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Ashes Second Test Special Werewolf of Oz Episode

The second Ashes test 
more Oz east than west
gets under way
in less than a day
in the Adelaide Oval
where Grey found opal
providing direction
before Arishes invention
The Old Gum Tree
all Werewolfers did see.

Ashes Returns to Adelaide, Home of AusRuIcket

The Old Gum Tree
The Old Gum Tree (Photo credit: Abi Skipp)

Hi, it’s Martin ‘Werewolfie’ Adams, satirical comedy sports correspondent inspired by darts legend Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams.

Yes, The Old Gum Tree was about all the Werewolf of Ozzers saw when they passed through Adelaide a long time ago; how long is difficult to tell, after a timequake sent them hurtling in the direction of Theold Gumtree, expert in timetravelicity.

Then they discovered AusRuIcket, something like a combination of Aussie Rules and cricket probably inspired by J.K. Rowling‘s Harry Potter quidditch; played between teams of Crows and Redbacks, like the Aussie Rules and cricket teams in that locality.

Adelaide Oval looking North from the new Weste...
Adelaide Oval (Wikipedia).

And about fourteen hours from now, the Ashes returns to Adelaide for the second test, with the Aussies 1-0 up after the Brisbane boomeranging. I’m sure England and Wales will want to bounce back.

Werewolf of Oz Green Light

We don’t know what’s going to happen in the Ashes second test, but we do know what’s going to happen in the Werewolf of Ozzers’ ultimate test, as they approach Bri’s bane.

Have you guessed what Bri’s bane is yet? We didn’t have a clue until they passed through Hat Head and reached Emerald Beach. Then we had an idea. There’s more clues in this episode, which mixes flashbacks, contemplative review, repetition and progression.

Self-Analysis (Photo credit: mellowsundrops)

Chapter 128.  Welcome to the Jungle: Emerald Forest Beach

I grew ever more apprehensive as we neared Emerald Beach; because my last few experiences of green hadn’t worked out well.

There was our terrible episode with Smiggin Holes, Lord of the Green; the green ray I’d seen before our awful Swan Lake experience; and then we couldn’t get past Green Point after being boomeranged from Boomerang Beach.

I thought Green would probably have had much better luck at those places, and maybe I just wasn’t cut out for this epic rambling lark.

Emerald Beach

U-Bute True Blue Gold for 'Straylya!
U-Bute True Blue Gold for ‘Straylya! (Photo credit: mugley)

My emerald cork hat almost dragged me onto Emerald Beach; it seemed to be growing in strength, and I now felt like it was wearing me more than the other way around!

I took it off to have a look at it, and was shocked to find I could only see its corks.

I put it back on and it pulled toward a crag jutting out of the cliff at the far side of the beach. I looked back at the others, who seemed to share my curiosity. Moreover,
out of the corner of my eye,
in the seemingly faraway ocean,
I thought I saw a commotion,
and wondered what it could be.

Sea Cliff Bridge
Sea Cliff Bridge (Photo credit: Nik Cubrilovic)

It was difficult making our way through all the emerald; like struggling through dense jungle. But my hat was a good guide, and we soon reached the crag.

I thought that might be it, but the hat wanted to go farther; it led me around the edge of the cliff. The others followed. I thought I knew what my hat was up to when we turned the corner. Emerald Beach had a secret cave.



The secret cave is inspired by adventure books such as those in Robert Arthur Jr’s The Three Investigators series.


Link for Amazon book and kindle.
Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
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Ashes Leaves Brisbane for South Australia Boomeranging Shrike

Australia‘s ‘boomerang’ helped them win the first Ashes cricket test in Brisbane, and a day after we explained the ‘boomerang’ is a return journey, Jonathan Trott of the England and Wales team is returning home from the tour early.

Ashes First Test Review 

Trott’s stress-related illness is long-term though, so wasn’t caused by the friendly pommie-bashing and exuberant boomeranging seen in some Aussie media outlets and sports grounds.

The second ashes test will be played in Adelaide, South Australia, home of the Arishes. South of Australia’s flag of course features a piping shrike, which was crucial to the Werewolf of Ozzers escaping from the Northern Territories  into South Australia through the Rainbow Valley. Looking back at the flag now, it looks as if the shrike is boomeranging more than piping!

Flag of South Australia featuring the Piping S...
Flag of South Australia featuring the Piping Shrike (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Werewolf of Ozzers of course visited Adelaide during chapters 40-45. They didn’t spend much time in the human city though, after a timequake sent them crashing into a game between Redbacks and Crows like nothing they’d experience before.

