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The Poetry Weekend Starts Here…And Ends Somewhere Else

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Marc Latham returns today to lower the tone and standards after some wonderful recent poetry on this site.

It’s a typically introspective and self-reflective ditty from Marc, which will hopefully tie your mind up in knots, and give you something to ponder over the weekend…but don’t be getting paranoid…like Marc…but is Marc paranoid…or just a realist…

Atypically, it has a very long headline, with Marc obviously not able to turn the poetry tap off this morning!

And without further ado, here it is: enjoy.

I Am What You See
But You Are Not Me
Six Billion + of You
Myself – Only a Few

thought I’d say
pack your bags
that’s how three
simple words leave
sent off travelling
on merry go
round and round

my words, your words

same letters return
but different so
why is meaning
changed through travel
three words add
two and two
together for five.