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Summer solstice great greenygreying

It’s summer solstice, with our planet’s northern hemisphere getting its most sunlight because it’s axis tilt is tipping it more towards the sun than any other time on its orbit around our star, the sun.
My favourite orrery, the planets today, shows the sun at 6 o’ clock now, going anti-clockwise:

End of Autumn Falling Leaves Poem

As the last days of autumn/fall in the northern hemisphere lay ahead, Marc Latham’s latest FM poem has the  leaves of deciduous trees as its topic.  Here’s the poetry:
Falling Autumn Gold
dawn’s dazzling deciduous
shining silver bark
naked tree-tops
clothed yellow midrift
leaves illuminated, nature’s neon
lemon skirt glows
barefoot base
fallen fellows floor
sunlight makes radiant

Marc Latham indulges in more speculative bipolar investigatory ruminations in the factual and fantasy worlds on the greenygrey website.