Werewolf of Oz Australia East Coast 

Port Macquarie
Port Macquarie (Photo credit: Miss Krin)

Anyway, back to the continuing journey. Having escaped the neverending boomeranging cycle of Boomerang Beach, the travel quest quartet continue their journey up the Oz east coast, with Brisbane only three episodes away… and the answer to the question all those who don’t know the story will have been asking… what’s Bri’s bane.

All will be revealed by the end of next week, but for now, here’s an episode that starts with literary nonsense poetry, and ends with bird-brained Port Macquarie wordplay. Enjoy!

Chapter 126.  Swimming in a Woad Sea to Port Macquarie

Three red heads and a grey,
made their way,
to the bay.
Where the dust sandy road,
was lying overboard,
in a sea of woad.

Now raftless, we swam the dust sandy path, leading us north up the coast. It was good to be back on the ground, even if we were in the sea!

Looking South from Crowdy Head Light
Looking South from Crowdy Head Light (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were going to stop for a rest when we reached Crowdy Head, but a quick headcount suggested it was overcrowded. So we continued swimming through afternoon into evening.

Pour Macawry in Port Macquarie

When the bright lights of Port Macquarie lit up the western horizon we decided to call it a day. It’d been quite some swim, no nonsense.

After drying off we popped into a beachside establishment called Two Cans Irish Pub. We walked up to the bar and a toucan asked us what we’d like to drink.

Guinness posters
Guinness posters (Photo credit: Ben Sutherland)

I knew toucans advertise Guinness, so we all asked for a pint of it. It started pouring one, while holding another pint in its other wing; and asked a macaw standing farther down the bar to pour the other two.

The toucan and macaw had different styles of pouring, which could perhaps be called pour toucany and pour macawry.



Guinness is a stout beer.



Link for Amazon book and kindle.
Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.
Link for multiple Ereaders at Smashwords.  
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Literary Nonsense Poem Ride to The Old Gum Tree

Hi, it’s G.G. Howling, literary correspondent at the Greenygrey. I’m proud to be introducing the latest episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Mapswhich seems to have revolutionised the world of fantasy sport over the past fortnight.

This episode concludes the Adelaide AusRuIcket adventure, but it isn’t long before the travelling trio fall into another literary nonsense lark, before landing their feet on the dusty sandy path. But where is Theold Gumtree?


We commiserated with the Redbacks; they didn’t seem too disheartened, and the players sportingly clapped us off using all eight legs.

Going Downhill after Victory

Sliding Rock
Sliding Rock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After celebrating with our Crow teammates we changed back into our normal shapes and headed over to where we remembered Theold Gumtree had been. We walked in a jubilant mood, and Elle said she was glad to be back in her usual body. I thought that was a good sign, although she had been a beautiful bird. Our unbridled joy was short-lived however, and was soon to be replaced by pesky puzzlement.

As we approached
the remembered location
we reached a slope
we couldn’t recall,
and the decline was so steep
we began to fall.
We had to start running
to stay on our feet,
skidding and sliding
to an uneven beat.
I could stay upright no longer
and gave out a yell
as I fell
into Elle.
Then we both took out Angry,
and tumbled like puppets
all dingly and dangly.

Returning to Time

I thought we might not survive, such was the dive, but after a minute or three we began to slow down. Elle brought us to our final stop by grabbing us. I had to laugh when Bonzo turned around to me from under her right arm and declared: ‘She’s Got Balls!’

Sign on the Old Gum Tree
Sign on the Old Gum Tree (Photo credit: Community History SA)

We had landed back on the dust sandy path. After dusting myself off I had a good look around, and saw there was a memorial to The Old Gum Tree where we remembered meeting Theold Gumtree.



The Old Gum Tree is the historic site of the proclamation of the colony of South Australia in 1836.
She’s Got Balls (AC/DC song).


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No Match of the Day to Watch, so Read this Tosh

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. With this the last day of the weekend and only one Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps episode so far this week, it is  undoubtedly time for another one. And with no Match of the Day this week due to it being an F.A. Cup weekend this episode seems super timely.

The ‘Tosh’ of the headline is slang for nonsense/rubbish by the way. There are some very important cup games today of course, and hopefully they’ll be even more exciting than this blog… although the blog is quite thrilling too.

This episode covers the first half of the Crows v Redbacks game that the travelling trio’s timesanity depends on, after they bet that Crows would win the game with Theold Gumtree, who holds their timedestiny in the balance.

