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Poem Philosophy: Questioning Human Evolution Monarch Butterfly Solution?

While watching a recent episode of The Living Universe they said that to travel beyond our solar system is a multi-generation project, with the next solar system 170,000 times as far as Mars; the first of billions in our galaxy, with billions of galaxies in the universe.

Of Monarch and Man

It reminded me of the monarch butterfly migration, which takes several generations to complete the long round trip; a few generations heading north, and then one long trip south for the last.

Humanity always seems to have had the urge to travel; sometimes from necessity, such as ice ages, but other times seemingly just out of curiosity.

Unknown Past, Future Uncertain

Is it just the way our brain has adapted to circumstances, or is it something embedded in it since creation; as each generation of the monarch butterfly plays its part without seeming to know why in the bigger picture – as we know the world and universe?

Is this age of humanity, between ape and AI, according to evolution theory, like one generation of monarch butterfly pre-programmed to play a part in a much bigger space time picture?

See the source image
National Geographic photo of monarch butterflies migration.

Physical Gravity, Dextrous Mentality

Am I E.T., Yeti Discovery
my humanity distant memory
mind travelled deep in space
escaped the human race
for a finishing line?
I’m inclined to decline

seeking future,  fearing dystopia; already here, passed utopia

as if in DNA
higher order at play?
like generational butterfly migrations
their trees our space stations
not knowing reason why
just feeling urge to fly

Not very Chrismassy, but a great present for lovers of poetic philosophy, at the cheapest Amazon price possible.

Mirror Poem Reflects Cosmic Ray Light

I was thinking that yesterday’s video of the green shape docking at the ISS and Soyuz (which is what looked cross-shaped) could also be interpreted as the greenYgrey (the shape is described as yellow in another YouTube video) saying goodbye to humanity, as it was from 2014, when the greenYgrey was already on its XaW Files journey, in its final year on Earth, which included time in greenYgrey space above Russia!

Chemical Elements Mirror Poem

I thought the supporters of the above theory could be called the Enola Gays, remembering the song Enola Gay by the Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, wordplaying on the En start and ys end, with Gays also having a G like Grey, and the a and e are interchangeable, such as between American and English spelling.

However, when I looked the song up I realised it was about the plane that carried the atomic bomb over Hiroshima, so I think we should leave that there.

Ironically, atomic energy does have relevance to my new Folding Mirror poem, but only in being scientific in a chemistry way. As Wikipedia writes: ‘chemical element is a species of atoms having the same number of protons in their atomic nuclei.’

Wordplay Humour Poetry

Having watched Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator for the first time yesterday, when I first saw boron I thought it made a good blended word for Borat and moron, remembering Cohen’s other character.

I also thought it was weird his character had made his name into a lot of words in their language, after I’d written earlier that day about the greenYgrey family of words. Its not the first time our humour has crossed paths!

I liked the movie, although the humour’s lost the sparkle of the early stuff, but is still good. Having watched that and the even funnier Ted2 recently, I wonder why some people in Blighty get all high n’ mighty about my writing! I’m like the Simpsons to them being like South Park!!

It was also good to see the female stars having enough of a sense of humour to laugh at themselves in both movies, as I am about myself, and show my humility, as in the word explanation below the poem.

Anyway, enough about politically incorrectness, and time for the poetry and to introduce a couple of lovely images I found with lots of greenYgrey letters relevance, and great gYgPOP (greenY[ellow]greyPinkyOrangePurple) colours.

See the source image

Chemical Elements, Wordplay Ingredients
Iron Beryllium, Gold Vanadium

cosmic ray spallation
universal exhalation
scattering energy space
creating human race
supernovae seem rare
from where we stare
on our awesome planet
free of those trying to ban it

found boron in codeword grid, without knowing what letters hid

unlocked box full of chemical elements
eye candy mental sentiments
mesmerising my eye sense
enlightening by fluorescence
stimulating further learning
planning on returning
mental inhalation
deep breath relaxation

Most of the above science is new to me, although some ring a bell, such as Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium (Nirvana!), Nitrogen, Oxygen, Iron, Gold etc.
Wikipedia list of chemical elements: Boron is B5. Beryllium is Be4, Iron is Fe26. Vanadium is V23, Gold is Au79 – a gold AAW connection relevance!

If you need to research any words there’s the Free Online Dictionary. I checked fluorescent, thinking I knew basically what it meant, but not exactly. I was right, I didn’t know that fluorescence is light passed on from another light source, and is different to phosphorescence in that its light goes out straight away once the original light goes out.

Mirror Poem about Seasons, Sun and Space

Marc Latham’s new Folding Mirror poem was inspired by the first prolonged sunny hot spell of the year where he lives, which in month 5 has just beaten the official start of summer in months 6-8.

Marc has just had an article about Leeds hosting the Tour de France in month 7, July, published on Go Nomad.

Here’s the poem:

Spring or Summer, Sun flares Whenever

summer can’t arrive too soon
although not expected until June
sun doesn’t know northern reasoning
each hemisphere’s split seasoning
it just sits centre burning fuel
although solar winds wave like fool

our planet circles fusion fire, life on Earth reaching higher

comets dance around gravity bound moons
shooting stars whiz space like loons
judged on falling brightness
without knowing journey light years
hot weather come what May
spring doesn’t claim every day

Smashwords cover

Mirror Poem Combining Io Space and Coldplay Chris

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem started bubbling in the mind on January 7th: exactly one week ago. He answered a Facebook question set by the poet Sarah James (Leavesley) on an ‘I’ he’d like to visit with ‘Io’. Io is one of Jupiter’s moons. He had Typically Tropical’s 1975 hit Barbados going through his mind for the rhythm.

