Folding Mirror poems. Combining the beautiful Armley Park scenery with some Native American culture and spirituality (which I think is similar to old British/European/world in many ways) gave me poetic inspiration.

A nice review of my poetry book by Caroline Gill provided extra motivation, and the resulting poem is below.

Cosmic latte is a shade of white I came across on the wikipedia colour chart. Although it’s a darker shade than the snow on the branches, the words seemed to fit the poem better than anything else, and just seems to sum up snow pretty well to me.

Poem Structure

The poem mirrors words per line: 5-8-7-7-9 (10) 9-7-7-8-5.

The top half has the snow falling to snowcatcher’s outstretched arms in the folding middle line, while the bottom half sees the snow eventually fall to ground.

The Poem

Snowcatcher: Cradler of Cosmic Latte

snowflakes fall from freezing sky
en masse they drop from clouds up high
swirling to earth they brighten our way
and snowcatcher preserves some for another day
against an azure sky after storm has passed away

Cosmic latte stretches out on snowcatcher’s fallow and silver arms

until robin redbreast or wind of the willows scare
sends snowflakes ghosting once again through air
wisps of cosmic latte catch us unaware
so fine and yet still quiet they descend
to consolidate winter’s carpet trend

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