Like the Greenygrey, the AusRuIcket game is made up of two halves. Here’s the first:

43.  match of the day for finding our way 

Wager laid, we rushed over to the pitch for the start of the game.

First Half is a Laugh… For a Redback Giraffe

Two giraffe
Two giraffe (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

After the game started, it was immediately plain to see, what a great spectacle it would be. There were thousands of Crows and Redbacks supporters cheering on their teams. The biggest contingent of Redbacks supporters seemed to be giraffes, while most Crows fans were llamas.

The Redbacks took an early lead when Redgrave buried the ball between the posts. They soon extended their lead through Reddin, inspiring a roar from the Redback end like nothing you’ve heard before. Just before half-time, Redburn seemed to fan the flames of our misfortune when it extended the Redbacks lead.

Grey Joins in with the Murder of Crows

Black crows fly.
Black crows fly. (Photo credit: itchys)

I wondered if all was lost, but Bonzo thought he spotted a weakness in the Redbacks defence; suggesting they looked open to attack from above. He thought the Crows should use their aerial prowess, instead of trying to play it on the ground.

I saw the logic in Bonzo’s strategy, but couldn’t think of a way to put it into practise on the ground… and air! It was murder trying to formulate a plan for a collection of crows that looked rooted on the wrong side of a ruthless Redbacks streak.

crow flying
crow flying (Photo credit: shyb)

The worry made me feel as sick as a parrot; but that negative was turned into a positive when it inspired me to remember my ability to shapeshift. I told the others I was off to join the Crows, before quickly changing into one. They wished me luck as I flapped for the field. Rather than feeling like a sick parrot, I now felt like I could fly over the moon. I hoped my elevated mood would lift the Crows, and once on the pitch:

I squawked my views on second-half play,
told them it was vital to our right of way,
before volunteering as Crow Grey,
to join the sporting fray.

They accepted my offer, and I lined up for the second-half.



A collection of crows is called a murder.


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Literary Nonsense Poetry fills Waiting Time Void

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. It’s Werewolf of Oz time, with the last episode no doubt keeping you on the edge of your seat for the last few days, as our travelling trio faced a crucial decision that would decided their timequake fate on  the edge of what humans know as Adelaide, South Australia.

Remember Wally B’s Marauder t-shirt at the end of Rainbow Valley in a previous episode. It’s relevance is revealed in this episode; or that’s what the travelling trio hope anyway…

With 142 chapters in the Werewolf of Oz, there’s only 100 more to go after this. And the literary nonsense just keeps flowing…


TIME FLIES.....................*
TIME FLIES…………………* (Photo credit: Neal.)

Time will make you Wait, and never be Late

Tick, tock, tick, tock,
time waits for nobody
even in a state of stagnancy
of an alien world strange city.
Crows can fly
redbacks scurry by
if they fought beyond Y
which one would die?
It’s a dilemma, my oh my,
could easily induce a cry.
What temperature is ice meltable?
No, their choice is more hypothetical
than some real world conundrum
that is scientifically measurable.
We cannot help, or advise,
for our words would become lies
in a land where time waits for no-one
and only flies when it’s having fun.

Had time stood still? It certainly seemed so, and I was none the wiser. Then Elle looked up and pointed to the Marauder t-shirts; before reminding us that Wally B had said he thought they’d be useful in Oz South.

Crow (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn_be_back_on_Jan_20th)


Tension was replaced by relief, as we looked at each other with knowing grins. Elle confirmed my thoughts, ‘Crows are birds, and the Marauder t-shirt features a bird image, so according to Wally B theory, the Crows will win.’


We rushed over to Theold Gumtree
and said we’d wager our timesanity
on Crows to beat Redbacks
confident we’ll make tracks
back to our own place in history…

English: Illustration of the tracks left by Co...
English: Illustration of the tracks left by Corvus spp. (crows and ravens)(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Oranges and Sunshine enrich Werewolf of Oz Episode

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. I thought we’d start the week off with the first of your two Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps episodes. You might think it’s a little early, and so do we.

Oranges and Sunshine
Oranges and Sunshine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oranges and Sunshine on the BBC

However, the decision was made after we saw that the film of the book Oranges and Sunshine is on BBCiplayer this week, after being shown on Saturday night.

The true story it tells of Margaret Humphreys uncovering mass child deportation from Britain to Commonwealth countries, where they suffered abuse, hardship and lies (told they were orphans etc) was the main social inspiration for the way the Werewolf of Oz was told. Grey did of course meet some victims in Latham, Western Australia.