Mirror Poem Inspiration

However, he’d also seen the Gravity movie in December, and after spending ninety minutes in 3D space he related to images of life on Earth at the end; he  thought that although it would be nice to go into space, it would also be nice to return. The return journey desire gave him the idea that it’d make a good Folding Mirror poem.

Then yesterday he saw a photo of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow exuding warmth in the Metro newspaper. Paltrow rhymes with Io, so he thought he’d combine the two.

Coldplay Songs, Io Facts

The poem contains a couple of relevant Coldplay songs in U.F.O. and Parachute, strategically placed to mirror, as well as some Io facts. Mars is the only planet between Earth and Jupiter.

The initial letters of the heading and middle line’s words also mirror. Here’s the poem:

True-color image taken by the Galileo probe.

Cold Play Words, Warm Poem Creation

oh I wanna go to Io
on U.F.O Gwyneth Paltrow
love its 400 types volcano
discovered in 1610 by Galileo
closest moon to Jupiter
inside Ganymede and Europa

looking tantalisingly nice, nowhere to live

no atmosphere or mirth
like home on Earth
missing liquid lakes and beaches
with over million different species
Parachute for Chris Martin
sure don’t wanna be a Martian

Gwynny and Chris cuddle up

Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk), and he has books available on Smashwords and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/author/marclatham).

Poem Linking Shaman Vortex and Space Wormhole

Although in some ways I’d have preferred 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections to be published by a big publisher, self-publishing on Kindle does have some advantages. As well as a quick and efficient service, keeping costs down, and saving paper, you can also edit it after first publishing. And today I suddenly thought out of nowhere that I’d made a mistake, and lo and behold, I had written about documentaries marking the 25th anniversary of punk, instead of 35, which early-bird readers might have noticed. I have now changed it.
Although the above book marks a big milestone in Folding Mirror poetry, I thought that it shouldn’t delay the new era, so here’s Marc Latham’s new FM poem. It was inspired by hearing about wormholes on television space documentaries like How the Universe Works and Horizon, and reading about how our ancestors thought vortexes provided pathways to the spirit world in Williams and Pearce’s Inside the Neolithic Mind. 
English: Deutsch:
English: Deutsch: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Shamanism and Science
to travel vast distances
in and out
through universes
physicists hypothesise
traversable wormholes
in space future, like ancestral past’s
trance vortexes
shamans’ gateways
into otherworlds
above and below
mind and physical Earth
Sedona Energy Vortex
Sedona Energy Vortex (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)
Marc Latham’s central site is the Greenygrey (http://www.greenygrey.co.uk)

Humanity, Ants and Aliens Poem by Claire Knight

Here is another clever and eloquent FM poem by Claire Knight. Claire kindly interpreted my recent article trying to rationalise humanity and Earth’s place in the universe and beyond within this poem, and big thanks to her for taking the time to read my article, analyse it, and then create this wonderful poem from it. fANTastic!

Ant Theory – according to Marc Latham

ants from above that inspired original article

enigmas spiral forever:
tiny ants traverse pathways over the ground
oblivious of earthbound humans
no need to know, need to hurry
focused in their thoughts and deeds:
at these diligent creatures
we two-leggeds watch, ponder and wonder

truths entwine eternity

perhaps aliens watch, ponder and wonder
at we intelligent creatures,
focused in our thoughts and deeds
no need to hurry, need to know:
curious of earthbound humans
space beings traverse pathways across the void
enigmas smile forever!

people from above by J. Elliott-Abshire

The article on Existential.

Planck Universe Image in a Folding Mirror Poem

The European Space Agency (ESA) this week released an image they’d built up out of scans of the universe by the Planck telescope, which is situated a million miles from Earth on its ‘night side’.

The Planck Telescope Universe Image

Our Milky Way galaxy appears as a line in the middle of the image, and so that inspired the Folding Mirror poem below.

It mirrors with a words per line structure of:
4-3-6-5-6-9-9-12 (13) 12-9-9-6-5-6-3-4

The Universe in a Planck

orchid north pole of
cosmic microwave background
radiation. The oldest light of the
Universe; remnants of big bang:
a quite spectacular space travel sharabang.
Cool blue ocean web of new forming stars, contains
dust and gas creating pillars of nebulas, stretch thousands
of light years high through infinity time: birth without fears or tears.
Earth and Sun nestle within Milky Way main disc shining along the fold
we gaze unto deep sky space without seeing spirals within sky gold
protostars grown T Tauri, red giants flickering goodbye die
in cold streams of light, worlds born beyond sight.
Travelling thirteen billion years south time
just ride streams descending down
the beginnings of the life chime
resembling marigold pastures
on creation’s south pole

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Lost in Transition: the Cloud as Blanket and Secret Passageway

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem focuses on a plane landing through thick cloud, with the top half told from the point of view of someone on the plane, and the bottom half from somebody on the ground. The Folding Middle line features the cloud, which becomes a transition point for the poem.

The poem mirrors in words per line.

The Poem

Jet Landing Through Cloud

out of this World
above is only void
infinite distance
stretches higher than sight
blanket cloud below
lower altitude approach
returning to rock
through the magic cumulus door

Space out of sight, plane comes into view

distant light shines like star
time grows orb
awaiting landing position
airport calling home
runway provides welcome mat
finite length
below is only ground
landing back on Earth


Photo by Crissie Hardy

Photo by Dan Collier

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