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winter endurance race analogy

mistYmusers may be trying to find their bearings today after partYing hard for Y-day. The mistYmuse 4 months are like an ‘out-and-back’ endurance event course; such as Beach and Back, with a lovely POP (PinkyOrangePurple) cover photo; so now we’ve reached the Y middle point and are on the way back.

The second half should be easier, with improving weather, and the end in sight… although fatigue may set in, and another long spell of inclement weather will be like ‘hitting the wall’.

However, a spell of ‘spring’ weather is just as likely, and will be a big boost to energise for the closing weeks. Reaching March after a short February month will be like seeing the end in sight; a stadium for ‘elite athletes’ or some fun runs, such as Stockholm.