Anyway, enough seriousness, here’s another crazy funny trip to Oz, with a couple of poems to up the pace and make up for time lost in the Rainbow Valley. There is a reference to being caged in the first poem, which could have been a late reference to Oranges and Sunshine.


We travelled west for what seemed like an age,
but it wasn’t like we were trapped in a cage,
the vast distances of the outback stretched out,
and we were totally free to go walkabout.
It was also nice to just sit back and relax,
observe stars dancing on water to the max,
as we passed Lake Cadibarrawirracanna,
the second longest official name in Oztralia.

Lake Cadibarrawirracanna
Lake Cadibarrawirracanna (Photo credit: edh1138)

We continued travelling south at quite a pace in the wide open space, and reached Quorn around midday. We had a magnificent meat substitute lunch there. Wesgrey, Jane and Barkatowt were so full they were going to sleep it off; but we wanted to get going, so we bade them farewell and thanked them for the lift before continuing on foot and paw.

Lost and Found, Time Spins Around 

We couldn’t find the dust sandy path
and were going to visit Whyalla,
but we asked a few people directions,
and they didn’t seem to have a clear answer.

Anchor at Whyalla
Anchor at Whyalla (Photo credit: Community History SA)

We were a little lost, but then saw a giant greenygrey coloured opal which must have escaped the opal trade. It seemed to be pointing in a certain direction, and my hat was shining, so we followed it. Lo and behold, we soon arrived in Adelaide. However, just as I felt our luck was changing for the better, a sudden timequake sent us hurtling into another dimension.

As we span toward an alien ground, I saw we were about to land next to a stadium where there was a weird looking game taking place; like a mixture of Australian rules and cricket merging into football. One team seemed to consist of crows, and the other redbacks. After landing and recovering our composure, we walked toward the stadium, meeting a cane toad along the way.

The Old Gum Tree
The Old Gum Tree (Photo credit: Abi Skipp)

We approached the toad, and introduced ourselves. It reciprocated the pleasantries, introducing itself as Professor Theold Gumtree, expert in the field of timetravelicity. I told Theold about our in the wrong place at the wrong time predicament, and asked if he knew of a solution.

Gumtree thought for a moment, before saying, ‘If you can guess the winner of the AusRuIcket game I will be able to return you to your time; but if you are wrong there will be a costly forfeit.’



AusRuIcket is probably inspired by J.K. Rowling’s quidditch sport in the Harry Potter novels.
Quorn is a town in Australia and a meat-substitute vegetarian food company.
Adelaide Crows is an Australian Rules Football team. South Australia Redbacks is a cricket team.


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Simpsons Sojourn in Simpson Desert for Werewolf of Ozzers

Hi, it’s Greenygrey, and it’s time for another day… of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps. Yep, as promised, we’ve doubled your dose of almost certainly the greatest veggie werewolf travels Australia by Google maps to the Wizard of Oz theme with characters inspired by Bon Scott, Elle McPherson, Angry Anderson, Cathy Freeman and Moby.

South Australia via Rainbow Valley

Anyway, I digress. Yes, after the Rainbow Valley proved difficult to escape, taking several chapters/episodes, but hopefully providing a good story and a few laughs as Grey looked back on it to create this story and have a few laughs…

In the end, our intrepid trio-traveller
finally emerged into South Australia
with the help of Rock Wally B
and some rapid poetry.

And here’s what happened next:


It did indeed do its magic, and we soon found ourselves on the edge of the Rainbow Valley, with normal colour resumed outside.

Understanding the Full Spectrum

rainbow-rising (Photo credit: zentolos)


We were met by Homer and Marge; welcoming us to the Simpson Desert. I looked back at the valley one last time, and it was nice to see a Rainbow Rising again.

It had been a great experience to be amongst all the colours and creatures for an extended period of time, and I thought I now had a deeper appreciation and understanding of the whole spectrum.

Simpson Desert, South Australia

Simpson Desert 0258.JPG
Simpson Desert (Photo credit: Jalbarragup Artworks)

Homer was driving a jeep, and Marge was in front with him, so we all jumped in the back. They hadn’t brought the kids, so there was plenty of room. It was probably a good job they hadn’t brought Santa’s Little Helper, as Bonzo of course thinks it’s a Dog Eat Dog world.

I thought it might be troublesome crossing the Simpson Desert with the Simpsons; but we travelled from delightful Birdsville, to challenging Mount Dare, without any problems.

