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Why no Home Children day UK?

In the UK we had Windrush Day this week, commemorating the day in 1948 when 492 West Indian immigrants arrived. UK claims it was to help rebuild Britain!
If we hadn’t been sending Home Children (100,000) around the world, often suffering abuse and child slavery, usually in religious institutions, then there’d have been no need.
So was it to rebuild Britain, or part of a mixed-race eugenics policy still ongoing today?
And I think we should have a Home Children Day to remember them!!

Canada already has a Home Child Day, Wikipedia: ‘The federal government proclaimed 2010 the “Year of the British Home Child” and … makes 28 September each year ‘British Home Child Day’ to “…recognize and honour the contributions of the British home children who established roots in Ontario”.

My Werewolf of Oz book’s theme of deportation to Australia was inspired by hearing about the Home Children case in 2010; due to social worker Margaret Humphreys uncovering it, told in the Oranges and Sunshine book and movie; when I was also hearing about modern homes children being targeted by mostly Muslim grooming gangs, as they were the most vulnerable and needy!

Leeds UV3 Midday Thrills Me Day!

Sighting the first UV 3 on the Met Office Leeds forecast today, March 22nd, made it a hat-trick of special weather days after mistYmuse (midwinter ideal sunrise times and midwinter until spring equinox) End Eve and Day on the 20th and 21st (the equinox was actually on the 20th this year, as it often is, alternating with the 21st).

rather appropriately coloured, Yellow 3 at 12 o’ clock amongst Green 2s

When the UV gets up to 4s and 5s for several hours it’s more a warning then, against burning and skin cancer.

Now, for most people, it’s a chance to top up their Vitamin D after the winter, as it needs a certain strength of sunshine to provide vitamin D, and direct sunlight is the best source, although it is provided in smaller doses in some foods.

One of the tips for Vitamin D food sources such as mushrooms, as stated in James Wong’s How To Eat Better, is to leave them in sunlight, on a windowsill or something, so they absorb more from the sun before you eat them, and then you absorb the extra Vitamin D.