The Simpsons arranged for some friends to pick us up at Mount Dare, and they were there with their trailer when we arrived.

English: Western Grey Kangaroo (Macropus fulig...
English: Western Grey Kangaroo (Macropus fuliginosus) resting Glen Forrest, Western Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After introductions, we thanked the Simpsons and bade them farewell, before jumping in the back of the trailer. I really bonded with Wesgrey, a Western grey kangaroo; Elle got on well with Jane, a Lake Eyre dragon; and Bonzo had a dog’s life with a barking owl called Barkatowt.

I had a good chat with Wesgrey about kangaroo mythology. He said their creation myth told of their escape from the Grapes of Rolf, and how they lived their lives fearing the return of Rolf.


Homer and Marge Simpson (cartoon couple, and their dog, Santa’s Little Helper).
Rainbow album (Rainbow Rising).
Jane Eyre
(novel by Charlotte Bronte).
Rolf Harris had a big hit in 1957 with an adaptation of an old Aussie folk song: Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.
The Grapes of Wrath is a 1939 John Steinbeck novel about the American Great Depression.


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Jimi Hendrix and Blackfoot rock Werewolf of Oz Rainbow Valley

Hi, it’s Jack Wolfpac, legendary travel writer correspondent at the Greenygrey. At the last-quarter-moon meeting the Greenygrey board has decided to reward your great visiting in 2012 with an extra helping of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps a week

Yes, that’s right, a doubling of your rations; making 2013 already a year to celebrate. That means that with over 100 episodes to go, we should reach the end of the book by the end of this calendar year; and we reach the end of the Rainbow Valley today instead of next weekend.

Yep folks, the moment you’ve been waiting for all over the holidays: our intrepid Google map Oz travellers reach the end of Rainbow Valley in this thrilling violet (not violent, this ain’t Tarantino!) episode of Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps:

38.  REACHing the END OF the RAINBOW 

We knew violet was the seventh colour; the last of the rainbow, and our final chance to meet the Wally B key to our destiny.

Violet is Refreshing and Harmonious 

We entered a haze, with light Purple Rain refreshing the senses after our time spent under the clear indigo skies. We heard some colourful electric guitar sounds lilting over the violet fields, and thought it might be Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze.

So we followed the music to its source,
only to find it wasn’t Hendrix verse,
or even anything slightly violet,
we were just thankful, it never fell silent.

Rickey Medlocke
Cover of Rickey Medlocke

Blackfoot Show Us the Way into South Australia

Good Morning,’ said the source of the music, ‘I heard you’ve been Searchin’ through the Dry County, and Dream On to Fly Away. My name is Black Footed Rock Wally B, and I hold the musical key to your Oz South destiny.’

Bonzo seemed amazed at Wally B’s knowledge of us, and sang out, ‘Let There Be Rock!’

‘Yes,’ said Wally B, ‘and It’s A Long Way to the Top young Bonzo.’ Wally reminded me of Gandalf talking to the hobbits when he said that.

Highway Song to the End of the Rainbow 

I told Wally I’d expected to see MiMo Moby in Blue, and asked why he hadn’t appeared. Wally explained that the magic of dreamtime in the Rainbow Valley was too strong for even good monotheists, so MiMo Moby could not have believed enough to enter.

Cover of "Marauder"
Cover of Marauder

Wally gave us a Marauder t-shirt each, which had an impressive eagle’s head as the main image; saying he thought the t-shirts might be useful in Oz South. Then he said it was time for us to cross the border, and he knew a Highway Song to help us on our way.

I thought it must be the musical key Croc Dundee had talked about. We thanked Wally and let his song do its magic.



Dreamtime is an important part of Australian aborigine spirituality.
Blackfoot songs/album: Good Morning, Searchin’, Dry County, Dream On, Fly Away, Highway Song, Marauder.
AC/DC songs: Let There Be Rock, It’s A Long Way to the Top.
Prince song (Purple Rain).
Jimi Hendrix and song (Purple Haze).
Moby song (Blue).
Gandalf of Lord of the Rings.


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Werewolf Meditations in Green of Rainbow Valley Oz

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang, I hope you enjoyed all your nut roasts and sprouts over the holidays, and haven’t been worrying too much about Grey, Bonzo and Elle in the Rainbow Valley. Thanks to my fantastically foxy colleague Wachel Wiley-Coyote for guesting in my last planned blog, and I’m delighted to say that I’m now back on tip-top form. Moreover, as it’s the Full Moon tonight, I don’t have to do any more countdowning. It was a great moon last night, so I hope it pops through the clouds again tonight.

Full Moon HDR
Full Moon HDR (Photo credit: qwincowper)

Werewolf of Oz in the Rainbow Valley

As I was free from countdowning, the Greenygrey said I could fulfil a dream I’ve had for many moons, and that’s to introduce an episode of my favourite book of the twenty-first century: Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps.

So I thought I’d combine my countdowning with my introducing, to create my own inimitable style. And here it is: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Werewolf of Oz:


My dream in green seemed to continue for an age, and I remember it vividly.

We Gotta Get out of This Place
We Gotta Get out of This Place (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meditations in Green to Animals Soundtrack

I didn’t want to leave the comfort I felt in green, and the way it reminded me of Green, but I thought I could hear the song We Gotta Get Out This Place again. I opened my eyes and saw that Bonzo and Elle had been joined around a bush telly by the Animals I dreamt about in Latham, Western Australia. I took the hint and rose from my slumber. Between my decision and standing up, the Animals and telly disappeared, leaving just Bonzo and Elle sitting on the grass.

They were very understanding about my time-out, saying it was nice to see me awake and refreshed. I didn’t mention seeing the other stuff, as they might have thought I was losing it!

The original cover of Trail Of The Lonesome Pi...
The original cover of Trail Of The Lonesome Pine (1975) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I certainly did feel refreshed, and it was as if my sleep had provided the green light to speed through green. It wasn’t long before I could see blue-ridged mountains in the distance. I remembered how Green and I passed through blue-ridged mountains on our North American ramble, meeting those two chaps searching for the lonesome pine.



Blue-ridged mountains feature in the song, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, with Laurel and Hardy having sung a memorable version.
Meditations in Green is a book by Stephen Wright.


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Rainbow Valley Red, Orange, Yellow and Green

Hi, it’s Greenygrey. Thanks for all your visits this year, and to those who’ve bought or rented our books. We thought there was only one way to bow out for the holiday season, and that’s with another thrilling episode of your favourite werewolf travels Australia to the theme of Wizard of Oz book.

 It seems that Grey has already had a book full of adventures, but it was only a quarter of the way through its journey when it entered the Rainbow Valley on the border between the Northern Territory and South Australia. Have a great holiday!


After thanking Croc and Heath for their advice we waved farewell to the Hughmongers. It rather tired us out, as for a relatively small town their numbers were humongous.

We soon reached the red rocks entrance into the Rainbow Valley, and it got real colourful from then on.

Rainbow Valley
Rainbow Valley (Photo credit: igormazic)


Red animals abounded within the red of Rainbow Valley. Within the first hour I’d seen red kangaroos, red foxes, red-necked wallabies and redback spiders. Although we could see them clearly, and walked amongst them, no animals acknowledged our existence.

English: Red Kangaroos are common in central A...
English: Red Kangaroos are common in central Australia, although they tend to avoid people. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was also red hot there, but the red river did not entice us to its banks.

Mars was the only celestial object visible in the sky, and it glowed brighter than I’d ever seen before; it was indeed a red planet.


The red turned to orange after a few miles, and the temperature cooled somewhat. I was all of a sudden reminded of Halloween, and the autumn/fall season. I saw no animals in orange, and instead it seemed to be full of fruit and vegetables.

Pologne - Toussaint 2010
Pologne – Toussaint 2010 (Photo credit: mayanais)

The natural goodies included pumpkins, nectarines, mangoes, carrots, apricots; and of course, oranges. But even though they looked delicious, we didn’t feel the desire to devour.


Orange faded to yellow an hour or two later, and it felt as if we were inside a golden paradise. It was as if all the gold in the universe was spread out in front of us.

English: Pot of Gold in Arkengarthdale We had ...
Pot of Gold in Arkengarthdale: particularly intense rainbow with its pot of gold somewhere on the valley floor between Faggergill and Whaw. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But even though the gold looked shiny and beautiful, we didn’t feel tempted to extract it and weigh ourselves down; instead, we continued our walkabout.


Sometime later; I was losing track of time to tell you the truth; the yellow turned green, as if mixed with blue. Memories of my Green surged through me. Our happy times together in the past lifted my mood, but then I thought of our current situation, and it made me lethargic.

Green Vegetation
Green Vegetation (Photo credit: Bohemianism)

Thick vegetation also made passage difficult, and tired me out further. I suggested a rest stop, and fell into a deep sleep soon after sitting down.

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